This Day In Music: November 11
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November 11, 2023 ~ Actress, singer Conny Van Dyke, sometimes credited as Connie Van Dyke, passed away ~ Best known as an actress and TV personality, notably starring in the neo noir film Framed, she also had the distinction of being one of the first white singers to be signed to Motown in the early 1960s, while still only in her mid-teens. She cut a few sides for the label, Oh Freddy and It Hurt Me Too, the latter penned and first recorded by Marvin Gaye, before by her own account her music career came to an end after her mother became concerned she might become romantically attracted to one of her black labelmates. Van Dyke recorded two albums in the mid-1970s as a country artist, Conny Van Dyke and Conny Van Dyke Sings For You, but with lack of promotion her music did not get much attention ~ Van Dyke was born in 1945
November 11, 2023 ~ Singer Luis Carlos Gil passed away ~ Formed the trio Trigo Limpio with Iñaki de Pablo and Amaya Saizar, the latter later replaced by Patricia Fernández. The trio enjoyed popularity during the 1970s and 1980s, recording about half a dozen albums. Internationally they are best known for representing their native Spain at the 1980 Eurovision Songfestival, where they reached 12th place with Quédate Esta Noche ~ Gil was born ca.1951
November 11, 2022 ~ Pop rock guitarist, songwriter Chris Koerts passed away ~ Co-founding member of Earth & Fire and along with his twin brother keyboardist Gerard Koerts primary songwriter of the band, known for a string of 1970s hits. Songs such as Seasons, Ruby Is The One, Wild And Exciting, Invitation, Storm And Thunder, Memories, Maybe Tomorrow Maybe Tonight, Love And Life, Thanks For The Love, and Weekend would all reach top 10 in the band's native Netherlands ~ Koerts was born in 1947
November 11, 2022 ~ Post-punk, rock guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, percussionist Keith Levene, full name Julian Keith Levene, passed away in Norfolk, UK ~ Co-founded the Clash yet departed the band before they began recording. Co-wrote What's My Name, featured on the band's eponymous The Clash debut album. Co-founded Public Image Ltd with Johnny Rotten, remaining with the band through 1983. Levene has also worked with the Flowers Of Romance, Cowboys International, Pigface, and recorded as a solo artist ~ Levene was born in 1957
November 11, 2022 ~ Robert Noakes, commonly known as folk, country singer, guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter Rab Noakes, passed away ~ Well over a dozen albums to his name, starting with Do You See The Lights released in 1970. Guested on Can I Have My Money Back, Gerry Rafferty's solo debut album released in 1971. Frequent collaborator of Fraser Speirs. Has also worked with the Varaflames, which also included Pick Withers ~ Noakes was born in 1947
November 11, 2022 ~ Singer, guitarist, actor Sven-Bertil Taube, full name Sven-Bertil Gunnar Evert Taue, passed away in London, UK ~ Son of songwriter Evert Taube, whose songs he frequently recorded. Well over thirty albums to his name starting with 1954's Swedish Folk Songs And Ballads. Especially known for his interpretations of 18th-century songwriter Carl Michael Bellman, collected on two albums released in the early 1960s ~ Taube was born in 1934
November 11, 2021 ~ Drummer Graeme Edge, full name Graeme Charles Edge, passed away in Saratosa, Florida, USA ~ Drummer, co-founding member of the Moody Blues, best known for their 1964 Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit Go Now and the 1967 single Nights In White Satin. Edge wrote or co-wrote songs such as Late Lament, In The Beginning, Beyond, Balance and Procession. Following their 1974 world tour the band would go on a hiatus for a number of years, during which time Edge fronted the Graeme Edge Band, known for the albums Kick Off Your Muddy Boots and Paradise Ballroom. The former featured Ginger Baker co-drumming with Edge on the track Gew Janna Woman ~ Edge was born in 1941
November 11, 2021 ~ Progressive rock, jazz fusion guitarist John Goodsall passed away ~ Playing professionally since age 15. Worked with Babylon, Juicy Lucy, Colosseum and the Alan Bown Set early on in his career. Best known for his stints with Atomic Rooster and with Brand X which also included drummer Phil Collins. Has also worked with Zoo Drive, Bill Bruford, the Fire Merchants, the Long Beach Mercenaries, Tami Lynn, Franz Pusch, Leon Alvarado, Cymbalic Encounters, and others ~ Goodsall was born in 1953
November 11, 2020 ~ Jazz, R&B saxophonist, oboist, bassist Andrew White, full name Andrew Nathaniel White III, passed away in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA ~ Leader and sideman, active in classical music, jazz, and R&B. Noted for his 1976 Maxine Spotts And Brown album. To pop audiences perhaps best known for his association with the 5th Dimension, serving as the band's principal electric bassist from 1970 through 1976. Has also worked with the American Ballet Theatre, the Fourth Way (The Sun And Moon Have Come Together), Stevie Wonder, the Weather Report (Sweetnighter), McCoy Tyner, Gerry Rafferty, Elvin Jones, and Julius Hemphill, White is also known as an author, notably writing Trane And Me published in 1981 on the music of jazz icon John Coltrane ~ White was born in 1942
