This Day In Music: November 1
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November 1, 2022 ~ Joseph Baque, commonly known as jazz, bebop pianist Joe Baque, passed away in Olympia, Washington, USA ~ Sideman active since his late teens. Present on albums by Claudia Wheeler (The Price Is Right), Bert Wilson, the Electric Park Jazz Band, Greta Matassa (If The Moon Turns Green), LaVon Hardison, and others ~ Baque was born in 1922
November 1, 2022 ~ Recording engineer Joseph Tarsia passed away ~ Started his career in music in the early 1960s at Cameo Parkway Records, eventually becoming the label's chief engineer working with artists such as Chubby Checker, Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell, the Orlons, and others. Founded his own Sigma Sound recording studio in 1968, which would become home to numerous Philly soul artists including Jerry Butler, Harold Melvin, the O'Jays, and the Stylistics. His success led to opening more recording facilities, his client list including Stevie Wonder, BB King, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Billy Joel, Steely Dan, Paul Simon, and others ~ Tarsia was born in 1931
November 1, 2022 ~ Kirshnik Khari Ball, commonly known as hip-hop, trap rapper, songwriter Takeoff, passed away in Houston, Texas, USA ~ Formed the trio Migos with Quavo and Offset, best known for their Bad & Boujee featuring Lil' Uzi Vert, Motorsport with Nicki Minaj & Cardi B, Stir Fry, and Walk It Talk It featuring Drake. Released his The Last Rocket solo debut album in 2018 ~ Ball was born in 1994
November 1, 2022 ~ Composer, producer Tsuneo Fukuhara passed away ~ Adoptive son of composer, producer Fukuhari Choki. Considered a pioneer in fusing traditional Okinawan music with elements from a wide array of genres including classical music, R&B, and bossa nova. Active since the early 1960s has written over an estimated 500 songs, including his best known Bashofu notably covered by Rimi Natsukawa, Tokiko Kato, and others ~ Fukuhara was born in 1932
November 1, 2021 ~ Jazz guitarist Emmett Chapman passed away ~ Best known for inventing the Chapman stick, a stringed instrument of the guitar family typically tuned with 10 or 12 strings. As a musician influenced by Barney Kessel and John McLaughlin. Started his career in music in the late 1960s backing Kessel and others, notably Tim Buckley, before forming his own band. The song Back Yard was used in the 1984 Dune film and included on his Parallel Galaxy album released the following year ~ Chapman was born in 1936
November 1, 2021 ~ Guitar builder Gilberto Grácio passed away ~ Third generation luthier. Since his sons have no desire to continue the tradition he is the last of the Grácio luthiers, the family considered one of the most important traditional guitar makers in Europe. Towards the end of his life he still worked in his Lisbon workshop yet devoted most of his time teaching two students who kept making guitars according to his family's tradition. Musicians who played his guitars include Carlos Paredes, António Chainho, Fernando Alvim and Jimmy Page ~ Grácio was born in 1936
November 1, 2021 ~ Classical pianist Nelson Freire, full name Nelson José Pinto Freire, passed away in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ~ Leading pianist of his generation noted for his decorous playing and interpretive depth. Has worked with top-notch orchestras including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and others ~ Freire was born in 1944
November 1, 2021 ~ Patrick Carmen Azzara, commonly known as jazz guitarist, composer Pat Martino, passed away ~ Admired guitarist quintessential to post-bop, fusion and soul jazz movements. Noted for his mathematical approach of the instrument. Began playing professionally at age 15. Played and recorded with Eric Kloss and with Willis Jackson early in his career, the latter being pivotal to Martino's career. Martino also worked with organists including Charles Earland, Richard Groove Holmes, Jack McDuff, Don Patterson, Trudy Pitts, Jimmy Smith, Gene Ludwig, Robert Piere, and Joey DeFrancesco. In 1980 an aneurysm left Martino with amnesia and no recollection or knowledge of his career or how to play the guitar, forced to learn how to play from zero ~ Azzara was born in 1944
November 1, 2020 ~ Rock singer, songwriter Nikki McKibbin, full name Katherine Nicole McKibbin, passed away in Arlington, Texas, USA ~ Reached third place in the first edition of the talent contest American Idol, aired by Fox in 2002. Released her Unleashed debut album in 2007 ~ McKibbin was born in 1978
November 1, 2020 ~ Jazz saxophonist Pedro Iturralde, full name Pedro Iturralde Ochoa, passed away in Madrid, Spain ~ Flamenco-infused jazz. As a composer best known for his Czárdás composition. Has worked with the Spanish National Orchestra, Paco de Lucia, Pepe De Antequerra and notably with Donna Hightower on the latter's 1974 I'm In Love With Love album ~ Iturralde was born in 1929
November 1, 2020 ~ Philip Krokidis, commonly known as DJ, producer Phil K, passed away ~ Alongside other Melbourne acts such as NuBreed and Andy Page one of the most prominent to emerge from the Aussie Breaks music scene. Member of the Operators, the Hi-fi Bugs and Lostep. Released his Sound Not Scene solo debut album in 2000 ~ Krokidis was born in 1969
