This Day In Music: September 17
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September 17, 2022 ~ R&B singer, actress Marva Hicks passed away ~ Best known for Never Been In Love Before of her 1991 eponymous Marva Hicks album, the single reaching top 10 on the Billboard R&B charts. Other charting singles included One Good Reason and I Got You Where I Want. Would go on to become an in-demand backing singer for acts such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. As the 90s progressed Hicks would focus on her acting career, portraying roles in action movies and TV series such as LA Law and Star Trek Voyager, voicing over animated characters often including singing, and performing in the theatre in musical plays including productions of The Lion King, Motown The Musical and The Wiz both off and on Broadway ~ Hicks was born in 1975
September 17, 2013 ~ Alexandra Sandøy, commonly known as pop, rock, funk, disco singer Alex Naumik, passed away in Oslo, Norway ~ Known for her versatile singing voice, spanning four octaves. Exiled to Siberia with her family during the Stalinist era. Collaborated with Agnieszka Osiecka and Adam Slawinski while living in Poland. Resumed her music career in the 1970s, by now living in Norway. Eponym and frontwoman of Alex, acclaimed for their 1976 eponymous Alex debut album, regarded as the first Norwegian funk-rock album. Has also worked with David Foster, Andráe Crouch, the Police's Andy Summers, Glen Matlock ~ Sandøy was born in 1949
September 17, 2013 ~ Jazz alto saxophonist Bernie McGann passed away ~ Worked with John Pochée, Lloyd Swanson, Warwick Alder, Freddie Hubbard, Lester Bowie, Dave Liebman, Sonny Stitt, Dewey Redman, the Last Straw, Nat Adderley, and others ~ McGann was born in 1937
September 17, 2013 ~ Marvin Karlton Rainwater, commonly known as country, pop, rockabilly singer, songwriter Marvin Rainwater, passed away in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA ~ Best known for a number of late 1950s hits, notably Gonna Find Me A Bluebird, Whole Lotta Woman and Nothin' Needs Nothin' (Like I Need You). UK guitarist Hank Marvin chose his stage name in honor of Rainwater ~ Rainwater was born in 1925
September 17, 2009 ~ Contemporary classical composer Leon Kirchner passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Best known for his composition String Quartet No.3, winning Kirchner a Pullitzer Prize in 1967 ~ Kirchner was born in 1919
September 17, 2005 ~ Songwriter Joel Hirschhorn passed away in Thousand Oaks, California, USA ~ Closely associated with songwriting partner Al Kasha, with whom he won an Academy Award for Best Original Song twice, namely with The Morning After from The Poseidon Adventure in 1972 and We May Never Love Like This Again from The Towering Inferno in 1975. Has also written for artists such Elvis Presley (Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby), Roy Orbison, Helen Reddy (Candle On The Water), and others ~ Hirschhorn was born in 1937
September 17, 2002 ~ Michael Marmarosa, commonly known as jazz pianist, bandleader, composer, arranger Dodo Marmarosa, passed away in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Active since the mid-1940s. Started in big bands orchestras under the direction of leaders such as Tommy Dorsey, Gene Krupa, and Artie Shaw. Recorded with smaller groups in the bebop and swing idioms, including with artists such as Howard McGhee, Charlie Parker, and with Lester Young. Led his own bands. By the end of the 1940s Marmarosa had mostly dropped out of the music business due to health reasons. He would however record and perform sporadically throughout the early 1970s ~ Marmarosa was born in 1925
September 17, 1999 ~ Frank Ableson, commonly known as singer Frankie Vaughan, passed away in Oxford, UK ~ English easy listening singer actively recording since the early-1950s. Known as “Mr Moonlight” after one of his early hits, Give Me The Moonlight (Give Me The Girl). Best known for his covers of American hit songs by Perry Como, Jimmie Rodgers, Guy Mitchell, Jim Lowe, Boyd Bennet, and the Fleetwoods ~ Abelson was born in 1928