November 11, 2019 ~ Jamar Antonio Stamps, commonly known as rapper Bad Azz, passed away in Murrieta, California, USA ~ First gained attention as member of the LBC Crew and alongside Kurupt in the collective DPGC. Released his Word On Tha Streets solo debut album in 1998. Continued to record through the early 2000s. Resurfaced in 2009 releasing Thug Pound, a collaborative album with Bizzy Bone ~ Stamps was born in 1975
November 11, 2016 ~ Guitarist, bassist, songwriter Doug Edwards passed away in Vancouver, Canada ~ Best known as a member of Skylark, co-penning their 1972 hit Wildflower. Later Edwards was a member of the Hometown Band and Chilliwack. He also guested on Glass Tiger's Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone and on the Poppy Family's Which Way You Going Billy ~ Edwards was born in 1946
November 11, 2016 ~ Jazz, jazz fusion, pop bassist Victor Bailey passed away in Stafford, Virginia, USA ~ Known for his signature scat-bass solos. Member of Steps Ahead, present on the albums Magnetic and Vibe. Member of the Weather Report from 1982 through 1986. As a leader recorded about half a dozen albums, starting with Bottoms Up released in 1989. Has also worked with Dennis Chambers, Omar Hakim, Metro, Joe Zawinul, and others ~ Bailey was born in 1960
November 11, 2014 ~ Henry Lee Jackson, commonly known as rapper Big Bank Hank, passed away in Englewood, New Jersey, USA ~ Discovered by Sylvia Robinson. Best known as member of Sugarhill Gang known for their crossover hit Rapper's Delight. Also manager of local hip-hoppers the Cold Crush Brothers and of Grandmaster Caz ~ Jackson was born in 1956
November 11, 2014 ~ Blues harpist, singer Johnny Dyer passed away in San Dimas, California, USA ~ Took up the harmonica at age 7, inspired to take up the harmonica after hearing Little Walter on the radio. Worked with Smokey Wilson, George Harmonica Smith, Jimmy Reed, and JB Hutto, before retiring from music by the 1960s. Resurfaced in the 1980s, collaborating with artists such as Shakey Jake Harris, Harmonica Fats, and Rod Piazza. Has recorded a handful of albums since, notably Shake It released in 1995 ~ Dyer was born in 1938
November 11, 2013 ~ William Adamson, commonly known as pop rock drummer Billy Adamson, passed away in France ~ Longtime drummer for the Searchers, joining the band in 1969 after their most famous period. Present on acclaimed albums such as the eponymous 1979 The Searchers album and 1981's Love's Melodies. Adamson would depart the band in 1998 to spend more time with his family ~ Adamson was born in 1944
November 11, 2013 ~ Country music publisher Bob Beckham, full name Robert Joseph Beckham, passed away in Hermitage, Tennessee, USA ~ Best known as head of Combine Music Publishing from 1964 through 1989. Mentor and father figure to numerous Nashville-based songwriters. Pivotal to the careers of Kris Kristofferson and Dennis Linde. Helpful to generations of others including Dolly Parton, Dennis Linde, Larry Gatlin, Tony Joe White, Billy Swan, and others ~ Beckham was born in 1927
November 11, 2011 ~ Jazz pianist, composer Michael Garrick passed away ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Brian Barnes, Josephine Stahl, Peter Shade, Paul Hemmings, Joe Harriott, Shake Keane, Jeremy Robson, Coleridge Goode, Colin Barnes, Ian Carr, Don Rendell, Tony Coe, Dave Green, Trevor Tomkins, Art Themen, Norma Winstone, Henry Lowther, Jim Tomlinson, Anita Wardell, Nick Smart, Paul Moylan, and others ~ Garrick was born in 1933
November 11, 2002 ~ Post-punk, new wave rock outfit the Cure play the first of two consecutive nights at Tempodrom, Germany ~ The band perform three albums, 1982's Pornography, 1989's Disintegration, and 2000's Bloodflowers, in its entirety one after the other each night, the songs being played in the order in which they appeared on the albums. The performance would be released on DVD the following year as Trilogy
November 11, 1999 ~ Mildred Elizabeth Cummings, commonly known as R&B, jazz singer, songwriter Little Miss Cornshucks, passed away in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA ~ Never became a household name yet was invaluably influential on other singers such as Lavern Baker, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Wynona Carr, Billy Wright, and Johnnie Ray. Known for songs such as Papa Tree Top Blues, Gonna Leave Here Walkin', When Mommy Sings A Lullaby, Cornshuck's Blues, True (You Do Not Love Me) and her signature song So Long ~ Cummings was born in 1923
November 11, 1998 ~ Pianist, keyboardist Kenny Kirkland passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Worked with Michal Urbaniak, Miroslav Vitous, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Branford Marsalis, Buckshot LeFonque, Charles Fambrough, Jeff Tain-Watts, Carla Bley, Michael Brecker, Chico Freeman, Kenny Garrett, Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Hart, Jay Hoggard, Robert Hurst, Elvin Jones, Lew Soloff, Sting, John Scofield, Arturo Sandoval, Terence Blanchard, Hiram Bullock, and others ~ Kirkland was born in 1955