November 1, 2020 ~ Rock singer, guitarist, songwriter Ronnie Peel, full name Ronald Robert Peel, passed away in Wakefield, Australia ~ Member of the Missing Links through 1965, noted for their pioneering use of audio feedback and reverse tape effects. Also worked with the Pleazers, Thunderclap Newman, One Ton Gypsy, the La De Da's, John Paul Young, and others ~ Peel was born in 1946
November 1, 2017 ~ Singer, actress, environmental activist Katie Lee passed away in Jerome, Arizona, USA ~ Earned the nickname “the Desert Goddess of Glenn Canyon” for her activism opposing the Glen Canyon Dam, calling for the canyon to be returned to its natural state. As a singer active since the mid-1950s and best known for her acclaimed Love's Little Sisters released in 1975 ~ Lee was born in 1919
November 1, 2016 ~ Martin Christopher Kennedy, commonly known as singer, songwriter Bap Kennedy, passed away in Belfast, Northern Ireland ~ Member of Energy Orchard. Also recorded solo albums and is known for his collaborations with Steve Earle, Van Morrison, Shane MacGowan and with Mark Knopfler ~ Kennedy was born in 1962
November 1, 2016 ~ Ernesto Gauna, commonly known as MC, singer, actor Pocho la Pantera, passed away in Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ Known for songs such as El Hijo De Cuca, Bailando Con La Gorda, A Mover El Esqueleto, La Aranita, Senorita Diga Quien Es, Comprale Un Choripan, and others ~ Gauna was born in 1950
November 1, 2014 ~ Wayne Richard Wells, commonly known as guitarist, singer Wayne Static, passed away in Landers, California, USA ~ Best known as lead singer and keyboardist for metal band Static-X. Released a sole solo album, Pighammer, in 2011 ~ Wells was born in 1965
November 1, 2012 ~ Deathcore singer, bassist, songwriter Mitch Lucker, full name Mitchell Adam Lucker, passed away in Huntington Beach, California, USA ~ Influenced by artists such as Korn, the Deftones, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Nirvana and Van Halen. Best known as lead singer of deathcore band Suicide Silence. Passed away at age 28 following a motorcycle accident ~ Lucker was born in 1984
November 1, 2011 ~ Violinist, composer, arranger Andre Hodeir passed away ~ Formed the Jazz Groupe de Paris which also included Bobby Jaspar, Pierre Michelot and Nat Peck. Also worked with Donald Byrd, Idrees Sulieman, Frank Rehak, Hal McKusick, Eddie Costa, George Duvivier, Annie Ross, and others ~ Hodeir was born in 1921
November 1, 2008 ~ Drummer, singer Jimmy Carl Black passed away in Siegsdorf, Germany ~ Best known as drummer of Frank Zappa's backing unit the Mothers Of Invention. Appears on albums such as We're Only In It For The Money, 200 Motels and You Are What You Is. Also worked with Geronimo Black, Captain Beefheart, the Grandmothers, the Muffin Men, Eugene Chadbourne, the Austin Lounge Lizards, Don Preston, Ella Guru, Sandro Oliva, Ant-Bee, and others ~ Black was born in 1938
November 1, 2008 ~ Zoila August Emperatriz Chavarri del Castillo, commonly known as coloratura soprano Yma Sumac, passed in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Known for her extreme vocal range. Prolific singer mastered various styles, perhaps best known as one of the most famous voices in the exotica genre. Stories published in the 1950s claimed that she was an Incan princess, directly descended from Atahualpa, the last Incan emperor. Discovered by Les Baxter she signed to Capitol Records in 1950. Her debut LP, Voice Of The Xtabay, was a smash hit. She continued to have fame throughout the 1950s, playing with Baxter, Danny Kaye, put out several hit albums (notably the 1954 release Mambo), and perform at venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall, the Roxy Theatre, Vegas nightclubs, as well as tour internationally. ~ Chávarri was born in 1923
November 1, 2006 ~ Jazz drummer Lance Carter born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA ~ Best known for his work with Cassandra Wilson and as long-time collaborator of Sonny Sharrock ~ Carter was born in 1955
November 1, 2005 ~ Lyle Russell Cedric Henderson, commonly known as jazz, classical pianist, conductor, composer Skitch Henderson, passed away New Milford, Connecticut, USA ~ Founded the New York Pops Orchestra. Also known for his work for radio, TV and film ~ Henderson was born in 1918
November 1, 2004 ~ Andre Louis Hicks, commonly known as rapper, hip-hop pioneer, producer Mac Dre, passed away in Kansas City, Missouri, USA ~ Instrumental in the emergency of hyphy, a hip-hop subgenre popular in the early 2000s ~ Hicks was born in 1970
November 1, 2004 ~ Trumpeter, singer, guitarist Mark Ledford passed away ~ Best known as member of the Pat Metheny Group from the mid 1980s onwards including on Secret Story, We Live Here and Imaginary Day. Member of Chroma. Also sessioned with artists such as Stephanie Mills, Jon Hendricks, Special EFX, Michael Brecker, Kevin Eubanks, Don Byron, Faith Evans (Faith), Living Colour, Prince, the Rippingtons, Uri Caine, Joe Locke, and others ~ Ledford was born in 1960