September 17, 1996 ~ Singer Jessie Hill passed away in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ~ Best known for Ooh Poo Pah Doo, a Billboard top 10 hit in 1960 arranged and produced by New Orleans stalwart Allen Toussaint ~ Hill was born in 1932
September 17, 1986 ~ Sophie Xeon, mononymously known as dance-pop, avant-pop, experimental pop singer, producer, DJ, songwriter Sophie, born in Glasgow, UK ~ As a solo artist known for songs such as Bipp and Lemonade. Has produced for Charli XCX, Vince Staples, Kim Petras, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Namie Amuro ~ Xeon passed away in 2021
September 17, 1981 ~ Stephen Kawaleet, commonly known as alternative hip-hop rapper Arabesque, born in Toronto, Canada ~ As a solo artist best known for his 2002 Choked Up single. Has toured with Sean Paul and collaborated with Rah Digga
September 17, 1978 ~ Actor, singer Nick Cordero, full name Nicholas Eduardo Albert Cordero, born in Hamilton, Canada ~ Best known for his roles in the 2014 production of Bullets Over Broadway, portraying the role of Cheech earning a Tony Award nomination. Has also acted in non-musical roles for TV and film ~ Cordero passed away in 2020
September 17, 1977 ~ Jazz pianist Lou Hooper, full name Louis Stanley Hooper, passed away in Charlottetown, Canada ~ Worked with Elmer Snowden, Bob Fuller, Martha Copeland, Rosa Henderson, Lizzie Miles, Monette Moore, Ethel Waters, and others ~ Hooper was born in 1894
September 17, 1975 ~ Rock singer, actor Constantine Maroulis, full name Constantine James Maroulis, born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ First gained attention as contestant of the talent show American Idol in 2005. Would go on to star in musical productions, notably Rock Of Ages and the title role in a Broadway production of Jekkyll And Hyde
September 17, 1975 ~ Robert Alan Diaz, commonly known as freestyle rapper Pumpkinhead, born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Influenced by Redman, Leaders Of The New School, Doug E Fresh, Tupac Shakur. Guested on recordings by Immortal Technique and Jean Grae. Debuted with a full-length album, The Old Testament, in 2001 ~ Diaz passed away in 2015
September 17, 1974 ~ Apani N Smith, commonly known as MC, rapper Apani B, born in Queens, New York, USA ~ Worked with Organized Konfusion, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, MF Doom, and others. As a solo artist debuted with the album Rhyme Related in 1999
September 17, 1974 ~ Chris Oroc, commonly known as DJ, producer DJ Babu, born ~ One third of hip-hop trio Dilated People, alongside Rakaa Inscience and Evidence. Also a member of the Beat Junkies DJ crew
September 17, 1973 ~ Easy listening orchestra leader, arranger, composer Hugo Winterhalter passed away in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA ~ Active since the mid-1930s. Sideman and arranger for Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Raymond Scott, Claude Thornhill. Conducted for Dinah Shore and Billy Eckstine. Best known for his work at RCA-Victor starting in the 1950s, arranging and conducting on recordings by Perry Como, Harry Belafonte, Eddie Fisher, Jaye P Morgan, the Ames Brothers, and others. Also known for penning the main theme for the 1962 film Diamond Head ~ Winterhalter was born in 1909
September 17, 1969 ~ Singer Keith Flint born in Redbridge, UK ~ Singer, dancer, motorcycle racer. Founding member and frontman of the Prodigy, known for late 1990s hits Firestarter and Breathe. Also fronted his own band Flint. Owner of a motorcycle team competing in the British Supersport Championship ~ Flint passed away in 2019
