This Day In Music: November 28
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November 28, 2022 ~ Singer Galit Borg passed away ~ Internationally perhaps best known as half of the duo Gili & Galit, representing their native Israel at the 1989 Eurovision Songfestival reaching 12th place with Derekh Hamelekh ~ Borg was born ca.1968
November 28, 2022 ~ Composer Jenny McLeod, full name Jennifer Helen McLeod, passed away in Wellington, New Zealand ~ Studied with Olivier Messiaen, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Luciano Berio. As a composer best known for Earth And Sky and Under The Sun. Other notable compositions include The Emperor And The Nightingale, Rock Concerto, and Hohepa ~ McLeod was born in 1941
November 28, 2021 ~ Alexander Borisovich Fradkin, commonly known as rock, folk, blues, classical singer, pianist, guitarist, bassist, violinist, percussionist, songwriter Alexander Gradsky, passed away in Moscow, Russia ~ Influenced by Elvis Presley. Formed Tarakany while still in his early teens, the band's 1963 performance at the Moscow University arguably the first public performance of rock & roll by any Russian act. Lead singer of Slaviane, the band's repertoire consisting of covers of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Founded and fronted Skomorokhi, blending traditional Russian music with western rock influences. Has recorded as a solo artist, composed soundtracks, the rock operas Stadium and The Master And Margarita and the rock ballet The Man. Internationally best known for duetting with John Denver on the 1986 song Let Us Begin ~ Fradkin was born in 1949
November 28, 2021 ~ Laila Sinikka Soppi, commonly known as singer Laila Halme, passed away ~ Represented her native Finland at the 1963 Eurovision Songfestival, reaching tied 13th place with Muistojeni Laulu (The Song Of My Memories) ~ Soppi was born in 1934
November 28, 2021 ~ Miguel Angel Barcasnegras, commonly known as salsa singer, songwriter Meñique, passed away in Miami, Florida, USA ~ Worked with Tito Puente, Kako, Charlie Palmieri, and with Chamaco Rivera ~ Barcasnegras was born in 1933
November 28, 2020 ~ Othella Strozier, commonly known as jazz singer, dancer Othella Dallas, passed away in Basel, Switzerland ~ Had blues artist WC Handy as her baby sitter. As a dancer discovered by Katherine Dunham who brought her to her New York dance company. As a singer has worked with Sidney Bechet and Nat King Cole. Relocated to Switzerland in the 1960s, opening a dance school in Zurich teaching the Dunham technique. Would also continue to work as a singer until a year before her death ~ Strozier was born in 1925
November 28, 2019 ~ Country, rock guitarist, singer Philip Donnelly passed away in Waterfod, Ireland ~ in-demand session musician. Has worked with Elmer Fudd, Donovan, Clannad, the Fleadh Cowboys, the Hothouse Flowers, De Dannan, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Don Williams, Jim Rooney, Emmylou Harris, the Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, Nanci Griffith, Crystal Gayle, and others ~ Donnelly was born in 1948
November 28, 2018 ~ Jazz saxophonist, flutist, composer, arranger Roger Neumann passed away ~ Arranged for Count Basie, Buddy Rich, and for the Beach Boys. Worked with Jack Gillespie, Lee Castle, Jimmy Dorsey, Woody Herman, Bob Crosby, Les Brown, Benny Carter, Ray Anthony, Tex Beneke, Bill Elliot, Anita O'Day, Phil Norman, and others ~ Neumann was born in 1941
November 28, 2017 ~ Magin Diaz Garcia, commonly known as singer, composer Magin Diaz passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA ~ Best known for his chalupa version of the Cuban song Rosa Que Linda Eres, which has since become a standard, and his 2017 Grammy Award-winning El Orisha De La Rose album ~ Garcia was born in 1922
November 28, 2016 ~ Singer, pianist, songwriter Ivar Thomassen passed away ~ Enjoyed local popularity in the Northern regions of Norway, his compositions often relecting on the region's nature, culture and history. Best known for songs such as Imella Multebær Og Mygg and Det Artige Landet ~ Thomassen was born in 1954
November 28, 2014 ~ Progressive rock keyboardist Joe Vescovi passed away ~ One of the most valued artists in Italian progressive rock known for his energetic stage presence, eccentric clothing and virtuoso keyboard playing. Active since his mid-teens. Best known for his work with the Trip, replacing Ritchie Blackmore who departed the band to join Deep Purple, and with Dik-Dik, one of the all-time favorite Italian rock bands ~ Vescovi was born in 1949
