This Day In Music: June 22
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June 22, 2022 ~ Producer, arranger, songwriter Patrick Adams passed away ~ First gained attention in the 1970s working as producer with Salsoul Records. Would go on to work with several labels, including major ones, and with acts such as Black Ivory, Inner Life, Loleatta Holloway, R Kelly, the Universal Robot Band, Coolio, Keith Sweat, Eric B & Rakim, Musique, Soul Severes, and others ~ Adams was born in 1950
June 22, 2021 ~ Composer Mzilikazi Khumalo, full name James Steve Mzilikazi Khumalo, passed away in Natal, South Africa ~ Known for compositions such as Ma Ngificwa Ukufa premiered in 1959, the cantate Ushaka Kasengzangakohna, and the opera Princess Magogo Kadinuzulu, the latter would be the first opera in the Zulu language ~ Khumalo was born in 1932
June 22, 2018 ~ Singer, guitarist Geoffrey Oryema passed away in Paris, France ~ Exiled Ugandan singer. Sang in Swahili, Acholi, English, and in French. Gained international attention with the release of his sophomore album, Beat The Border, in 1993. Worked with Jean-Pierre Alarcen, Patrick Buchmann, and with Peter Gabriel ~ Oryema was born in 1953
June 22, 2017 ~ Jazz fusion guitarist Jimmy Nalls, full name James Albert Nalls III, passed away ~ Co-founding member of Sea Level. After the band disbanded in 1981 Nalls would go on to work with Bodyworks, BJ Thomas, T Graham Brown, and others ~ Nalls was born in 1951
June 22, 2016 ~ Conductor, composer Harry Rabinowitz passed away in Lacoste, France ~ Closely associated with the BBC, conducting the BBC Revue Orchestra for most of the 1950s and serving as music director for BBC Television Light Entertainment for most of the 1960s. Also worked with the Boston Pops Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and others. Conducted numerous film scores including Chariots Of Fire, The English Patient and The Talented Mr Ripley ~ Rabinowitz was born in 1916
June 22, 2016 ~ Singer, guitarist, saxophonist,poet, songwriter Mike Hart, full name Michael William Hart, passed away ~ Founded early 1960s R&B band the Roadrunners. Departed the band in 1965 to join poetry and music collective the Liverpool Scene. Released his Mike Hart Bleeds solo debut album in 1969, produced by John Peel ~ Hart was born in 1943
June 22, 2016 ~ Christian baritone singer Steve French passed away in Fayette County, West Virginia, USA ~ Founded Southern gospel quartet the Kingdom Heirs with his brother Kreis French. Committed suicide with his girlfriend by jumping of the New River Gorge Bridge in Fayette County, West Virginia. Both had outstanding capias warrants for their arrests ~ French was born in 1959
June 22, 2015 ~ Composer, conductor James Roy Horner passed away in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Wrote over 100 film scores including The Lady In Red, Star Trek II (The Wrath Of Khan) and of Titanic ~ Horner was born in 1964
June 22, 2015 ~ Violinist Joseph de Pasquale passed away ~ Closely associated with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and subsequently with the Philadelphia Orchestra ~ De Pasquale was born in 1919
June 22, 2013 ~ Singer Andrea Begley wins The Voice UK ~ Singer Andrea Begley wins the 2nd season of talent show The Voice UK aired on BBC One. The other finalists were Leah McFall, Mike Ward, and Matt Henry
June 22, 2012 ~ The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellnes and Research Centre opens in Melbourne, Australia ~ Newton-John started raising funds to develop the project in 2003. Primed for a comeback tour Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, the same week her father died, forcing her to cancel the tour. Eventually Newton-John recovered and has since become an advocate for breast cancer research
June 22, 2011 ~ Folk singer, songwriter Mike Waterson passed away in Scarborough, UK ~ Best known as member of family outfit the Watersons, which also included his sisters Lal Waterson and Norma Waterson and brother-in-law Martin Carthy. Also worked with Albion Country Band on the album No Roses. Member of Blue Murder ~ Waterson was born in 1941