November 11, 1998 ~ Western swing, country fiddler, singer Wade Ray, full name Lyman Wade Ray, passed away in Sparta, Illinois, USA ~ Early Western swing fiddler, singer, bandleader noted for including sidemen such as Kenneth Carllile and Curly Chalker early on in their careers. First to record Let Me Go Devil, penned by Jenny Lou Carson inspired by Hank Williams' battle with alcoholism and premature death. It would be instantly covered, using the original title, by Georgie Shaw, Johnny Bond and by Tex Ritter. It would become a jazz, pop standard after being rewritten to Let Me Go Lover at the insistence of producer Mitch Mitchell who felt the original “devil” would be too depressing for pop audiences ~ Ray was born in 1913
November 11, 1997 ~ Ellsworth McGranahan Keane, commonly known as jazz trumpeter, poet Shake Keane, passed away in Oslo, Norway ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Joe Harriott, the Mike McKenzie Harlem All-Stars, Michael Garrick, Kurt Edelhagen, Kenny Clarke, Coleridge Goode, Bobby Orr, David Mack, Johnny Teupen, and others ~ Keane was born in 1927
November 11, 1996 ~ Blues rock, rock singer Jo Baker passed away in Oakland, California, USA ~ Best known for her association with Elvin Bishop including on the pivotal 1970s albums Let It Flow and Juke Joint Jump. Guested on Frijid Pink's 1974 All Pink Inside album. Has also worked with Stoneground ~ Baker was born in 1948
November 11, 1993 ~ Trumpeter, bandleader Erskine Hawkins passed away in Willingboro, New Jersey, USA ~ Vocalists who have sung with Hawkins' orchestra include Ida James, Delores Brown, and Della Reese. Best remembered as co-author of Tuxedo Junction, which would become a standard. Also known for songs such as Dolemite, Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams, and Bicycle Bounce ~ Hawkins was born in 1914
November 11, 1989 ~ Charles Henry Anderson, commonly known as blues, folk singer, guitarist, songwriter Casey Anderson, passed away in California, USA ~ Masters over a dozen instruments. Proficient in various genres including jazz, country, folk and pop. Debuted in 1959 with the Casey Sings Out album. Has worked with musicians such as Art Ryerson, Bruce Langthorne, Panama Francis, Felix Pappalardi, and with producers such as Nesuhi Ertegun, Ed Hansen and Glen Dee Hardin ~ Anderson was born in 1934
November 11, 1987 ~ J-pop singer, actor Yuya Tegoshi born in Yokohama, Japan ~ Member of NEWS since 2003. During the band's hiatus formed Tegomas with bandmate Takahisa Masuda, scoring a hit in 2007 with the single Miso Soup recorded in English
November 11, 1986 ~ Jonathan Batiste, commonly known as bandleader, TV personality Jon Batiste, born in Kenner, Louisiana, USA ~ Worked with Stevie Wonder, Prince, Willie Nelson, Lenny Kravitz, Ed Sheeran, and Mavis Staples
November 11, 1983 ~ Pianist, composer Arno Babajanian passed away in Moscow, Russia ~ Child prodigy. Rooted in Armenian folk music. Influenced by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Sergei Prokofiev and Béla Bartók. Admired by peers such as Dmitri Shostakovich. Composed for piano, orchestral music, ballet, chamber music, orchestral works and for film. In addition to numerous awards had a minor planet, 9017 Babadzhanyan, named after him ~ Babajanian was born in 1921
November 11, 1979 ~ Composer, conductor Dimitri Tiomkin, full name Dmitri Zinovievich Tiomkin, passed away in London, UK ~ Classically trained in St Petersburg, Tiomkin moved to Berlin and subsequently to the USA after the Russian Revolution, establishing himself as an in-demand film composer. Enjoyed a particular productive spell during the 1950s, at one time ranked as the highest paid film composer and writing close to one score per month, and receiving Academy Awards for Best Original Score for the Westerns High Noon, The High And Mighty, and The Old Man And The Sea ~ Tiomkin was born in 1894
November 11, 1978 ~ Alternative rock, indie rock singer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, percussionist, songwriter Aaron Bruno, full name Aaron Richard Bruno, born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Best known as co-founding and constant member, lead singer of Awolnation, with whom he recorded about half a dozen albums starting with Megalithic Symphony released in 2011. Bruno had previously worked with Insurgence, Home Town Hero, and Under The Influence Of Giants
November 11, 1977 ~ Modern jazz pianist, composer Florian Weber born in Detmold, West Germany ~ Co-founded Trio Minsareh teaming up with bassist Jeff Denson and drummer Ziv Ravitz. Founded Biosphere with Lionel Loueke, Thomas Morgan, Dan Weiss. Also worked with Markus Stockhausen, Donny McCaslin, Ralph Alessi, Linda May Han Oh, Nasheet Waits, and others
November 11, 1977 ~ Márcio André Nepomuceno Garcia, commonly known as singer, songwriter MC Marinho, born in Duque de Caxias, Brazil ~ Dubbed “the Prince of Funk” Garcia enjoyed popularity during the 1990s and early 2000s. Has released about half a dozen albums, his Because I Love You debut album with his then-girlfriend MC Cacau. Well-known songs include Rap Do Solitário, Escrito Pras Princesas, Garota Nota 100, and Glamurosa ~ Garcia passed away in 2023
November 11, 1977 ~ Pianist Terry Shand, full name Terence Alister Shand passed away in Houston, Texas, USA\ ~ Worked with Jack Teagarden, Wingy Manone, Muggsy Spanier, Freddy Martin. Also known as a songwriter. Co-wrote Dance With A Dolly With A Hole In Her Stocking first recorded by Tony Pastor. Co-wrote I'm Gonna Lock My Heart And Throw Away The Key, recorded by Billie Holiday ~ Shand was born in 1904