November 28, 2006 ~ Classical violinist, conductor Andor Toth, full name Andor John Toth, passed away in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Enjoyed a career spanning six decades starting as a soloist with the Ballets Russes in the early 1940s. Violinist for the Alma Trio for well over a dozen years. Co-founded several chamber music ensembles including the Oberlin String Quartet, the New Hungarian Quartet, and the Stanford String Quartet. Has also worked with the NBC Symphony Orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Houston Symphony, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and others ~ Toth was born in 1925
November 28, 2005 ~ Drummer Tony Meehan, full name Daniel Joseph Anthony Meehan, passed away in London, UK ~ Best known as member of Cliff Richard's backing unit the Shadows ~ Meehan was born in 1943
November 28, 2002 ~ Blues singer, guitarist Dave Ray, full name James David Ray, passed away ~ One third of Koerner Ray & Gloever, the others being John Koerner and Tony Glover ~ Ray was born in 1943
November 28, 2001 ~ Songwriter, lyricist Kal Mann passed away in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA ~ Lyricist. Often teamed up with songwriters Bernie Lowe and Dave Appell. Co-writer of quintessential rock & roll songs such as Teddy Bear (Elvis Presley), Fabolous and Butterfly (Charlie Gracie), The Cha Cha Cha and Wild One (Bobby Rydell), and Let's Twist Again as well as Limbo Rock (Chubby Checker) ~ Mann was born in 1917
November 28, 1994 ~ Jazz drummer Al Levitt passed away in Paris, France ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Charlie Parker, Lloyd Thompson, Nikko Bunnik, Don Jeter, Pedro Itturalde, Alain Jean-Marie, Paul Bley, Lee Konitz, Warne Marsh, Jimmy Raney, Dexter Gordon, Harry Sweets Edison, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, JJ Johnson, Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Jimmy Gourley, Peter Ind, Martial Solal, René Urtreger, Pierre Michelot, Michel Petrucciani, Clark Terry, Dorothy Donegan, Barney Wilen, and others ~ Levitt was born in 1932
November 28, 1993 ~ Jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, bandleader Bruce Turner, full name Malcolm Bruce Turner, passed away ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Freddy Randall, Dill Jones, Peter Ind, Humphrey Lyttelton, Don Byas, Wally Fawkes, John Chilton, Stan Greig, Alex Welsh, Dave Green, and others ~ Turner was born in 1922
November 28, 1993 ~ Drummer, singer Jerry Edmonton passed away in Santa Barbara, California, USA ~ Best known as drummer for Steppenwolf, which also included his brother singer Mars Bonfire. Previously a member of the Sparrows. Formed the band Seven when Steppenwolf temporarily broke up in the early 1970s ~ Edmonton was born in 1946
November 28, 1992 ~ Jacob Harris Miller, singer, commonly known as Jake Miller, born in Weston, Florida, USA ~ Miller debuted in 2013 with the album Us Against Them
November 28, 1992 ~ Guitarist Wayne Bennett passed away in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ~ Worked with Bobby Blue Bland, Boxcar Willie, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Alan Haynes, Elmore James, Cannonball Adderley, Sonny Stitt, Dexter Gordon, Willy DeVille, the Chi-lites, Lost Generation, the Hues Corporation, and others ~ Bennett was born in 1931
November 28, 1989 ~ Pop, rock singer, guitarist, songwriter Brady Parks born in Reno, Nevada, USA ~ Lead singer, co-founding member of the National Parks
November 28, 1986 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Trevor Hall born in Hilton Head, North Carolina, USA ~ Draws from roots music, folk and reggae. Actively recording since the early 2000s. Especially acclaimed for his 2015 KALA album
November 28, 1984 ~ Heavy metal, hard rock singer, songwriter Joshua Alan born in Tampa, Florida, USA ~ Fronted the Sin City Sinners. Would join Bobby Blotzer's incarnation of RATT as lead singer in 2016, including on the American Made tour throughout the USA, Canada and the UK
November 28, 1984 ~ Tremaine Aldon Neverson, commonly known as singer, rapper, songwriter, producer Trey Songz, born in Petersburg, Virginia, USA ~ Released his debut album, I Gotta Make It, in 2005. Known for songs such as Ca't Help But Wait, Say Aah featuring Fabolous, Bottom's Up featuring Nicki Minaj, and Na Na. Has also collaborated with Twista, Yung Joc, Drake, Ace Hood, Toni Braxton, Mary J Blige, Lupe Fiasco, Waka Flocka Flame, Ty Dolla $ign, BoB, 50 Cent, 2 Chainz, and others