June 22, 2009 ~ Operatic mezzo-soprano Betty Allen passed away in Valhalla, New York, USA ~ Popular from the 1950s through the 1970s. Worked with the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New York City Opera, the Oratoria Society Of New York, the Teatro Colón, the Canadian Opera Company, and others ~ Allen was born in 1927
June 22, 2009 ~ Rapper Chris Brown pleads guilty to assaulting Rihanna the night before ~ Brown pleads guilty to assaulting Rihanna the night before at the Grammy Award ceremony. Rihanna asked the judge not to impose a restraining order, but the court nevertheless issues one as well as sentence Chris Brown to five years probation and 1,400 hours of community service
June 22, 2009 ~ Composer, pianist, radio and TV personality Steve Race passed away in Great Missenden, UK ~ Best known for his association with the BBC, appearing as in-house musician and accompaniest and from the 1950s through the 1980s as a host for various musical TV shows. Credited with recording some of the first British bebop recordings with his the Steve Race Bop Group in 1949, working with musicians such as Leon Calvert, Johnny Dankworth, Jack Fulton and Freddy Gardner ~ Race was born in 1921
June 22, 2007 ~ Singer Sarah McLachlan gives birth to daughter Taja Summer Sood ~ Singer McLachlan gives birth to her second daughter, named Taja. Her first daughter, India, was born in 2002. The children's father is drummer Ashwin Sood, with whom she was married from 1997 through 2008
June 22, 2006 ~ Drummer, percussionist Alodipu Adeoya Campbell, commonly known as Ambrose Campbell passed away in Plymouth, UK ~ Hailed by Fela Kuti. Formed the first English black band the West African Rhythm Brothers. Also worked with Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes, Phil Seamen, Harry Beckett, Willy Roachford, Adam Fiberesima, Ade Bashorun, Denny Cordell, Leon Russell, Willie Nelson, and others ~ Campbell was born in 1919
June 22, 1998 ~ Bernard Green, commonly known as jazz saxophonist Benny Green, passed away in London, UK ~ Active since the early 1950s, working with artists such as Ralph Sharon, Ronnie Scott, Stan Kenton, Dizzy Reece, Lord Rockingham's XI, including on the latter's 1958 novelty UK hit Hoots Mon. Also known as a beloved BBC radio host. Father of guitarist Dominic Green and saxophonist Leo Green ~ Green was born in 1927
June 22, 1998 ~ Rock singer Todd Rundgren marries dancer, backing singer Michele Gray in Hawaii, USA ~ On his 50th birthday Rundgren marries backing singer Michele Gray. Gray had been a dancer with the Tubes and toured with Rundgren on his Nearly Human tour. The wedding takes place in Hawaii, the 50th state
June 22, 1997 ~ Singer, actor, songwriter Ted Gärdestad, full name Ted Arnbjörn Gärdestad, passed away in Häggvik, Sweden ~ Debuted in 1971 with the single Hela Världen Runt. Worked extensively with all four members of ABBA throughout the 1970s, releasing a number of successfull Swedish albums making him the 2nd best-selling artist at Polar Music ~ Gärdestad was born in 1956
June 22, 1993 ~ Jazz trumpeter Emmett Berry passed away in Cleveland, Ohio, USA ~ Worked wth Fletcher Henderson, Roy Eldridge, Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Coleman Hawkins, Buck Clayton, Johnny Hodges, Claude Hopkins, Jimmy Witherspoon, Maxim Saury, and others ~ Berry was born in 1915
June 22, 1992 ~ Noise rock drummer Charlie Ondras passed away ~ Co-founding member of noise rock band Unsane. Has also worked with Boss Hog alongside Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez, appearing on the band's Drinkin' Lechin' & Lyin' and Cold Hands albums ~ Ondras was born in 1966
June 22, 1990 ~ Singer, pianist Billy Joel plays Yankee Stadium, New York, USA ~ Playing the first of two sold-out shows singer, pianist Billy Joel becomes the first rock act to play Yankee Stadium, New York