November 11, 1974 ~ Jonathan David Buck, commonly known as singer, songwriter Jon B, born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA ~ Worked as a songwriter for After 7, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Color Me Badd, the Spice Girls and others. Debuted as a solo artist with the Bonafide album in 1995, spawning the hit Someone To Love. Other well known songs include Are U Still Down featuring Tupac Shakur, They Don't Know, I Do (Whatcha Say Boo) and Don't Talk
November 11, 1972 ~ Bassist Berry Oakley, full name Raymond Berry Oakley III, passed away in Macon, Georgia, USA ~ Founding member of the Allman Brothers Band, present on the albums The Allman Brothers Band, Idlewild South, At Fillmore East, Eat A Peach, and on two tracks on the 1973 Brothers And Sisters. Passed away due to complications following a motorcycle accident at age 24. The accident was just three blocks from where his bandmate Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident the previous year. ~ Oakley was born in 1948
November 11, 1967 ~ Singer Van Morrison appears on American Bandstand ~ The 22-year old Irish singer, fresh out of Them, makes his sole appearance on American Bandstand, lip-syncing Brown Eyed Girl and Ro Ro Rosey to a crowd of American teenagers. The former song had reached Billboard Hot 100 top 10 and launched his solo career. Van Morrison seems aloof and disinterested in the whole affair as he is seen offering only one word answers to Dick Clark during a brief interview between the songs
November 11, 1966 ~ Jazz pianist, composer Anke Helfrich born in Germany ~ Actively recording since the mid-1990s, usually in smaller ensembles. Leader and eponym of the Anke Helfrich Trio, known for the albums You'll See released in 2000 and Better Times Ahead released in 2006. Both albums featured revered trumpeter Roy Hargrove
November 11, 1966 ~ Merrill Nisker, commonly known as electroclash, electropunk, dance-punk, alternative hip-hop, alternative rock singer, keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, songwriter Peaches, born in Toronto, Canada ~ Member of folk trio Mermaid Cafe. Founded rock band the Shit in 1995. Released her Fancypants Hoodlum solo debut album the same year. Would go on to serve as opening acts for artists such as Marilyn Manson and the Queens Of The Stone Age. Known for songs such as Kick It featuring Iggy Pop, Shake Yer Dix and Downtown
November 11, 1965 ~ Pop singer Kim Stockwood born ~ Formed the 2000s pop trio Shaye with Damhnait Doyle and Tara MacLean, with whom she recorded the albums The Bridge and Lake Of Fire. Stockwood has also recorded as a solo artist, starting with the album Bonavista. All four of the album's singles, She's Not In Love, Enough Love, Jerk, and You Won't Remember This, would reach top 20 in her native Canada
November 11, 1962 ~ Jazz trumpeter James Morrison, full name James Lloyd Morrison, born in Boorowa, Australia ~ Actively recording since the mid-1980s, noted for his 1990 Snappy Doo album. Also known for writing and performing the opening fanfare for the 2000 Summer Olympics held in Sydney. As a TV personality known as one of the hosts of Top Gear Australia. First Australian to perform with jazz icon Dizzy Gillespie. Over the course of his career has also worked with George Benson, Ray Brown, Cab Calloway, Jon Faddis, Herbie Hancock, Whitney Houston, Quincy Jones, Wynton Marsalis, Arturo Sandoval, Frank Sinatra, and others
November 11, 1961 ~ Lindon Andrew Roberts, commonly known as dancehall, ragga, reggae singer Half Pint, born in Jamaica ~ Known for songs such as Sally, Mr Landlord, Substitute Lover and Greeting. Worked with King Jammy, Sly & Robbie, George Phang, Jack Scorpio, Garnett Silk, Tony Rebel, the Tamlins, and others
November 11, 1960 ~ Billy James, commonly known as rock, jazz, experimental drummer, percussionist, singer Ant-Bee, born in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA ~ As a musician known for his collaborations with Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith (all members of the original backing band of Alice Cooper), the Mothers Of Invention, and Bruce Cameron, as well as for a number of solo albums starting with Pure Electric Honey released in 1990. Also known as a publicist and founder of Glass Onyon PR, representing artists such as King Crimson, Jon Anderson, Greg Lake, and John Wetton
November 11, 1958 ~ Blues, country, folk, rock & roll singer, guitarist Chris Jones, full name Christopher Paul Jones, born in Reno, Nevada, USA ~ Following a stint in the US Army, stationed in Germany, would spend most of his career in Europe. Influenced by Robert Johnson, James Taylor, Little Feat. Well known for his association with blues harpist Steve Baker. Has recorded about half a dozen albums as a solo artist, starting with No Looking Back released in 1983, and guested on recordings by Kieran Halpon, Reinhard Mey, Sara K, and Steve Strauss ~ Jones passed away in 2005
November 11, 1958 ~ Pop, rock singer, songwriter Luz Casal, full name Maria Luz Casal Paz, born in Bolmorto, Spain ~ Rose to fame in the early 1980s, her first hit a Spanish-language cover of Étienne Daho's Duel Au Soleil retitled to Un Nuevo Dia Brillara. Other well known songs included Plensa En Mi, Te Deje Marhar, No Me Importa Nada, and others