November 1, 2004 ~ Richard Terrence Knapp, commonly known as singer, songwriter, producer Terry Knight, passed away in Temple, Texas, USA ~ Fronted Terry Knight & the Pack, known for songs such as Change On The Way, the Yardbirds cover You're A Better Man Than I, the Ben E King cover I (Who Have Nothing) and Love Love Love Love Love. ~ Knapp was born in 1943
November 1, 2003 ~ Joji Kawaguchi, commonly known as jazz drummer, bandleader George Kawaguchi, passed away in Tokyo, Japan ~ Worked with the Azumanians, the Big Four, Art Blakey, Isao Suzuki, Motohiko Hino, Takeshi Inomata, Donald Harrison, Terence Blanchard, Norio Maeda, Tatsuya Takahashi, Nobuo Hara, and others ~ Kawaguchi was born in 1927
November 1, 1996 ~ Gustave Elijah, commonly known as rapper, songwriter Lil' Peep, born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Helped pioneer emo revival of rap and rock. Member of GothBoiClique. Known for songs such as Benz Truck, Awful Things featuring Lil' Tracy, and perhaps his best known the posthumously released Falling Down featuring XXXTentacion, the latter reaching the Billboard top 20 in 2018 ~ Ahr passed away in 2017
November 1, 1991 ~ Sajeeb Saha, commonly known as electronic producer Jai Wolf, born in Raishahi, Bangladesh ~ Also recorded under the moniker No Pets Allowed. Best known for singles such as Indian Summer, Like It's Over and Starlight. Released his full-length Cure To Loneliness debut album in 2019
November 1, 1990 ~ Bassist, guitarist Ray Pohlman, full name Merlyn Ray Pohlman, passed away in California, USA ~ Musical director for the Shindogs, the house band for the TV show Shindig. In-demand session musician present on hundreds of 1950s and 1960s recordings, including songs such as Bring It On Home To Me by Sam Cooke, Be My Baby by the Ronettes, and Help Me Rhonda, Good Vibrations and God Only Knows by the Beach Boys ~ Pohlman was born in 1930
November 1, 1989 ~ Bruce Fielder, commonly known as DJ, producer, remixer Sigala, born in Norwich, UK ~ Released his full-length Brighter Days debut album in 2015, which included his highest-charting and best-known single the UK No.1 hit Easy Love. Subsequent hits would include Sweet Lovin' featuring Bryn Christopher, Say You Do featuring Imani & DJ Fresh, Came Here For Love featuring Ella Eyre, Lullaby featuring Paloma Faith, Heaven On My Mind featuring Becky Hill and You For Me featuring Rita Ora
November 1, 1986 ~ Beulah Belle Thomas, commonly known as singer Sippie Wallace, passed away in Detroit, Michigan, USA ~ Among the top singers of her era. Known for songs such as Up The Country Blues, Special Delivery Blues, Bedroom Bluesand I'm A Mighty Tight Woman. Has worked with Louis Armstrong, Roosevelt Sykes, Little Brother Montgomery, Victoria Spivey, and others ~ Wallace was born in 1898
November 1, 1983 ~ John Paul Cooper, commonly known as soul, alternative rock singer, guitarist, songwriter JP Cooper, born in Middleton, UK ~ Best known for his single September Song, a UK top 10 hit in 2016. Has collaborated with Don Diablo, Jonas Blue (Perfect Strangers), Petit Biscuit, Craig David, Stefflon Don, and others
November 1, 1982 ~ Jazz tubist Ray Draper, full name Raymond Allen Draper, passed away ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with John Coltrane, George Bohanon, Hadley Caliman, John Duke, Paul Lagos, Tom Trujillo, Don Sleet, Ernie Watts, Richard Aplanalp, Sonny Criss, Brother Jack McDuff, Jackie McLean, Max Roach, Archie Shepp, Dr John, and others ~ Draper was born in 1940
November 1, 1981 ~ Drummer Léo Margarit born in France ~ Best known as member of Pain Of Salvation. Has also worked with the Montpellier National Philharmonic and with French extreme metal band Zubrowska
November 1, 1981 ~ Tommy Karevik Paige, commonly known as heavy metal, hard rock singer, guitarist Tommy Karevik, born in Stockholm, Sweden ~ Best known as lead singer for metal outfits Seventh Wonder and Kamelot. Has also worked with Firecracker, Vindictiv, and notably with Ayreon, portraying the main character on the latter's 2013 The Theory Of Everything album
November 1, 1977 ~ Pop rock singer, guitarist, songwriter Alistair Griffin born ~ Rose to fame in 2003 as contestant on the talent show Fame Academy 2. Released his Bring it On debut album the next year, which included the modest hits Bring It On and You And Me (Tonight)
November 1, 1977 ~ Choral conductor, jazz singer Anine Kruse born in Oslo, Norway ~ Daughter of composer Bjørn Kruse. Co-founding member of vocal group Pitsj, which also included her sister Benedikte Kruse. Has also worked with Det Norske Solistkor and conducted the Bærum Vocal Ensemble
November 1, 1975 ~ Harold Elwin Bice Jr, commonly known as singer, guitarist Bo Bice, born in Huntsville, Alabama, USA ~ First gained major exposure as a contestant on the 4th season of American Idol talent show in 2005, reaching 2nd place behind Carrie Underwood. The Idol exposure gave him the top 10 hit Inside Your Heaven but his debut album, The Real Thing, was a minor succes. After being dropped by RCA Records Bice has recorded and self-released a number of albums. Before Idol worked with Blue Suede Nickel and Sugar Money