June 22, 1988 ~ Owen Patrick Eugene McNulty, commonly known as singer, comedian, radio and TV personality Dennis Day, passed away in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Best known for his radio sitcom A Day In The Life Of Dennis Day, running on NBC from 1946 through 1951. The show revolved around a fictional character, Dennis Day, open and close with a song by Day and feature one in the middle ~ McNulty was born in 1916
June 22, 1987 ~ Jazz trombonist Frank Rehak passed away in Badger, California, USA ~ Worked with Gil Evans, Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Bob Brookmeyer, Ruth Brown, Al Cohn, Art Farmer, Dizzy Gillespie, Quincy Jones, Michel Legrand, Melba Liston, Mundell Lowe, Carmen McRae, Joe Newman, Red Mitchell, Pete Rugolo, AK Salim, Lalo Schifrin, Idrees Sulieman, Randy Weston, Kai Winding, and others ~ Rehak was born in 1926
June 22, 1987 ~ Frederick Austerlitz, commonly known as actor, dancer, singer Fred Astaire passed away in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ The most influential dancer in the history of film. Starred in over 10 Broadway and West End musicals and over 30 musical films ~ Austerlitz was born in 1899
June 22, 1986 ~ Singer Tom Waits' play Frank's Wild Years debuts at the Briar St Theatre, Chicago, Illinois ~ Performed by the Steppenwold Theatre Company starring Waits as Frank. The play's soundtrack would be released as an album of the same name the next year
June 22, 1984 ~ Jazz, swing, stride pianist, composer Dill Jones, full name Dillwyn Owen Paton Jones, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Influenced by Fats Waller and Bix Beiderbecke. Has worked with Harry Parry, Vic Lewis, Gene Krupa, Jimmy McPartland, Yank Lawson, Budd Johnson, Oliver Jackson, Bill Pemberton, Eubie Blake, Claude Hopkins, Kenny Davern, and others ~ Jones was born in 1923
June 22, 1984 ~ Keyboardist John Elliott born ~ Electronic, experimental, ambient. Worked with the Emeralds, Imaginary Softwoods, Mist, Outer Space, and others
June 22, 1981 ~ In his trial Mark David Chapman pleads guilty to the murder of singer John Lennon, who rose to fame as co-lead singer of the Beatles ~ Chapman pleads guilty to the murder of Lennon, six months earlier outside the Dakota in New York. Chapman would be sentenced to 20 years to life
June 22, 1979 ~ Singer, songwriter Leire Martíz, full name Leire Martíz Ochoa, born in Errenteria, Spain ~ Lead singer of pop band Leire Martíz Ochoa, joining the band in 2007 as replacement for Amaia Montero, present on albums such as A Las Cinco En El Astoria, Cometas Por El Cielo and El Planeto Imaginario
June 22, 1979 ~ Walter Gerhardt Hunt, commonly known as jazz trombonist, singer, bandleader Pee Wee Hunt, passed away in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA ~ Best known as co-founding member, trombonist of the Casa Loma Orchestra, remaining with the band through 1943 ~ Hunt was born in 1907
June 22, 1977 ~ Rock, poto-punk, garage rock singer, guitarist, songwriter Peter Laughner, full name Peter Ravenscoft Laughner, passed away in Cleveland, Ohio, USA ~ Influenced by Lou Reed, Robert Johnson, Woody Guthrie, Tom Verlaine. Described as “probably the single biggest catalyst in the birth of Cleveland's alternative rock scene in the mid 1970s.” Perhaps best known for his work with Rocket From The Tombs and with Pere Ubu ~ Laughner was born in 1952
June 22, 1976 ~ Indie rock, post-Britpop, art punk bassist Gordon Moakes, full name Gordon Peter Moakes, born in Milton Keynes ~ Best known as member of Bloc Party from 2002 through 2015, a band rooted in rock drawing from electronica and house. Present on songs such as So Here We Are/Positive Tension, Two More Years, The Prayer and Flux, all of which reached the UK top 10. The band's first four albums, starting with the band's 2005 Silent Alarm album, all reached the UK albums top 10. Moakes left the band in 2015 to focus on his work with the Young Legionnaire, which started as a side project in 2009.