September 17, 1969 ~ Warren Sabir McGlone, commonly known as hip-hop MC Steady B, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Among the first wave of Philadelphia-area emcees to gain notoriety in the mid-1980s. Known for songs such as Take Your Radio, Fly Shanté featuring Roxanne Shanté, and Just Call Us Def. Formed hardcore hip-hop outfit CEB with Cool C and Ultimate Eaze in the early 1990s. Currently serving a life sentence for his role in a botched armed robbery and second-degree murder of polive officer Lauretha Vaird. The crime would inspire the G Love & Special Sauce song Slipped Away (The Ballad Of Lauretha Vaird) of the 1997 Yeah It's That Easy album
September 17, 1967 ~ Pop singer Koen Wauters, full name Koen Maria Gaston Wauters, born in Halle, Belgium ~ Best known as lead singer of Clouseau, which also included his brother Kris Wauters, known for songs such as Anne, Daar Gaat Ze and Domino
September 17, 1966 ~ Douglas Davis, commonly known as rapper and human beatbox Doug E Fresh, born in Barbados ~ Known as the “Human Beatbox” Davis was a pioneer of beatboxing, mimicking drums and various special effects solely using mouth, lips, throat and a microphone. As a member of the Fresh Crew he appeared on two songs, The Show and La-di-da-di, which launched Davis into stardom. Both songs, especially the 12" versions, are now considered early hip-hop classics
September 17, 1965 ~ Guitarist, singer Guy Picciotto, full name Guy Charles Picciotto, born in Washington DC, USA ~ Best known as guitarist and singer in Fugazi and the Rites Of Sping. Has also collaborated with Mats Gustafsson, Vic Chesnutt, Gossip, Blonde Redhead, the Blood Brothers, the Downtown Boys, Xylouris-White, and others
September 17, 1964 ~ Country singer, songwriter Marty Dodson born in Apple Valley, California, USA ~ Had his songs recorded by the likes of Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney (Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven), George Strait, the Oak Ridge Boys, Plain White T's, Saving Jane, Rascal Flatts, Lonestar, Billy Currington (Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right), Craig Morgan, Joe Cocker, and others
September 17, 1963 ~ Jazz drummer Jeff Ballard born in Santa Cruz, California, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Fly, Ray Charles, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, the Origin, Reid Anderson, Brad Mehldau, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner, Miguel Zenon, Eli Degibri, Joshua Redman, the Electric Band, Larry Grenadier, Avishai Cohen, Ted Nash, and others
September 17, 1962 ~ Mark Anthony Luhrmann, commonly known as film director, writer, music producer, singer Baz Luhrmann born in Sydney, Australia ~ Most active as a film director, the commercially most successful Australian director. Serves as music producer on all of his films soundtracks and as writer on some individual tracks. Also known for 1997 single Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen which would chart in over a dozen countries, reaching the No.1 spot in several including the UK and Ireland
September 17, 1962 ~ Benjamin Winans, commonly known as gospel, R&B singer BeBe Winans, born in Detroit, Michigan, USA ~ Comes from the musical Winans family of which many members are noted gospel artists. BeBe is best known as half of Bebe & CeCe Winans, the other half being his sister CeCe Winans, known for songs such as Heaven, Addictive Love, and It's OK
September 17, 1959 ~ Jazz clarinetist, saxophonist Omer Simeon, full name Omer Victor Simeon, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Worked with Jelly Roll Morton, Charlie Elgar, King Oliver, Luis Russell, Erskine Tate, extensively with Earl Hines, Coleman Hawkins, Jimmie Lunceford, Kid Ory, Walter Fuller, Wilber De Paris, Louis Armstrong, and others ~ Simeon was born in 1902