November 11, 1957 ~ Singer Shirley Bassey held hostage at gunpoint in a London hotel ~ Scheduled to leave later the same day for her Australian tour, the 20-year old singer is held prisoner at the Cumberland Hotel, London. While in the process of approving dresses a 19-year old man burst into the hotel room with a revolver in his hand. Police were able to overpower the man after four hours
November 11, 1956 ~ New wave, synth-pop, electronic keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist Ian Craig Marsh born in Sheffield, UK ~ Co-founding member of Human League, present on the albums Reproduction and Travelogue. Departed the band in 1980 to form the band and production company BEF with Martyn Ware. The duo is best known for their project Heaven 17, which also included Glenn Gregory, scoring the UK top 10 hits Temptation and Come Live With Me
November 11, 1956 ~ Bandleader Jimmy Dorsey & his Orchestra record So Rare ~ Written by Jerry Herst and Jack Sharpe. Originally published in 1937, unclear who was the first to record it though Carl Ravell is most likely one of the first. Both Guy Lombardo and Gus Arnheim each also recorded the song as early as 1937. Noted for being one of Dorsey's biggest late-career hits, released in early 1957 as a single b/w Sophisticated Swing, becoming one of the biggest big band recordings during the first rock & roll era. Dorsey would die the same year of cancer. Subsequently the song would be recorded by Don Cherry, Ella Fitzgerald, Mose Allison, King Curtis, Chet Atkins, and others
November 11, 1956 ~ Violinist, pianist, composer, songwriter Victor Young passed away in Palm Springs, California, USA ~ Bandleader, conductor perhaps best known for writing or co-writing a number of classic tracks including When I Fall In Love (Jeri Southern), Blue Star (The Medic Theme) (Les Baxter, Earl Grant, the Ventures), Sweet Sue Just You (Charlie Straight, Ted Lewis, Fats Waller, Louis Prima), Can't We Talk It Over (Bing Crosby, Red McKenzie, Toni Arden), Street Of Dreams (Russ Columbo, Ben Selvin, Sarah Vaughan), Love Letters (Dick Haymes, Tony Bennett, Perry Como), Around The World (Eddie Fisher, Frank Sinatra, Brenda Lee), My Foolish Heart (Gordon Jenkins, Billy Eckstine, the Del Vikings, Sam Cooke), Johnny Guitar (Peggy Lee), I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance (Bing Crosby) ~ Young was born ca.1899
November 11, 1953 ~ Jazz bassist Andy McKee, full name Andrew G McKee, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Mentored by Philly Joe Jones, Elvin Jones, and Idris Muhammad. Best known for his stint with the Mingus Big Band for most of the 1990s including on acclaimed albums such as Nostalgia In Times Square and Gunslinging Birds. Has recorded sporadically as a leader, nost noted for his 1997 Sound Roots album. As a sideman McKee is present on albums by Walt Dickerson, Bill Kirchner, Michel Petrucciani, Ronnie Cuber, Ed Cherry, the Trio Mundo, Wolfgang Schalk, and Lee Ritenour
November 11, 1953 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Andy Partridge born in Malta ~ Founding member of XTC, known for songs such as Making Plans For Nigel, Towers Of London, Sgt Rock (Is Going To Help Me), and Senses Working Overtime. Has also worked with Peter Blegvad, Harold Budd, Robyn Hitchcock, the Lilac Time, Miles Kane, David Yazbel, Voice Of The Beehive, the Woodentops, the Wallflowers, Perennial Divide, and Charlotte Hatherley
November 11, 1953 ~ Theremin player, guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer Bruce Woolley born in Shepshed, UK ~ Member of Buggles, known for Video Killed The Radio Star. Wrote Slave To The Rhythm, a hit for Grace Jones. Also worked with the Studs, Dusty Springfield, the Camera Club, the Radio Science Orchestra, and others
November 11, 1953 ~ Clifton Blackburn, commonly known as jazz, bebop, Afro-Cuban jazz, free jazz drummer, percussionist Kahil El-Zabar, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Joined the Association For The Advancement Of Creative Musicians in the early 1970s, becoming its leader by 1975. Formed the Ritual Trio and the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble. Has also worked with Dizzy Gillespie, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Cannonball Adderley, Paul Simon, Pharoah Sanders, and others
November 11, 1953 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Marshall Crenshaw, full name Marshall Howard Crenshaw, born in Detroit, Michigan, USA ~ Known for songs such as Cynical Girl, Whenever You're On My Mind, and perhaps his best-known Someday Someway
November 11, 1952 ~ Singer Paul Cowsill born in Newport, Rhode Island, USA ~ Member of sibling outfit the Cowsills, best known for The Rain The Park & Other Things, Indian Lake and a live version of Hair, all of which reached the Billboard top 10 in the late 1960s
November 11, 1948 ~ Marvin Peterson, commonly known as jazz trumpeter, composer Hannibal Lokumbe, born in Smithville, Texas, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Active since the late 1960s. Has worked with artists such as Cleveland Gay, Diedre Murray, David Amram, Michael Cochrane, George Adams, Cecil McBee, Makhaya Ntshoko, Kenny Barron, Billy Hart, Omar Hakim, Lonnie Plaxico, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Gil Evans, Frank Foster, Kip Hanrahan, Roy Haynes, Elvin Jones, Grachan Moncur III, Don Pullen, Pharoah Sanders, and others