June 22, 1976 ~ Singer, rapper, drummer, guitarist Jesse Sprinkle born in Seattle, Washington, USA ~ Member of Christian alternative rock outfit Poor Old Lu, co-founded with his brother Aaron Sprinkle. Has also worked with Morella's Forest, Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Burning Daylight, Transparent, and others
June 22, 1976 ~ Drummer, producer Maxime Lenssens born in Ghent, Belgium ~ Has worked with Zap Mama, Axelle Red, the Arsenal, Rokia Traoré, Garland Jeffreys, Chris Whitley, Moiano, Tom Robinson, Linley Marthe, Reggie Washington, Tony Levin, Jeroen van Herzeele, Erik Vermeulen, Erwin Vann, and others
June 22, 1974 ~ Composer, conductor, teacher Darius Milhaud passed away in Geneva, Switzerland ~ Influenced by jazz and Brazilian music. Member of Les Six, a group of Montparnasse-based composers which also included Georges Auric, Louis Durey, Arthur Honegger, Francis Poulenc and Germain Tailleferre. Their music is considered a neoclassical reaction against both the style of Richard Wagner and the impressionist music of Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. Milhaud is regarded as one of the key modernist composers and has tought jazz and classical composers such as Burt Bacharach, Dave Brubeck, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Iannis Xenakis ~ Milhaud was born in 1892
June 22, 1970 ~ Songwriter, pianist Harry Brooks passed away in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA ~ Noted songwriter, oft in collaboration with lyricist Andy Razaff, most active from the 1920s through the early-1950s. Best known for scoring Broadway shows such as Connie's Hot Chocolates and jazz standards such as Ain't Misbehaving ~ Brooks was born in 1895
June 22, 1970 ~ Atlanta concert by the Who delayed because Pete Townshend jokes about planting a bomb on the airplane ~ Tired of waiting for his plane to take off, guitarist Townshend jokes about planting a bomb. The plane would be completely searched and Townshend questioned, delaying the plane and as a result their Atlanta concert
June 22, 1970 ~ Singer, songwriter, keyboardist Steven Page, full name Steven Jay Page, born in Scarborough, Canada ~ Co-founding member, lead singer, guitarist, primary songwriter of Barenaked Ladies, left the band in 2009 to pursue a solo career. Also worked with Stephen Duffy, and with the Trans-Canada Highwaymen
June 22, 1969 ~ Frances Ethel Gumm, commonly known as singer, actress Judy Garland, passed away in London, UK ~ Child star. Would go on to enjoy a career spanning over four decades. Mother of singer Liza Minnelli. Noted for her role as Dorothy in the 1939 Wizard Of Oz film, in which she also sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Her 1961 Judy At Carnegie Hall album made her the first female to be awarded a Grammy Award for Album of the Year ~ Garland was born in 1922
June 22, 1965 ~ Country, country-pop singer Eddy Arnold records Make The World Go Away at RCA/Victor Studio, Nashville, Tennessee ~ Written by Hank Cochran. First recorded by Ray Price in 1963 as a single from the Burning Memories album. Arnold's version, produced by Chet Atkins, would be released as a single in 1965 paired with The Easy Way on the flipside and reach the Billboard top 10. Others who have recorded the song include Timi Yuro scoring a Billboard top 30 hit in 1963, Donny & Marie Osmond in 1975 and Charly McClain in 1977
June 22, 1965 ~ Songwriter, lyricist, TV personality Natalia Germanou born in Athens, Greece ~ In-demand lyricist worked with Anna Vissi, Despina Vandi, Michalis Hatzigiannis, Notis Sfakianakis, Natassa Theodoridou, Lambis Livieratos, Katy Garbi, and others. Internationally best known for co-writing 2005 Eurovision Songfestival winner Helena Paparizou's My Number One with songwriter Christos Dantis
June 22, 1964 ~ Richard Michael Barrett, commonly known as ska punk singer Dicky Barrett, born in Providence, Rhode Island, USA ~ Frontman of ska punk, punk rock outfit the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, best known for their 1997 Let's Face It album which included the hit single The Impression That I Get