September 17, 1959 ~ Keyboardist, songwriter, producer Will Gregory, full name William Owen Gregory, born in Bristol, UK ~ Best known as lead keyboardist, producer of electronic music duo Goldfrapp, the other half being Alison Goldfrapp. Also worked with Peter Gabriel, the Cure, Portishead, Tori Amos, Paula Rae Gibson, the London Sinfonietta, Tears For Fears, the Loggerheads, Gas Giants, and others
September 17, 1958 ~ Herbert Bernfield, commonly known as saxophonist, clarinetist, bandleader Herbie Fields, passed away ~ Leader and sideman. Best known for his rendition of Dardanella. Worked with Raymond Scott, Lionel Hampton, Neal Hefti, Bill Evans, Eddie Bert, Bernie Glow, Manny Albam, Al Klink, Marty Napoleon, Serge Chaloff, Frank Rosolino, Jim Aton, Tiny Kahn, and others ~ Bernfield was born in 1919
September 17, 1957 ~ Conductor, music director Michael Morgan, full name Michael DeVard Morgan, born in Washington DC, USA ~ Started playing the piano at age 8. Was conducting two orchestras by age 12, one at his church and one in high school. Best known for his association with the Oakland East Bay Symphony, signing on as music director in 1991 and remaining until his death. Has guest conducted the New York Philharmonic, the New York City Opera, the San Francisco Symphony, the Washington National Opera, and others ~ Morgan passed away in 2021
September 17, 1956 ~ Power pop, alternative rock drummer, guitarist, singer Gil Ray, full name George Gilbert Ray, born ~ Member of Game Theory from 1985 through 1989. Member of Loud Family. Has also recorded as a solo artist and collaborated with the Happy Eggs, Fade To Black, Shiny Wet Parts, and with the Rain Parade ~ Ray passed away in 2017
September 17, 1956 ~ Roots rock, alternative country singer, bassist, guitarist, songwriter Tom Stevens, full name Thomas Howard Stevens, born ~ Member of the Long Ryders, joining the band shortly after the release of their 10-5-60 debut EP replacing original member Des Brewer. Though the band never became a household name they would prove to be influential on later cowpunk, blending a punk attitude with late 1960s country rock. Stevens would also work with Danny & Dusty, the Byrds-singer Gene Clark, Junk Yard Love, and record about half a dozen solo albums and EPs ~ Stevens passed away in 2021
September 17, 1953 ~ Andrew MacDonald, commonly known as heavy metal guitarist Duck MacDonald, born in Auburn, New York, USA ~ Best known as member of Blue Cheer from 1989 through 1992 appearing on the albums Blitzkrieg Over Nuremberg and Highlights And Lowlives. Also co-founded Bible Black with Gary Driscoll and Craig Gruber. Worked with the Rods, Kim Simmonds, Playground, Thrasher, Lone Rager, and others
September 17, 1953 ~ Rock drummer Steve Williams born in UK ~ Joined Welsh rockers Budgie in the mid-1970s, first appearing on the 1975 Bandolier and has remained with the band since. Also worked with Lowlife and with covers band Mr Hate
September 17, 1952 ~ Keyboardist, pianist, author James Young, full name James Edward Young, born ~ Worked with Nico, Faction, John Cale, Suns Of Arqa, and others
September 17, 1952 ~ Country guitarist, keyboardist, mandolinist, banjoist, singer Steve Sanders born in Richland, Georgia, USA ~ Best known as member of the Oak Ridge Boys, joining the band in 1987 replacing William Lee Golden and remaining through 1995. Present on songs such Gonna Take A Lot Of River, Bridges And Walls, Beyond Those Years and Lucky Moon ~ Sanders passed away in 1998
September 17, 1951 ~ Theryl Declouet, commonly known as singer House Man, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ~ Member of Galactic, present on the band's first four albums. Left the band in the early 2000s for health reasons. Has also recorded as a solo artist, starting with Separate Rooms released in 1987 ~ DeClouet passed away in 2018
September 17, 1951 ~ Pianist, singer Jimmy Yancey, full name James Edward Yancey, passed away in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Pivotal boogie-woogie pianist and songwriter. Influenced contemporaries such as Meade Lux Lewis and Albert Ammons as well as future generations ~ Yancey was born in 1894