November 1, 1973 ~ Christian rock singer, guitarist, songwriter Bryan Olesen born in Hartford, Connecticut, USA ~ Co-founding member of VOTA. Also a member of the Newsboys, initially replacing Jody Davis temporarily in 2004 and becoming an official member two years later
November 1, 1971 ~ Jazz drummer, composer Antonio Sánchez born in Mexico City, Mexico ~ Leader and sideman. Especially known for his association with renowned guitarist Pat Metheny starting in the early 2000s. Composed the score to the 2014 film Birdman, which would be nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. Has collaborated with Michael Brecker, Dewa Budjana, Gary Burton, Avishai Cohen, Scott Colley, Chick Corea, Bendik Hofseth, Enrico Pieranunzi, and others
November 1, 1971 ~ Singer Irene Daye passed away in Greenville, South Carolina, USA ~ Big band singer who worked with Jan Murphy, Mal Hallett, most notably Gene Krupa, and with Charlie Spivak ~ Daye was born in 1918
November 1, 1969 ~ Keyboardist, percussionist Darren Partington born in Manchester, UK ~ Member of 808 State, remaining with the band from 1989 through 2015
November 1, 1967 ~ Singer, songwriter Sophie B Hawkins, full name Sophie Ballantine Hawkins, born in New York, New York, New York, USA ~ Known for a string of mid-1990s hits including Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover, Right Beside You and As I Lay Me Down. Enjoyed greater succes in Europe than in her native America
November 1, 1967 ~ Filippina Lydia Arena, commonly known as singer, actress, songwriter Tina Arena, born in Melbourne, Australia ~ Blessed with an impressive soprano vocal range would become one of Australia's best-selling artists with over 10 million records sold worldwide. First gained serious attention from age 8 onwards singing cover versions on the Australian TV show Young Talent Time. Actively recording as a solo artist since age 17, debuting in 1985 with the dance-pop single Turn Up The Beat. Disappeared from public for a number of years to return by the end of the decade with her full-length Strong As Steel debut album and has recorded mostly to critical and commercial succes since. Well known songs include I Need Your Body, Chains, Burn and Symphony Of Life
November 1, 1966 ~ William James Dennis, commonly known as rapper Willie D, born in Houston, Texas, USA ~ Best known as one third of pioneering Texan hip-hoppers Geto Boys, alongside Bushwick Bill and Scarface
November 1, 1964 ~ Singer, songwriter Lou Rhodes born in Manchester, UK ~ As a solo singer on the folk side. As a member of Lamb blends trip-hop and jazz. In-demand collaborator, has worked with 808 State, Gerald Simpson, Funkstorung, Pale 3, Sugizo, the Plump DJ's, Sheila Chandra, Eliza Carthy, Art Of Noise, and others
November 1, 1963 ~ William Kenneth Alpin, commonly known as country, country-rock singer Big Kenny born in Culpepper, Virginia, USA ~ Half of Big & Rich, the other half being John Rich, known for hits such as Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy, Holy Water, Big Time, Comin' To Your City, Lost In This Moment, That's Why I Pray, Look At You, and others
November 1, 1963 ~ Drummer Rick Allen, full name Richard John Cyril Allen, born in Sheffield, UK ~ Member of Def Leppard since 1978, replacing Tony Kenning, known for songs such as Hello America, Rock Of Ages, Animal, Hysteria, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Love Bites, Rocket, Heaven Is, When Love And Hate Collide, and others
November 1, 1962 ~ Singer Anthony Kiedis born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA ~ Lead singer of rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which he co-founded with Hillel Slovak and Flea, known for songs such as Give It Away, Under The Bridge, Scar Tissue, The Otherside, Californication, Dani California, Snow (Hey Oh), and others
November 1, 1962 ~ Punk rock, lo-fi, indie rock guitarist, singer, producer, songwriter Calvin Johnson born in Olympia, Washington, USA ~ Important figure in the modern indie music movement. Co-founding member of several pivotal lo-fi, indie bands including Cool Rays, Beat Happening, the Go Team, the Halo Benders and perhaps most notably Dub Narcotic Sound System, the latter especially acclaimed for their 1998 Out Of Your Mind album. Has also recorded as a solo artist, starting with the album What Was Me released in 2002, and collaborated with the likes of Modest Mouse, Beck, Heavenly, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Mecca Normal, Built To Spill, Fifth Column, Hive Dwellers, and others
November 1, 1962 ~ Church organist, composer David Briggs, full name David John Briggs, born in Bromsgrove, UK ~ Considered one of the world's premier organ improvisers. Composer of choral and organ music. Influenced by Jean Langlais and Pierre Cochereau
November 1, 1962 ~ Flavia Pozzaglio, commonly known as singer, actress, TV personality Irene Fargo, born in Brescia, Italy ~ Best known for her early 1990s singles La Donna Di Ibsen and Come Una Turandot, the latter inspired by Giacomo Puccini's opera Turandot. Both singles would reach top 20 in her native Italy ~ Pozzaglio passed away in 2022