June 22, 1964 ~ Pop drummer Tommy Cunningham born in Glasgow ~ Member of Wet Wet Wet, known for UK top 10 hits such as Angel Eyes (Home And Away), With A Little Help From My Friends, Goodnight Girl and Love Is All Around
June 22, 1962 ~ Jesse Bonds Weaver Jr, commonly known as hip-hop, gangsta rap rapper Schoolly D, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Influenced Ice-T. Released his full-length eponymous Schoolly D in 1985. Known best for songs as PSK, Saturday Night and Signifying Rapper
June 22, 1961 ~ Pop rock band the Beat Brothers record My Bonnie at Friedrich Ebert Halle, Hamburg, West Germany ~ Tony Sheridan and the then-unknown pop rock band the Beatles record their rock & roll rendition of the traditional Scottish folk song My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean. Produced by Bert Kaempfert it would be released as a single, credited to the Beat Brothers, the following October in Germany and early the following year in the UK. Yet another two years later, at the height of Beatlemania, released in the USA, credited to the Beatles
June 22, 1961 ~ The Elvis Presley film Wild In The Country opens in American movie theaters ~ Based on the 1958 novel The Lost Country the film has Presley portraying aGlenn Tyler, troubled young man from a dysfunctional family pursuing a literary career. Originally the movie was intended to showcase Elvis the actor rather than Evlis the singer, and RCA-Victor would originally release neither a soundtrack album nor EP. Five songs were recorded for the film, the songs Forget Me Never and Lonely Man left out of the film. The latter would be the first song though from the film released, used as the B-side to Surrender released in February 1961. Other songs would be released as singles or scattered among several compilation albums, the two best-known being I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell and the title track Wild In The Country
June 22, 1960 ~ Pianist, composer Arturo O'Farrill born in Mexico City, Mexico ~ Son of bandleader Chico O'Farrill. Worked with Carla Bley, Chick Corea, Dizzy Gillespie, Howard Johnson, Steve Turre, Lester Bowie, Andy Gonzalez, Jerry Gonzalez, Ray Barretto, Bebo Valdes, and others
June 22, 1960 ~ Jazz singer, gutarist, songwriter Martin Hagfors born in Palo Alto, California, USA ~ As a solo artist acclaimed for his 2011 sophomore Like You album. In-demand collaborator. Has worked with Home Groan, Askil Holm, Cream Of The Crop, Weld, Jagga Jazzist, Tore Andersen, Kristin Berglund, the Tiger City Jukes, Motorpsycho, the Hellbillies, the National Bank, Roy Lønhøiden, Elisabeth Andreassen, Ida Jenshus, the Brigade, and others
June 22, 1959 ~ Nicola Henri Didier Sirchis, commonly known as rock singer Nicola Sirkis, born in Antony, France ~ Frontman and sole constant member of Indochine, one the best-selling French artists of the 1980s. The band is known for songs such as L'Aventurier, Canary Bay, Troisieme Sexe and J'Ai Demande A La Lune
June 22, 1955 ~ Paul Julian Strohmeyer, commonly known as singer, multi-instrumentalist Green Gartside, born in Cardiff, UK ~ Best known as frontman of Scritti Politti, known for 1980s, 1990s songs such as Wood Beez (Pray For Aretha Franklin), Absolute, The Word Girl, Oh Patti (Don't Feel Sorry For Loverboy) and She's A Woman featuring Shabba Ranks. Gartside retired from music for a number of years, disillusioned with the music industry but would return by the late 1990s. Has collaborated with Miles Davis, Chaka Khan, the Eurythmics, Elvis Costello, Mos Def, Meshell Ndegeocello, Kylie Minogue, Robyn Hitchcock, the Manic Street Preachers, Tracey Thorn, Robert Wyatt, and others
June 22, 1955 ~ Disney's animated feature film Lady & the Tramp premieres in American theaters ~ The canine film features several songs sung by Peggy Lee, including He's A Tramp, La La Lu and Siamese Cat Song. Lee also serves as voice actress, voicing among others Darling and the Siamese Cats