November 28, 1983 ~ Singer, cellist, songwriter, activist Ben Sollee born in Lexington, Kentucky, USA ~ Draws from folk, bluegrass, jazz, R&B. Released his full-length debut album, Learning To Bend, in 2008. Worked with Otis Taylor, Abigail Washburn, the Sparrow Quartet, Daniel Martin Moore, Jim James, Carl Broemel, Jimmy Kittel, and others
November 28, 1980 ~ Folk accordionist Martin Green born in Norwich, UK ~ Member of folk trio Lau, alongside Kris Drever and Aidan O'Rourke. HJas also worked with Linda Thompson, Eliza Carthy, and others
November 28, 1978 ~ Saxophonist, composer Pete Robbins born in Queens, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Has worked with artists including Vijay Iyer, John Hollenbeck, Craig Taborn, John Zorn, Mario Pavone, Tyshawn Sorey, Kenny Wollesen, Ben Monder, Dan Weiss, Thomas Morgan, Melvin Sparks, and others
November 28, 1976 ~ Pianist, organist, choirmaster, film composer Robert Fleming passed away in Ottawa, Canada ~ Best known as a film composer closely associated with Canada's National Film Board, serving as staff composer from 1946 to 1958 and subsequently as its music director until 1970. Has written over 200 scores for film, documentaries and TV including for the 1953 documentary Herring Hunt and the 1962 Canada At Waar documentary series ~ Fleming was born in 1921
November 28, 1975 ~ Drummer Christopher McGuire born ~ Co-founding member of 12 Rods through 1999. Member of Quruli, initially employed as temporary replacement for the summer festivals yet a full-time member in 2003 through late 2004. Member of Kid Dakota. In-demand session and touring musician working with artists such as the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, the Melismatics, John Vanderslice, Mark Mallman, the Court & Spark, the Mountain Goats and Communist Daughter. Has also served as producer for Squadcar, Barfly and Great Girls Blouse
November 28, 1974 ~ Electronic, house, trance keyboardist, guitarist Sacha Collisson born ~ Formed the house duo Aurora with keyboardist Simon Greenaway, known best for their 2001 Ordinary World, Duran Duran-cover featuring guest vocalist Naimee Coleman, a UK top 10 hit
November 28, 1974 ~ Davis Styles, commonly known as rapper Styles P, born in Queens, New York, USA ~ Member of hip-hop group the LOX alongside Sheek Louch and Jadakiss, known best for their 1998 Billboard Hot 100 top 20 hit Money Power & Respect featuring DMX and Lil' Kim. As a solo artist has well over a dozen albums to his name, starting with A Gangster And A Gentleman released in 2002. Also noted for his collaborations with DJ Green Lantern, Talib Kweli, Berner, and Dave East
November 28, 1973 ~ Guitarist, producer Jade Puget, full name Jade Errol Puget, born in Santa Rosa, California, USA ~ Best known as guitarist for rock band AFI, joining the band in 1998. Has also worked with XTRMST, forms the electronic duo Blaqk Audio with Davey Havok, and has worked with Dreamcar
November 28, 1972 ~ Pop, rock band the Beach Boys record Sail On Sailor at Village, Los Angeles, USA ~ Written by Ray Kennedy and Jack Rieley. Released the following February featuring Only With You on the flipside and included on the 1973 Holland album
November 28, 1972 ~ Heavy metal guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, bassist, songwriter Jesper Strömblad, full name Cias Håkan Jesper Strömblad, born in Gothenburg, Sweden ~ Best known as co-founding member, multi-instrumentalist of melodic death metal band In Flames. Guitarist for Sinergy. Bassist of Ceremonial Oath. Drummed with Hammerfall. Has also worked with Dimension Zero, All Ends, Resistance, Cyhra, Nightrage
November 28, 1971 ~ Leif Nagell, commonly known as black metal, speed metal, dark ambient guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, singer Fenriz, born in Kolbotn, Norway ~ Best known for forming the extreme metal duo Darkthrone with Nocturno Culto. Famed for his encyclopedic knowledge of metal music. Rejects both the business side of music and the dark image of black metal. Has recorded as a solo artist, including under the monikers Isengard and Neptune Towers, and is an in-demand collaborator, working with artists such as Valhall, Black Death, Dødheimsgard, Storm, Satyricon, Red Harvest, the Trashcan Darlings, and others
November 28, 1971 ~ Aleaxander Lightfoot, commonly known as blues harpist, singer Papa Lightfoot, passed away ~ Best known for his 1969 Natchez Trace album, which gained him attention in the blues revival wave. His comeback cut short by his death in 1971 at age 47 ~ Lightfoot was born in 1924