November 1, 1962 ~ Film and TV composer Lolita Ritmanis born in Portland, Oregon, USA ~ Orchestrated music for over 100 films and TV programs working with composers such as Michael Kamen, Basil Poledouris, Shirley Walker, Burt Bacharach, WG Snuffy Walden, and others
November 1, 1962 ~ Keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, flutist Magne Furuholmen born in Oslo, Norway ~ Best known as keyboardist of synthpop band A-ha, co-wrote a vast amount of the band's best known including Take On Me, Stay On These Roads, Manhattan Skyline, Cry Wolf, Minor Earth Major Sky and You Are The One
November 1, 1961 ~ Siblings the Everly Brothers record Ebony Eyes ~ Written by John D Loudermilk. Released as a single, b/w Walk Right Back, the following January it would reach top 10 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100
November 1, 1960 ~ Singer Takharu Kunimoto born ~ At age 14 attended a Bill Monroe concert in Tokyo, inspiring Kunimoto to play bluegrass ~ Kunimoto passed away in 2015
November 1, 1959 ~ Jazz trombonist Conrad Herwig, full name Leo Conrad Herwig III, born in Lawton, Oklahoma, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Joe Henderson, Tom Harrell, Eddie Palmieri, Michel Camilo, the Mingus Big Band, Jon Faddis, Jeff Tain-Watts, Richie Beirach, Jack DeJohnette, Paquito d'Rivera, Dave Valentin, Randy Brecker, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Bill O'Connell, Walt Weiskopf, Robby Ameen, Dr Anthony Branker, Mario Bauzá, Bob Belden, Don Braden, Raul de Souza, Orrin Evans, Greg Gisbert, Rickie Lee Jones, Frank Lacy, Susannah McCorkle, het Metropole Orkest, Tito Puente, Tim Riles, Dave Stryker, Clark Terry, and others1
November 1, 1957 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Lyle Lovett, full name Lyle Pearce Lovett, born in Klein, Texas, USA ~ Known for songs such as Cowboy Man, Give Back My Heart, She's No Lady and others. Guested on recordings by Asleep At The Wheel, Al Green, Randy Newman, Pat Green, and others
November 1, 1956 ~ Singer, guitarist Tommy Johnson passed away in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, USA ~ Recorded in the late 1920s. Regarded as the premier Delta blues singer of his day. Influenced Robert Nighthawk, Howlin' Wolf, Hank Williams. Known for songs such as Big Road Blues, Cool Drink Of Water and Canned Heat Blues. The rock group Canned Heat named themselves after the latter ~ Johnson was born ca.1896
November 1, 1955 ~ Singer, songwriter, producer, pianist, guitarist Keith Stegall, full name Robert Keith Stegall, born in Wichita Falls, Texas, USA ~ As a solo artist recorded two albums, Keith Stegall and Passages. Best known for Pretty Lady, a Billboard Country top 10 hit in 1985. In-demand producer, has worked with Alan Jackson, Dr Hook (Sexy Eyes), George Jones, the Zac Brown Band, George Strait (I Hate Everything), Clay Walker, and others
November 1, 1954 ~ Jazz singer, pianist, guitarist Carmen Lundy, full name Carmen Latretta Lundy, born in Miami, Florida, USA ~ Sister of bassist Curtis Lundy. Cites Dionne Warwick, Roberta Flack and Stevie Wonder, as influences. Worked with Thad Jones, Jasmine, Bill O'Connell, Steve Berrios, John Hicks, Onaje Allan Gumbs, Walter Bishop Jr, Don Pullen, Mulgrew Miller, Billy Childs, Terri Lyne Carrington, Kip Hanrahan, Courtney Pine, Marian McPartland, Quasimode, and others. As a songwriter had her work recorded by Kenny Barron (Quiet Times), Ernie Watts (At The End Of My Rope), and Straight Ahead (Never Gonna Let You Go)
November 1, 1954 ~ Guitarist, singer Chris Morris, full name Christopher Morris, born in Nottingham, UK ~ Member of Paper Lace, with whom he scored the UK hits Billy Don't Be A Hero, The Black-Eyed Boys, and The Night Chicago Died. All three would reach top 20 in the band's native UK, the latter would also top the American Billboard Hot 100
November 1, 1953 ~ Country, old-time guitarist, singer David Miller passed away ~ One of the earliest country musicians. Began playing the guitar after going blind as a result of contracting blepharitis during his service in the Army in World War I. Known for songs such as Since Mother's Gone and It's Hard To Be Shut Up In Prison ~ Miller was born in 1883
November 1, 1951 ~ Saxophonist, singer, songwriter Ronald Bell, full name Ronald Nathan Bell, born in Youngstown, Ohio, USA ~ Saxophonist, co-founding member of R&B, disco outfit Kool & the Gang, which also included his brother Robert Kool Bell. Wrote or co-wrote a vast amount of the band's best known songs including Celebration, Cherish, Jungle Boogie, Summer Madness and Open Sesame ~ Bell passed away in 2020
November 1, 1950 ~ Guitarist, bassist, singer Dan Peek, full name Daniel Milton Peek, born in Panama City, Florida, USA ~ Member of folk rock band America, alongside Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, known for songs such as A Horse With No Name. Peek wrote or co-wrote several of the band's singles, Woman Tonight, Don't Cross The River, Today's The Day and Lonely People. Post-America Peek would record solo turning to contemporary Christian music, starting with the album All Things Are Possible in 1979 ~ Peek passed away in 2011