June 22, 1954 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Angélique Ionatos born in Athens, Greece ~ In her early teens fled with her family from Greece after the military coup, resettling in France. Rooted in Greek culture yet drew from classical, jazz, chanson, oriental and tango. Well over a dozen albums to her name since the 1970s, the first few collaborating with her brother Photis Ionatos. Sang in both Greek and French. Known for setting both classic and contemporary text and poetry to music, frequent collaborator of poet Odysseas Elytis ~ Ionatis passed away in 2021
June 22, 1954 ~ Robert James Beckingham, commonly known as violinist, singer, actor, songwriter Bobby Valentino, born in Chatham, UK ~ Not to be confused with the American hip-hop singer Bobby V, once also going by the moniker Valentino. Beckingham founded the Fabulous Poodles. Best known as co-writer of Young At Heart, a UK hit for Bluebells in 1980. The song had previously been recorded by Bananarama
June 22, 1953 ~ Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper, commonly known as pop, new wave, synth-pop singer, guitarist, songwriter Cyndi Lauper, born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Known for her distinctive image, sporting a variety of hair colors and an eccentric fashion style. Advocate of LGBT-rights. Has sold over 50 million records. Iconoclastic singer who revolutionized the role of women in rock & roll. Scored the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Time After Time, She Bop, All Through The Night, The Goonies R Good Enough, True Colors, Change Of Heart and I Drove All Night
June 22, 1951 ~ Joseph Allen Carr, commonly known as guitarist, mandolinist, songwriter Joe Carr, passed away in Levelland, Texas, USA ~ Worked with local Texas bands such as Roanoke in the 1970s and Country Gazette in the 1980s. Formed and fronted his own the Texas Lone Star Band from 1987 onwards. Penned a number of instructional books for mandoliin, western swing and flat-picking guitar, banjo and ukelele. Regular contributor to Flatpicking Guitar Magazine and Mandolin Magazine ~ Carr passed away in 2014
June 22, 1949 ~ Singer Alan Osmond, full name Alan Ralph Osmond, born in Ogden, Utah, USA ~ Member of family outfit the Osmonds, known for songs such as One Bad Apple, Yo-Yo, Down By The Lazy River and Love Me For A Reason
June 22, 1949 ~ Bassist Larry Junstrom, full name Lawrence E Junstrom, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Co-founding member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, staying with the band from its formation in 1964 to 1974, replaced by Greg T Walker. Played with Ronnie Van Zant's 38 Special from 1974 to 2014 ~ Junstrom passed away in 2019
June 22, 1948 ~ Singer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, drummer, songwriter Todd Rundgren born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Co-founding member of psychedelic band Nazz. As a solo artist known best for songs such We Gotta Get You A Woman, Hello It's Me and I Saw The Light. Especially acclaimed for the early 1970s albums Something/Anything and A Wizard A True Star. As a producer has worked on albums for Badfinger, the New York Dolls, Grand Funk Railroad (We're An American Band), Hall & Oates, Meat Loaf (Bat Out Of Hell), the Tubes, the Psychedelic Furs, Cheap Trick, XTC (Skylarking), Bad Religion, and others
June 22, 1946 ~ Avant-garde jazz, forró keyboardist, accordionist, flutist, saxophonist, guitarist, songwriter Hermeto Pascoal born in Lagoa de Canoa, Brazil ~ Leader and sideman. Important figure in Brazilian music since the mid-1960s. Worked with Edu Lobo, Elis Regina, Cesar Camargo Mariano, Airto Moreira, Humberto Clayber, the Quarteto Novo, and other. Internationally best-known for appearing on the pivotal Miles Davis album Live/Evil released in 1971
June 22, 1944 ~ Vibraphonist, composer Bobby Paunetto born ~ Along with Eddie Palmieri considered a leading innovator in fusing salsa and jazz. Best known for his 1975 Paunetto's Point album, the first quadraphonic album to be recorded ~ Paunetto passed away in 2010