November 11, 1948 ~ Producer, songwriter Robert John Mutt Lange born in Mufilira, Zambia ~ Renowned producer especially known for his work with hard rock and arena acts. Married to country, country-pop singer Shania Twain from 1993 to 2010. Has worked with AC/DC, Def Leppard, the Boomtown Rats, Foreigner, Michael Bolton, the Cars, Bryan Adams, Billy Ocean, Céline Dion, Britney Spears, the Corrs, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Nickelback, Muse, and others
November 11, 1947 ~ Rock bassist Bruce Barthol born in Berkeley, California, USA ~ Original bassist for Country Joe & the Fish, present on the albums Electric Music For The Mind And Body, Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die, and Together. Barthol departed the band in 1968, staying on in England following a tour. Subsequently worked with Formerly Fat Harry, Energy Crisis, and political satire theatre group the San Francisco Mime Troupe ~ Barthol passed away in 2023
November 11, 1945 ~ Bassist, guitarist Chris Dreja, full name Christopher Walenty Dreja, born in Subiton, UK ~ Original member of the Yardbirds. Offered a spot by Jimmy Page in what was to become Led Zeppelin but declined in order to pursue a career as a photographer instead
November 11, 1945 ~ Composer, songwriter Jerome Kern, full name Jerome David Kern, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ One of the foremost theater composers of the early 20th century. Collaborated with lyricists such as Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II, Dorothy Fields, Johnny Mercer, Ira Gershwin, Yip Harburg, and others. Kern co-wrote over 700 songs, used in over 100 stage works and films. Well known songs include Ol' Man River (Jules Bledsoe, Paul Robeson, the Ravens), Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (Helen Morgan, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Shore), A Fine Romance (Guy Lombardo, Rudy Vallée, Frank Sinatra), Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Tamara, Eartha Kitt, the Platters), The Song Is You (Tullio Carminati, Mario Lanza, Rita Reys), and The Way You Look Tonight (Fred Astaire, Billie Holiday, the Dinning Sisters), I've Told Ev'ry Little Star (Walter Slezak, Margaret Whiting, Pat Boone) ~ Kern was born in 1885
November 11, 1945 ~ Vincent James Martellucci, commonly known as singer, guitarist Vince Martell born in the Bronx, New York, USA ~ Lead guitarist, co-founding member of Vanilla Fudge, known for heavy rock arrangements of contemporary hit songs, most notably the 1966 Billboard top 10 hit You Keep Me Hanging On. The band would be an influence on later acts such as the Nice, Deep Purple, Yes, Styx, Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep
November 11, 1944 ~ Rock, progressive rock, jazz fusion, classical drummer, actor, author Barney James born in Salford, UK ~ Best known as drummer for Warhorse. Has also worked with Rick Wakeman, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth), Dusty Springfield, PJ Proby, Billy Joel, Frank Zappa, Kenny Loggins, John Martyn, Kiki Dee, James Taylor, and Herbie Hancock ~ James passed away in 2016
November 11, 1944 ~ Folk, blues singer, guitarist, songwriter Chris Smither, full name William Christopher Smither, born in Miami, Florida, USA ~ Debuted in 1970 with the album I'm A Stranger Too. Longtime collaborator of Bonnie Raitt, who once referred to Smither as “my Eric Clapton”. One of Raitt's signature songs, Love Me Like A Man, was written by Smither. Admired by peers such as Josh Ritter, Loudon Wainwright III, Dave Alvin, Peter Case, Tim O'Brien, and Patty Larkin
November 11, 1944 ~ Singer Frank Sinatra signs with Columbia Records ~ Previously a singer for the orchestras of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey, Sinatra embarks on a solo career signing with Columbia Records. The singer would record half a dozen albums for the label, starting with The Voice Of Frank Sinatra released in 1946, before switching to Capitol Records
November 11, 1944 ~ Concert promoter, organizer Michael Lang born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Best known as co-organizer of the famed the Woodstock Music and Art Fair held over three days in 1969 drawing over 400,000 visitors. It is considered a pivotal moment in pop, rock history. Artists billed include Richie Havens, Tim Hardin, Melanie, Joan Baez, Santana, the Incredible String Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, the Who, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Jimi Hendrix. Owner of Just Sunshine Records, which released albums by Karen Dalton, Betty Davis, Mississippi Fred McDowell. Lang also served as artist manager for Joe Cocker, Rickie Lee Jones, Willy DeVille, and others ~ Lang passed away in 2022
November 11, 1940 ~ Soul, funk, R&B guitarist Dennis Coffey, full name Dennis James Coffey, born in Detroit, Michigan, USA ~ In-demand session musician. Worked with Motown house band the Funk Brothers. Notably present on psychedelic-soul hits by the Temptations such as Cloud Nine, Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today) and Psychedelic Shack, Edwin Starr's War, the Supremes' Someday We'll Be Together and others. As a solo artist known for Scorpio, a Billboard top 10 hit in 1971