September 17, 1951 ~ R&B, soul singer Theryl Declouet born ~ Lead singer of Galactic, present on the band's first four studio albums until leaving the band in 2004 for health reasons. Recorded as a solo artist using the moniker House Man in the late 1980s ~ DeClouet passed away in 2018
September 17, 1950 ~ John Waldo Waybill, commonly known as singer, producer Fee Waybill, born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA ~ Best known as lead singer and songwriter of the Tubes. Released a solo debut, Read My Lips, in 1984. Also worked, mainly as producer and sometimes as collaborator, with artists such as Toto, Richard Marx, Billy Sherwood, and Bryan Adams
September 17, 1946 ~ Singer, guitarist, producer, songwriter Keith Glass, full name Keith Robert Glass, born in Australia ~ Worked with Cam-Pact, Glass Hamilton Young, Rising Stone, the Eighteenth Century Quartet, the Living Legends, the Honky Tonk Band, and others
September 17, 1945 ~ Music director, academic Jean-Pierre Pichard born in Châtellerault, France ~ Promoter of the culture of Brittany. Co-founded the Celtic festival Festival Interceltique De Lorient in 1971, serving as its director until 2007 ~ Pichard passed away in 2021
September 17, 1944 ~ Rock singer, guitarist Les Emmerson, full name Robert Leslie Emmerson, born ~ Best known as lead singer, guitarist of Five Man Electrical Band, known for songs such as Absolutely Right and I'm A Stranger Here, and its predecessor the Staccatos. Wrote Signs, one of the band's best known, later notably covered by Tesla. As a solo artist known for Cry Your Eyes Out, Watching The World Go By, and Control Of Me ~ Emmerson passed away in 2021
September 17, 1940 ~ Winston Sparkes, commonly known as reggae DJ, singer King Stitt, born in Kingston, Jamaica ~ Pioneering reggae DJ known for songs such as Lee Van Cleef, Herbsman Shuffle, King Of Kings, Vigorton 2, Dance Beat and perhaps his best known Fire Corner ~ Sparkes passed away in 2012
September 17, 1939 ~ Singer Shelby Flint born in North Hollywood, California, USA ~ Best remembered for the 1960s singles Angel On My Shoulder and Cast Your Fate To The Wind. Has also sung for a number of soundtracks, notably Do You Remember Me (Lila's Theme) for Snoopy Come Home and Someone's Waiting For You for the Disney animated feature film The Rescuers. Singer Joni Mitchell once proclaimed that early in her career she wanted to sound just like Flint
September 17, 1938 ~ Clarinetist, flutist Perry Robinson born in New York, New York, USA ~ Son of composer Earl Robinson. Worked with Klezmokum, and with Gunter Hampel & the Galaxie Band ~ Robinson passed away in 2018
September 17, 1930 ~ Saxophonist St Clair Pinckney born ~ Tenor, baritone saxophonist best known for his longtime assocation with James Brown as a member of the JB's and the James Brown Orchestra ~ Pinckney passed away in 1999
September 17, 1929 ~ Sylvester Austin, commonly known as saxophonist Sil Austin, born in Dunnellon, Florida, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Cites Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Sonny Stitt as major influences. Active since the 1940s. Has worked with Roy Eldridge, Cootie Williams and Tiny Bradshaw before setting out on his own, scoring jazzified hits of pop tunes such as Danny Boy, Slow Walk and My Mother's Eyes ~ Austin passed away in 2002
September 17, 1927 ~ Jazz bassist Earl May, full name Earl Charles Barrington May, born in New York, New York, USA ~ Worked with the Earl May Trio, Miles Davis, Lester Young, Gene Ammons, Sonny Stitt, Mercer Ellington, Charles Mingus, Billy Taylor, John Coltrane, Chet Baker, Dave McKenna, Herman Foster, Shirley Scott, Stanley Turrentine, Herbie Mann, Mose Allison, Earl Hines, Dizzy Gillespie, Johnny Hartman, Joe Newman, Archie Shepp, Frank Foster, Mickey Tucker, Ruby Braff, George Benson, Charles Brown, Dave Van Ronk, Doc Cheatham, Benny Waters, Marlena Shaw, Irvin Stokes, Jane Jarvis, Benny Powell, Eddie Locke, Charles McPherson, the Statesmen Of Jazz, Lou Donaldson, Billy Mitchell, Shirley Scott, Benny Waters, and others ~ May passed away in 2008