June 22, 1944 ~ Traditional pop, pop singer Peter Asher born in London, UK ~ Formed the duo Peter & Gordon with Gordon Waller, known for the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits I Go To Pieces, Lady Godiva and perhaps their best-known A World Without Love. Also known as an in-demand producer for artists such as James Taylor, Barbara Keith, Kate Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, JD Souther, David Sanborn, Bonnie Taylor, Cher, 10,000 Maniacs, Ringo Starr, Sarah Brightman, Kenny Loggins, Sophie B Hawkins, Boyzone, Wilson Phillips, and others
June 22, 1942 ~ Percussionist Eddie Prévost born in Hitchin, UK ~ Co-founded AMM in 1965 with Lou Gare and Keith Rowe, later joined by Lawrence Sheaff and Cornelius Cardew
June 22, 1942 ~ Eumir Deodato de Almeida, commonly known as pop, rock, R&B, jazz, funk pianist, producer, songwriter, arranger Eumir Deodato, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ~ Plays and draws from a wide variety of genres, at times merging several idioms into an orginal hybrid. As a recording artist best known for his 1973 Prelude album, which would sell 5 million copies and earn him a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental for the track Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001). Has produced and arranged on over 500 albums including the Kool & the Gang hits Celebration, Ladies Night and Too Hot. Has also worked with Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Paul Desmond, Con Funk Shun, Björk, kd Lang, Marcos Valle, Kevin Rowland, Luiz Bonfá, Astrud Gilberto, Roberto Menescal, Milton Nascimento, Stanley Turrentine, Brenda K Starr, Billy Cobham, Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, the Fun Lovin' Criminals, Kleeer, Chuck Mangione, Dom Um Romao, and others
June 22, 1939 ~ Jazz pianist, composer Heikki Sarmanto born in Helsinki, Finland ~ Worked with Sonny Rollins, Art Farmer, Helen Merrill, George Russell, Jeanine Otis, Kalle Kalime, Jorma Hynninen, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Tapiola Children's Choir, and others
June 22, 1937 ~ Jazz alto saxophonist Bernie McGann born in Granville, Australia ~ Worked with John Pochée, Lloyd Swanson, Warwick Alder, Freddie Hubbard, Lester Bowie, Dave Liebman, Sonny Stitt, Dewey Redman, the Last Straw, Nat Adderley, and others ~ McGann passed away in 2013
June 22, 1936 ~ Singer, songwriter Kris Kristofferson, full name Kristoffer Kristofferson, born in Brownsville, Texas, USA ~ One of the most beloved country singer, songwriters to emerge from the late 1960s. Co-wrote Me & Bobby McGee, first recorded by Roger Miller and a posthumous No.1 hit for Janis Joplin. Wrote For The Good Times, first recorded by Bill Nash and covered by numerous artists including Ray Price, Al Green, Elvis Presley. Wrote and first recorded Help Me Make It Through The Night, later a smash hit for Sammi Smith. Spearheaded the 1970s outlaw country movement. Member of country supergroup the Highwaymen alongside frequent collaborators Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Also an accomplished actor, noted for his roles in A Star Is Born alongside Barbra Streisand, Convoy and the Blade trilogy
June 22, 1936 ~ R&B, doo-wop singer Verne Allison born in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Co-founding member of the Dells, best known for the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits Stay In My Corner and Oh What A Night
June 22, 1934 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter, children's author Leon Rosselson born in Harrow, UK ~ Rose to prominence in the early 1960s as a regular on the BBC TV show That Was The Week That Was, performing his own satirical songs and has continued to record and perform since. In later years also known as an author, writing well over a dozen children's books, perhaps most notably Rosa's Singing Grandfather published in 1991