November 1, 1949 ~ Composer, arranger, producer, label executive David Foster, full name David Walter Foster, born in Victoria, Canada ~ Leading composer, arranger, keyboardist, producer in adult contemporary music. Songs written or co-written by Foster have been recorded by Barry Crocker, Cheryl Lynn (Got To Be Real), Carole Bayer Sager, Paul Anka, Deniece Williams, Earth Wind & Fire (After The Love Has Gone), Boz Scaggs, Donna Summer, Chicago, Kenny Loggins, Neil Diamond, Al Jarreau (Mornin'), James Ingram, John Parr (St Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)), Lou Rawls, Whitney Houston, and Céline Dion
November 1, 1948 ~ Calvert Russell Kosier, commonly known as blues, roots rock singer, guitarist, songwriter Calvin Russell, born in Austin, Texas, USA ~ Over a dozen albums to his name, starting in the early 1990s. Best known for his acclaimed 1995 Dream Of The Dog album ~ Kosier passed away in 2011
November 1, 1948 ~ Baritone singer Giorgio Gatti born ~ Debuted in 1971 at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples. Known for roles in operas composed by the likes Gioachino Rossini, Silvano Sardi, Bruno Nicolai, and Roberto Gianotti ~ Gatti passed away in 2021
November 1, 1948 ~ Laurence Mazel, commonly known as jazz trumpeter Raphe Malik, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Frank Wright, the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Denis Charles, Cecil Taylor, Glenn Spearman, Cecil McBee, Sabir Mateen, William Parker, Joe McPhee, Jimmy Lyons, and others ~ Mazel passed away in 2006
November 1, 1947 ~ Guitarist, singer Bob Weston, full name Robert Joseph Weston, born in Plymouth, UK ~ Member of Fleetwood Mac in the early 1970s, present on the albums The Penguin and Mystery To Me. Has also recorded as a solo artist and collaborated with the likes of the Kinetic, Ashkan, Chimera, Graham Bond, Ashman Reynolds, Long John Baldry, Dana Gillespie, Sandy Denny, Adrian Wagner, Mark Ashton, Danny Kirwan, Robbie Patton, Dick Morrisey, Bob Welch, Frank Baijens, and others ~ Weston passed away 2012
November 1, 1947 ~ Producer, songwriter Jim Steinman, full name James Richard Steinman, born in Claremont, California, USA ~ Best known for his association with Meat Loaf, notably on the albums Bat Out Of Hell and Bat Out Of Hell II (Back Into Hell). Also worked with Bonnie Tyler (Total Eclipse Of The Heart), Air Supply (Making Love Out Of Nothing At All), Sisters Of Mercy (This Corrosion), Barry Manilow (Read 'Em And Weep), Céline Dion (It's All Coming Back To Me Now), Boyzone (No Matter What), and others ~ Steinman passed away in 2021
November 1, 1945 ~ Jazz pianist, organist Leon Spencer born ~ Worked with David Newman, Melvin Sparks, Buddy Caldwell, Idris Muhammad, Melvin Sparks, Grover Washington Jr, Rusty Bryant, Karl Denson, Lou Donaldson, Wilbert Longmire, and with Sonny Stitt ~ Spencer passed away in 2012
November 1, 1945 ~ Richard Roman Grechko, commonly known as rock, jazz fusion, progressive rock bassist, violinist Ric Grech, born in Bordeaux, France ~ Bassist, violinist for progressive rock outfit the Family, for whom he also wrote How-Hi-The-Li, Face In The Cloud and Second Generation Woman, also singing lead on the latter. Member of supergroup Blind Faith alongside guitarist Eric Clapton and keyboardist Steve Winwood. Worked with Ginger Baker in Ginger Baker's Air Force. Appeared on Graham Bond's 1970 Holy Magick album. Member of Traffic, present on the live album Welcome To The Canteen and the acclaimed The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys album. Sessioned with Rod Stewart, Ronnie Lane, Vivian Stanshall, and with Muddy Waters on the overlooked all-star The London Sessions album. Member of KGB. Grech retired from music in 1977 ~ Grechko passed away in 1990
November 1, 1941 ~ Trombonist, arranger, producer Bob Curnow born in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Best known for his association with Stan Kenton in the 1960s and 1970s. Also a prominent educator whose students included later stars such as Danny House, Phil Feather, Luis Bonilla, Charie Richard, Jack Cooper, John Hollenbeck, Christopher Hollyday, Geoffrey Keezer, Don Braden, Wycliffe Gordon, Greg Gisbert, Loran McClung, Tony Kadleck, John Bailey, Javon Jackson, John Medeski, Neal Finn and Delfeayao Marsalis
November 1, 1941 ~ Singer Phil Terry born ~ Member of the Intruders, one of the earliest acts to have hits under the direction of producers, songwriters Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and as such pivotal to the development of Philly soul. Known for songs such as We'll Be United, Together and perhaps their best-known Cowboys To Girls, the latter a Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit in 1968
November 1, 1940 ~ Singer, songwriter Ssgt Barry Sadler, full name Barry Allen Sadler, born in Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA ~ Green Beret medic, achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant. Best known for his 1966 hit The Ballad Of The Green Berets, one of the few songs of the era to cast the military in a positive light ~ Sadler passed away in 1989