November 11, 1940 ~ Jazz bassist Mario Pavone born in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Paul Bley, Bill Dixon, Barry Altschul, Wadada Leo Smith, Gerry Hemingway, Anthony Braxton, Thomas Chapin, Michael Sarin, Matt Wilson, Gerald Cleaver, Peter Madsen, Joshua Redman, Tony Malaby, Dave Douglas, Steven Bernstein, George Schuller, Craig Taborn, Jimmy Greene, Samm Bennett, Paul Bley, and others ~ Pavone passed away in 2021
November 11, 1938 ~ Country, rockabilly singer, guitarist, songwriter Narvel Felts born in Bernie, Missouri, USA ~ Best known for a number of 1970s hits including Drift Away, Reconsider Me and Lonely Teardrops
November 11, 1936 ~ Songwriter Jack Keller, full name James Walter Keller, born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Revered songwriter, often in collaboration with Howard Greenfield, Gerry Goffin, Noel Sherman and other staff writers at Aldon Music, responsible for 1950s and 1960s hits such as Everybody's Somebody's Fool, Breaking In A Brand New Heart and My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own for Connie Francis, Venus In Blue Jeans for Jimmy Clanton, Run To Him for Bobby Vee, and Your Used To Be for Brenda Lee. Other artists who recorded his songs include Neil Sedaka, Nat King Cole, Patti Page, the Everly Brothers, Bobby Goldsboro, the Monkees, and Perry Como ~ Keller passed away in 2005
November 11, 1933 ~ Jazz bassist Sture Nordin born in Ostersun, Sweden ~ Leader and sideman. Expelled from the Royal Swedish Academy Of Music for playing jazz. Worked with Lars Gullin, Putte Wickman, Rune Ofverman, Egil Johansen, Josh White, Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Clark Terry, Johny Griffith, Benny Bailey, Gábor Szabó, Dick Morrisey, Jan Johansson, Rolf Ericson, Jan Allan, Arne Domnérus, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Lee Konitz, and others ~ Nordin passed away in 2000
November 11, 1932 ~ Alan Levitt, commonly known as jazz drummer Al Levitt, born in New York, New York, USA ~ Active since the early 1950s. As a leader known for his 1968 We Are The Levitts album. Studied with Lennie Tristano. Closely associated with Lee Konitz, including on the albums In Harvard Square and Jazz At Storyville. Other notable collaborations include Paul Bley, Jimmy Raney, Lionel Hampton, Barney Wilen, Stan Getz (Stan Getz And The Cool Sounds), Alain Jean-Marie, Horace Parlan (Glad I Found You), Chet Baker, and Duke Jordan ~ Levitt passed away in 1994
November 11, 1932 ~ Theatre, opera director Jorge Lavelli born in Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ Staged numerous plays. To classical music audiences known for staging operas composed by Béla Bartók, Georges Bizet, Claude Debussy, Charles-François Gounod, Sergei Prokofiev, and Igor Stravinsky, working mainly as director for the Paris Opera yet also for the Vienna State Opera, La Scala, and others ~ Lavelli passed away in 2023
November 11, 1931 ~ Classical cellist Leslie Parnas born in St Louis, Missouri, USA ~ Closely associated with the St Louis Symphony Orchestra, serving as its principal cellist from 1954 through 1962. Close friend and regular collaborator of Pablo Casals, up to and including serving as Casals' palbearer at his funeral. Renowned as a soloist and recitalist, has worked with leading orchestras icluding the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg, and others ~ Parnas passed away in 2022
November 11, 1930 ~ Walter Louis Garland, commonly known as country, rock & roll, jazz guitarist Hank Garland born in Cowpens, South Carolina, USA ~ Scored the million-seller Sugarfoot Rag at age 18. Best known for his association with Elvis Presley from 1958 through 1961, incuding on songs such as I Need Your Love Tonight, A Big Hunk O' Love, I Got Stung, Stuck On You, Little Sister, I Feel So Bad, and others. Also worked with Don Gibson (Sweet Sweet Girl), Little Jimmy Dickens (I Got A Hole In My Pocket), Benny Joy (Bundle Of Love), Brenda Lee, Mel Tillis, Patsy Cline (Let The Teardrops Fall), Marty Robbins, Lefty Frizzell (You're Humbuggin' Me), Faron Young (Alone With You), the Everly Brothers, Johnnie Strickland, Boots Randolph, Roy Orbison, Conway Twitty, Moon Mullican, and others. Recorded a jazz album, 1961's Jazz Winds From A New Direction, before a car crash later the same year cut his career short ~ Garland passed away in 2004
November 11, 1928 ~ Jazz, blues singer Ernestine Anderson born in Houston, Texas, USA ~ Compared to Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and Billie Holiday. Worked with Robert Bumps Blackwell, Lionel Hampton, Gigi Gryce, Rolf Ericson, Quincy Jones, Ray Brown, the Concord All-Stars, George Shearing, and others ~ Anderson passed away in 2016