June 22, 1934 ~ Nerlynn Taitt, commonly known as guitarist, bassist Lynn Taitt, born in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago ~ Rocksteady pioneer. Worked with the Sheiks, the Cavaliers, the Comets, Baba Brooks, the Skatalites, Tommy McCook, Supersonics, the Jets, Hux Brown, Headley Bennett, Hopeton Lewis, Gladstone Anderson, Winston Wright, Bunny Lee, Duke Reid, Joe Gibbs, Coxsone Dodd, Sonia Pottinger, Derrick Morgan, Desmond Dekker, Lee Scratch Perry, Ken Boothe, Bob Marley, Joe Higgs, the Kingpins, and others ~ Taitt passed away in 2010
June 22, 1933 ~ Conductor Libor Pesek born in Prague, Czechoslovakia ~ Considered one of the premier conductors of his day with a career spanning seven decades. Best known for his interpretations of Czech music, including championing lesser known composers such as Josef Suk and Vítezslav Novák. Closely associated with the Czech Philharmonic, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic ~ Pesek passed away in 2022
June 22, 1932 ~ Church musician, musicologist Ove Kristian Sundberg born in Oksnes, Norway ~ Best known as organist at the Bodø catherdral from 1962 through 1975. Also known as a professor and author with several publications on music ~ Sundberg passed away in 2019
June 22, 1930 ~ Country singer, songwriter Roy Drusky, full name Roy Frank Husky Jr, born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA ~ Known for country hits such as Another Just Like Me, Three Hearts In A Tangle, Second Hand Rose, Yes Mr Peters with Priscilla Mitchell, Long Long Texas Road and others ~ Drusky passed away in 2004
June 22, 1919 ~ Ella Mae Jackson, commonly known as jazz, rhythm & blues singer Ella Johnson, born in Darlington, South Carolina, USA ~ Known for 1940s hits such as Please Mr Johnson, When My Man Comes Home, Hittin' On Me, and especially Since I Fell For You, the latter written by her brother Buddy Johnson and eventually becoming a jazz standard ~ Johnson passed away in 2004
June 22, 1915 ~ Pianist Randolph Hokansen born ~ Began playing piano at age 8. Regularly gave recitals at age 15. Studied under Harold Samuel, Myra Hess and Carl Friedberg. Performed as soloist under Thomas Beecham, Pierre Monteux, Arthur Fiedler, Walter Susskind, and Milton Katims ~ Hokanson passed away in 2018
June 22, 1914 ~ Swing saxophonist Lem Davis, full name Lemuel A Davis, born in Tampa, Florida, USA ~ Worked with Nat Jeffe, Coleman Hawkins, Eddie Heywood, Buck Clayton, and others ~ Davis passed away in 1970
June 22, 1910 ~ Irené Frances Eastwood, commonly known as singer Anne Ziegler, was born in Liverpool, UK ~ Best known for her light operatic duets with her husband Webster Booth. The pair were dubbed “the Sweethearts in Song” and ranked among the most popular British acts of the 1940s ~ Ziegler passed away in 2003
June 22, 1909 ~ Dancer, choreographer Katherine Dunham, full name Katherine Mary Dunham, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Dubbed “the Matriarch and Queen Mother of Black Dance” ~ Dunham passed away in 2006
June 22, 1907 ~ Ernest Paulin, commonly known as jazz trumpeter, bandleader Ernest Doc Paulin, born in Wallace, Louisiana, USA ~ Active on the New Orleans scene since the early 1920s enjoying local fame wel through the 1990s. Featured in the 1978 documentary Always For Pleasure about New Orleans culture ~ Paulin passed away in 2007
June 22, 1903 ~ Drummer, bandleader Ben Pollack born in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Popular bandleader from the mid-1920s forward employing musicians such as Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, Glenn Miller, Jimmy McPartland, Harry James, and others. Co-wrote the jazz standard Tin Roof Blues. Has also worked, either as leader or in serving roles, with Harry Bastin, the New Orleans Rhytm Kings, the Venice Ballroom Orchestra, Gil Rodin, Irving Mills, Matty Matlock, Charlie Teagarden, Eddie Miller, Irving Fazola, Chico Marx, Dick Cathart, Frank Teschemacher, Freddie Slack, Joe Marsala, Muggsy Spanier, Yank Lawson, and others. ~ Pollack passed away in 1971