November 1, 1940 ~ Ivan Joseph Jones, commonly known as jazz guitarist Boogaloo Joe Jones, born ~ Influenced by Tal Farlow and Billy Butler. Worked with Richard Groove Holmes, Houston Person, Harold Mabern, Wild Bill Davis, Willis Jackson, Rusty Bryant, Charles Earland, Bernard Pretty Purdie, Grover Washington Jr, Butch Cornell, Sonny Phillips, and others
November 1, 1939 ~ Composer, arranger, pianist Roger Kellaway born in Waban, Massachusetts, USA ~ Composed, commissioned works for orchestra, chamber ensemble, jazz big band, film, TV, ballet, stage productions. Played with Boris Midney. Formed the the Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet in 1970. Kellaway wrote and played the closing theme, Remembering You, for the TV sitcom All In The Family centered around the character Archie Bunker
November 1, 1938 ~ Henry Brown, commonly known as percussionist Pucho, born ~ Fronted the Latin jazz, soul jazz outfit Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers active mostly from the mid-1960s through 1973. The band is mostly noted for at one time including percussionist Chick Corea in its line-up
November 1, 1937 ~ Singer Bill Anderson born in Columbia, South Carolina, USA ~ Known for songs such as Still, I Love You Drops, I Get The Fever, Wild Week-End, I Can't Wait Any Longer, Love Is A Sometimes Thing, All The Lonely Women In The World. Had his songs recorded by Jimmy Dickens, Ray Price (City Lights), Connie Smith (Once A Day), George Strait (Give It Away), Vince Gill, Cal Smith (The Lords Knows I'm Drinking), Alabama, Faron Young (Face To The Wall), Charlie Louvin, Porter Wagoner (The Cold Hard Facts Of Life), Jim Reeves, Don Gibson, Brenda Lee, Bryan White, Roy Drusky, Brad Paisley (Too Country), Steve Wariner, Kitty Wells, Roy Clark, Charlie Walker, and others
November 1, 1936 ~ Zephire André Williams, singer, songwriter, producer, label executive, commonly known as André Williams born in Bessemer, Alabama, USA ~ Best known for songs such as Jail Bait, Greasy Chicken, Bacon Fat, and Cadillac Jack. Co-wrote Stevie Wonder's first song, Thank You For Loving Me. Also co-authored Shake A Tail Feather, which has since has become a R&B all-time classic recorded by many including notable versions by Ike & Tina Turner and by James & Bobby Purify ~ Williams passed away in 2019
November 1, 1936 ~ Luis Maria Cafaro, commonly known as rock & roll singer Billy Cafaro, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ Active since the late 1950s, considered a pioneer of Argentine rock. Known for songs such as Personalidad, Marcianita, Que Siga El Twist and Pity Pity ~ Cafaro passed away in 2021
November 1, 1931 ~ Pianist Dmitri Bashkirov, full name Dmitri Aleksandrovich Bashkirov, born in Tbilisi, Georgian SSR ~ First gained attention in 1955 winning the Marguerite Long Piano Competition in Paris. Would go on to perform with renowned orchestras such as the Gewandhaus Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Philharmonic, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and others ~ Bashkirov passed away in 2021
November 1, 1930 ~ Classical, jazz conductor, clarinetist, harpist, saxophonist, film, TV composer John Scott born in Bristol, UK ~ Served as arranger, conductor, session musician for both pop and classical artists including Tom Jones, Cilla Black, the Hollies, Julian Bream, Johnny Dankworth, Yehudi Menuhin, and others. Principal saxophonist on John Barry's soundtrack to the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. Played flute on the Beatles' You've Got To Hide Your Love Away. In-demand film and TV composer, notable credits including Antony And Cleopatra, North Dallas Forty and Greystoke (The Legend Of Tarzan Lord Of The Apes). In the classical field Scott has written several pieces and conducted renowned orchestras such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Munich Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
November 1, 1929 ~ Gabriel Ruiz Hiroshi Baltazar Jr, commonly known as jazz saxophonist Gabe Baltazar, born in Hilo, Hawaii, USA ~ Influenced by Benny Carter, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Claude Thornhill. Worked with the Lighthouse All-Stars, Stan Kenton, Nat King Cole, Jean Turner, Ann Richards, Marvin Stamm, Sam Donahue, Dee Barton, Carl Saunders, Don Menza, Terry Gibbs, Gil Fuller, Dizzy Gillespie, James Moody, Onzy Matthews, Oliver Nelson, and others ~ Baltazar passed away in 2022
November 1, 1927 ~ Florence Winfrey, commonly known as cabaret singer, dancer, comedian Florence Mills, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Known for songs such as I'm A Little Blackbird Looking For A Bluebird and I'm Cravin' For That Kind Of Love. Sometimes referred to as “the Queen of Happiness”. Rose to prominence starring in the 1921 Broadway production of Shuffle Along ~ Winfrey was born in 1896
November 1, 1927 ~ Poet, composer Richard Kell, full name Richard Alexander Kell, born in Youghal, Ireland ~ Best known as a poet, writing since his early teens. Widely known for the poem Pigeons. Also wrote a limited amount of music, noted for his 1976 Symphonic Elegy commemorating the death of his wife Muriel, and Variations On A Notorious Theme ~ Kell passed away in 2023