September 17, 1926 ~ William Patton Black Jr, commonly known as bassist Bill Black, born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA ~ Best known as bassist backing Elvis Presley in Presley's early years. Black later formed Bill Black's Combo with whom he achieved moderate succes with songs such as White Silver Sands, Blue Tango, and Hearts Of Stone. The combo at one time or another included musicians such as Reggie Young, Chips Moman, Tommy Cogbill and William Martin Willis ~ Black passed away in 1965
September 17, 1926 ~ Gospel pianist, minister, politician Hovie Lister, full name Hovie Franklin Lister, born in Greensville, South Carolina, USA ~ Best known as leader of the Statesmen Quartet. Also worked with Lefevres, Homeland Harmony, the Rangers Quartet, and others ~ Lister passed away in 2001
September 17, 1926 ~ Eugene McDuff, commonly known as keyboardist, organist, bassist Jack McDuff, born in Champaign, Illinois, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Acclaimed for early 1960s albums such as Brother Jack, The Honeydripper and Brother Jack Meets The Boss. Employed a young George Benson early on in the latter's career. Also worked with Joe Farrell, Willis Jackson, Red Holloway, Joe Dukes, Jimmy Witherspoon, Leo Wright, Kenny Burrell, Pat Martino, David Fathead Newman, Cecil Bridgewater, Houston Person, and others ~ McDuff passed away in 2001
September 17, 1923 ~ Singer, songwriter Hank Williams born in Georgianna, Alabama, USA ~ Despite a relatively short career, ended abruptly by his untimely death, one of the most important and influential singers and songwriters of the 20th century. Known for classics such as Hey Good Looking, Your Cheating Heart, and I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. Williams never learned to read music ~ Williams passed away in 1953
September 17, 1923 ~ Jazz pianist, arranger Ralph Sharon, full name Ralph Simon Sharon, born in London, UK ~ Worked with Tony Bennett, Robert Goulet, Chris Connor, and with Johnny Hartman ~ Sharon passed away in 2015
September 17, 1918 ~ Jazz, classical clarinetist, saxophonist, composer Hubert Rostaing born ~ Best known for his association with Django Reinhardt ~ Rostaing passed away in 1990
September 17, 1906 ~ Blues singer, guitarist Blind James Campbell born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA ~ Best remembered for his 1963 album Blind James Campbell & his Nashville Street Band on Arhoolie Records touching on both blues and country ~ Campbell passed away in 1981
September 17, 1902 ~ Trombonist Louis Nelson, full name Louis Hall Nelson, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ~ Worked with Joe Gabriel, Buddy Petit, Kid Rena, Punch Miller, Sam Morgan, Chris Kelly, Papa Celestin, Willie Pajeaud, Kid Howard, Sidney Cates, Sidney Desvigne, Kid Thomas Valentine, Charlie Love, Johnny St Cyr, Ernest Rogers, Austin Young, and others ~ Nelson passed away in 1990
September 17, 1901 ~ Songwriter Stuart Gorrell, full name Stuart Graham Steven Gorrell, born in Knox, Indiana, USA ~ Remembered for co-writing Georgia On My Mind, composed and first recorded by Hoagy Carmichael. The song has become a standard recorded by numerous artists, notably Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Nelson. Gorrell wrote the lyrics in a single night after hearing Carmichael play the new composition at a party and never wrote another lyric in his life ~ Gorrell passed away in 1963
September 17, 1891 ~ Thomas Carey, commonly known as trumpeter Mutt Carey born in Hahnville, Louisiana, USA ~ Brother of bandleader, trombonist Jack Carey. Worked with Kid Ory in the 1910s. ~ Carey passed away in 1948