November 11, 1927 ~ Jazz, blues pianist, singer, songwriter Mose Allison born in Tippo, Mississippi, USA ~ Influenced Jimi Hendrix, JJ Cale, the Yardbirds, the Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, Pete Townshend, Georgie Fame, John Evans. Covered by the Who (Young Man Blues), John Mayall (Parchman Farm), Leon Russell (I'm Smashed), Bonnie Raitt (Everybody's Cryin' Mercy), the Clash (Look Here), Herman Brood (Going To The City). Worked with Stan Getz, Al Cohn, Zoot Sims, Van Morrison, Ben Sidran, Gerry Mulligan, Phil Woods, Addison Farmer, Frank Isola, Henry Grimes, Paul Motian, Bill Crow, Osie Johnson, Jimmy Knepper, Pepper Adams, Bob Cranshaw, Jerome Richardson, Joe Farrell, Phil Upchurch, Eric Gale, Jack Bruce, Billy Cobham, Steve Masakowski, Randy Brecker, Alec Dankworth, Pee Wee Ellis, Russell Malone, Jay Bellerose, Roy Babbington, and others ~ Allison passed away in 2016
November 11, 1925 ~ Jazz, pop pianist, singer, composer Bruno Martino born in Rome, Italy ~ Active since the early 1950s, playing the jazz nightclubs with Enrico Simonetti and Piero Piccioni. Worked with the RAI Orchestra for the Italian TV network RAI. As a bandleader and composer perhaps best known for his 1960 hit Estate, which would become a standard covered by the likes of João Gilberto, Chet Baker, Toots Thielemans, Shirley Horn, and John Pizzarelli. Also known for Dracula Cha Cha, which he originally composed for the 1959 horror-comedy film Tempi Duri Per I Vampiri, which would also be included in the films Italian Graffiti and Two Weeks In Another Town and inspire the title of Kim Newman's 1998 novel Dracula Cha Cha Cha set in late 1950's Italy ~ Martino passed away in 2000
November 11, 1925 ~ Jazz trumpeter Irvin Stokes born in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA ~ Worked with Charlie Singleton, Tiny Bradshaw, Duke Ellington, Mercer Ellington, Erskine Hawkins, Buddy Johnson, Andy Kirk, Jimmie Lunceford, Austin Powell, Bobby Donaldson, the Savoy Sultans, Lou Donaldson, Panama Francis, George Kelly, Illinois Jacquet, Oliver Jackson, Count Basie, Spanky Davis, the Statesmen Of Jazz, and others
November 11, 1923 ~ Jazz trumpeter Willie Cook born in Tangipahoa, Louisiana, USA ~ Cook worked with King Perry, Jay McShann, Johnny Hartman, Earl Hines, Jimmie Lunceford, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, BB King, Count Basie, Nappy Brown, Billy Taylor, Paul Gonsalves, and others ~ Cook passed away in 2000
November 11, 1918 ~ Jazz singer Louise Tobin, full name Mary Louise Tobin, born in Aubrey, Texas, USA ~ Sang with Bobby Hackett, Will Bradley, Jack Jenney, and Benny Goodman, notably present on the latter's I Didn't Know What Time it Was and There'll Be Some Changes Made. Married to bandleader Harry James from 1935 through 1943, with whom she has two sons ~ Tobin passed away in 2022
November 11, 1917 ~ Jazz pianist, composer Julien-François Zbinden born in Rolle, Switzerland ~ Active since the late 1930s. Composed over a hundred works including stage works, concertante works, chamber and vocal works. Best known for his symphonies, collected on the 2007 Orchestral Works album as performed by various artists. Also closely associated with Radio Suisse Romande, initially working as a recording manager, promoted to the head of the music department in 1956 ~ Zbinden passed away in 2021
November 11, 1917 ~ Ellerton Oswald White, commonly known as jazz pianist Sonny White, born in Panama City, Panama ~ Worked with Jesse Stone, Willie Bryant, Sidney Bechet, Teddy Hill, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Clarke, Frankie Newton, Billie Holiday, Artie Shaw, Benny Carter, Big Joe Turner, Lena Horne, Dexter Gordon, Hot Lips Page, Harvey Davis, Wilbur de Paris, Eddie Barefield, Jonah Jones, and others ~ White passed away in 1971
November 11, 1913 ~ Bandleader, saxophonist, clarinetist, pianist Ivy Benson born in Holbeck, UK ~ Enjoyed popularity throughout the 1940s leading an all-female jazz, swing band. The band would become the resident BBC Radio house band by 1943 and is also well known for entertaining the Allied troops during and shortly after World War II ~ Benson passed away in 1993
November 11, 1912 ~ Harold Stevens Hopper, commonly known as singer, songwriter, film composer, screenwriter Hal Hopper, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA ~ Original member of vocal group the Pied Pipers, including appearing in the 1938 film Alexander's Ragtime Band. Hopper would go on to compose themes tunes for several TV shows such as Judge Roy Bean, Colt 45, 26 Men, Circus Boy, and Bearcats ~ Hopper passed away in 1970
November 11, 1887 ~ Gilliam Barmon Grayson, commonly known as old-time fiddler, singer GB Grayson, born in Ashe County, North Carolina, USA ~ Influential early country musician known for a handful of important recordings in the mid to late 1920s, often in partnership with Henry Whitter. Best remembered for recordings such as Going Down The Lee Highway, Rose Connally, Ommie Wise and Train 45. In later years songs written, co-written, adapted or first recorded by Grayson would be covered by the Kingston Trio (Tom Dooley), the Rolling Stones (Handsome Molly), Ralph Stanley (Little Maggie), and others ~ Grayson passed away in 1930
November 11, 1883 ~ Conductor Ernest Ansermet, full name Ernest Alexandre Ansermet, born in Vevey, Switzerland ~ One of the first in the field of classical music to take jazz seriously. Founded the Orchestra de la Suisse Romande in 1918, with whom he toured extensively in Europe and America. Well known for recording Igor Stravinsky's Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra in 1930, with Stravinsky himself at the keys ~ Ansermet passed away in 1969