November 1, 1926 ~ Bebop, hard bop, jazz blues, soul jazz saxophonist Lou Donaldson born in Badin, North Carolina, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Influenced by Charlie Parker. Worked with Charlie Singleton, Blue Mitchell, Horace Silver, Art Blakey, Clifford Brown, Philly Joe Jones, Gene Ammons, Milt Jackson, Thelonious Monk, Jimmy Smith, and others
November 1, 1926 ~ Orchestral composer, conductor, pianist, percussionist Louis Calabro born in New York, New York, USA ~ Founded the Sage City Symphony. As a conductor premiered works by composers such as Marta Ptaszynska and Vivian Fine ~ Calabro passed away in 1991
November 1, 1924 ~ Colette Lucie Raget, commonly known as actress, singer Colette Renard, born in Ermont, France ~ Best known for the lead role in the musical Irma la Douce, a role she played for over a decade. Has also recorded over 50 albums during her career ~ Raget passed away in 2010
November 1, 1924 ~ Blues pianist, singer Johnny Jones born in Jackson, Mississippi, USA ~ Best known for backing Tampa Red, Muddy Waters, and Elmore James. Also worked with Albert King, Jimmy Rogers, Howlin' Wolf, Billy Boy Arnold, Junior Wells, Magic Sam, Homesick James, and others. As a solo artist known for songs such Big Town Playboy, Sweet Little Woman and Hoy Hoy ~ Jones passed away in 1964
November 1, 1923 ~ Operatic lyric soprano Victoria de los Angeles born in Barcelona, Spain ~ Popular soprano from the mid-1950s through the 1960s. Worked with the Paris Opera, the Royal Opera House, the Metropolitan Opera, the Teatro Colón, La Scala, and others. Especially acclaimed for portraying Carmen in Georges Bizet's Carmen, one of her favorite roles ~ De los Angeles passed away in 2005
November 1, 1916 ~ Rock & roll singer Jack Ross born ~ Known for a number of early 1960s singles including Cinderella, Margarita and Happy Jose (Ching Ching) ~ Ross passed away in 1982
November 1, 1914 ~ William Sebastian Lewis, commonly known as jazz pianist, bandleader, arranger Sabby Lewis, born in Middleburgh, North Carolina, USA ~ Popular during the 1930s annd 1940s. Worked with Dinah Washington, Billy Eckstine. Employed sidemen such as Paul Gonsalves, Alan Dawson, Cat Anderson, Sonny Stitt, Roy Haynes, Idrees Sulieman, Joe Gordon, and others ~ Lewis passed away in 1995
November 1, 1913 ~ Dennis Pountain, commonly known as singer Denny Dennis born in Derby, UK ~ Popular romantic vocalist from the 1930s through the 1950s. Worked with Roy Fox, Freddy Bretherton, Tommy Dorsey, Bert Ambrose, Sid Phillips, and otherss ~ Pountain passed away in 1993
November 1, 1912 ~ Saxophonist, clarinetist Franz Jackson born in Rock Island, Illinois, USA ~ Worked with Albert Ammons, Fletcher Henderson, Roy Eldridge, Fats Waller, Earl Hines, Cootie Williams, Frankie Newton, Wilbur de Paris, Lil' Armstrong, James Carter, Art Hodes, Laura Rucker, Edith Wilson, and others ~ Jackson passed away in 2008
November 1, 1911 ~ Songwriter Woody Harris born in New York, New York, USA ~ Perhaps best known for writing or co-writing several of Bobby Darin's songs including The Queen Of The Hop and Early In The Morning. Others who recorded his songs incluce Mat Mathews, Guy Mitchell, Elvis Presley, Della Reese, Buddy Brooks and Jimmy Witherspoon ~ Harris passed away in 1985
November 1, 1904 ~ Jazz trumpeter, singer Louis Bacon born in Louisville, Kentucky, USA ~ Worked with Zinky Cohn, Louis Armstrong, Benny Carter, Duke Ellington, Bingie Madison, Bessie Smith, Chick Webb, Willie Lewis, Freddy Johnson, Garvin Bushell, Cootie Williams, Jesse Stone, Wilbur de Paris, and others ~ Bacon passed away in 1967
November 1, 1903 ~ Producer, label executive Don Robey, full name Don Deadric Robey, born in Houston, Texas, USA ~ Helped develop 1950s, 1960s R&B. Notorious for his controversial business practices. Founded Peacock Records, at one time owned Duke Records. Used the alias Deadric Malone to assign himself songwriting credit. Signed artists such as Ruth Brown, Louis Jordan, Lionel Hampton, T-Bone Walker, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Junior Parker, Bobby Blue Bland, Johnny Otis, and others ~ Malone passed away in 1975
November 1, 1898 ~ Beulah Belle Thomas, commonly known as singer Sippie Wallace, born in Houston, Texas, USA ~ Among the top singers of her era. Known for songs such as Up The Country Blues, Special Delivery Blues, Bedroom Bluesand I'm A Mighty Tight Woman. Has worked with Louis Armstrong, Roosevelt Sykes, Little Brother Montgomery, Victoria Spivey, and others ~ Wallace passed away in 1986
November 1, 1895 ~ Dixieland violinist, bandleader Carroll Dickerson born ~ Closely associated with Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines, King Oliver. Pivotal bandleader. Employed sidemen such as Johnny Dunn, Frankie Jaxon, Tommy Ladnier, Honore Dutrey, Natty Dominique, Sterling Conaway, Boyd Atkins, Fred Robinson, Jimmy Strong, Mancy Carr, Pete Briggs, Jimmy Mundy, Buster Bailey, George Mitchell, Zutty Singleton, and others ~ Dickerson passed away in 1957