November 28, 1970 ~ Heavy metal, power metal guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, songwriter Steve Smyth born in California, USA ~ Founded One Machine, known for their acclaimed 2014 The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth album. Member of thrash metal supergroup From Hell. Has also worked with Vicious Rumors, Dragonlord, Nevermore, HateSphere, the Esseness Project, Intense, Forbidden, Testament, and others
November 28, 1968 ~ Pop, rock band the Beach Boys record Little Bird at Beach Boys Studio, Los Angeles, California ~ Written primarily by Brian Wilson, credited to Dennis Wilson and Stephen Kalinich. Included on the 1968 Friends album. Used as the B-side of the Friends single released in April 1968
November 28, 1968 ~ Pop, dance-pop, pop-rock, R&B producer, songwriter Herbie Crichlow born in UK ~ In-demand producer, songwriter worked with Max Martin, RedOne, David Franks, Denniz Pop, 3T, the Backstreet Boys (Quit Playing Games With My Heart), Zayn Malik, Robyn, Leila K (Open Sesame), Rita Ora (Kiss Me), 5ive, O-Town, and others
November 28, 1968 ~ Alternative rock, pop rock, punk rock, singer, guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, vibraphonist, tambourinist Ken Kitamura born in Osaka, Japan ~ Member of Larc en Ciel. Fronted SOAP. Released his In Physical solo debut album in 2009
November 28, 1964 ~ Jazz saxophonist Jack Washington born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA ~ Worked with Bennie Moten, Paul Banks, Jesse Stone, Count Basie, Paul Quinichette, and others ~ Washington was born in 1910
November 28, 1962 ~ Singer, keyboardist, songwriter Denny DeMarchi born in Toronto, Canada ~ Brother of guitarist Steve DeMarchi. Backed Dolores O'Riordan on her 2007 world tour. Toured with the Cranberries during the band's reunion tour from 2009 through 2011. Also noted for his signature keyboard notes on More Than Words Can Say, a Billboard Hot 100 No.1 hit for Alias in 1990 ~ DeMarchi passed away in 2020
November 28, 1962 ~ Alternative metal, alternative rock, grunge drummer, singer, songwriter Matt Cameron, full name Matthew David Cameron, born in Seattle, Washington, USA ~ Member of Skin Yard. Rose to fame as member of Soundgarden, joining the band in 1986 as replacement for Scott Sundquist. Joined Pearl Jam in 1998. Also involved in several side projects including Temple Of The Dog, Nighttime Boogie Association, Hater, and Wellwater Conspiracy
November 28, 1961 ~ Singer Patty Zomer, full name Patricia Alida Maria Zomer, born in Haarlem, the Netherlands ~ Best known as member of pop girl group the Dolly Dots. The band would score numerous top 10 hits in the Netherlands, starting in the late 1970s, including Tell It All About Boys, Hela-do-ladi-do, STOP, Do You Wanna Wanna, She's A Liar, Dreaming Of You, and What A Night
November 28, 1958 ~ Dance-pop singer, songwriter Michael Camacho born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Along with Gary Mudbone Cooper formed the duo Sly Fox, known for their sole hit Let's Go All The Way of their 1985 album of the same name. The single would reach top 10 in America, the UK, the Netherlands, and elsewhere
November 28, 1956 ~ David Paul Day, commonly known as singer, songwriter David Van Day, born in Brighton, UK ~ Half of vocal duo Dollar, the other half being Thereza Bazar. Also a member of Guys & Dolls in the 1970s and of a latter-day line-up of Bucks Fizz in the 1990s
November 28, 1956 ~ Howard Williams Johnson, commonly known as soul, disco singer Howard Johnson, born in Miami, Florida, USA ~ Founding member of Niteflye, known for their 1979 single If You Want It. Would embark on a solo career after the band disbanded. As a solo artist best known for So Fine and Let This Dream Be Real
November 28, 1956 ~ Singer, producer, songwriter Roberto Zanetti born in Massa, Italy ~ Produced and written music for Ice MC (Think About The Way), Double You, Alexia, Zucchero, and others
November 28, 1955 ~ Rock drummer, bassist, guitarist Rob Harper born in London, UK ~ Previously while in college a member of the Cafe Racers which also included Mark Knopfler, future frontman of the Dire Straits. Briefly a tour drummer with the Clash from late 1976 through early 1977. Would go on to work with a number of bands including R&B outfit the Marauders and notably as guitarist with the short-lived power pop unit the Dazzlers known for their 1979 single Lovely Crash
November 28, 1952 ~ Jazz guitarist, composer Ole Thomsen born in Bergen, Norway ~ Brother of guitarist Kåre Thomsen. Worked with Olav Dale, Per Jorgensen, Frank Jacobsen, Kåre Garnes, Ivar Kolve, Stein Inge Brækhus, Yngve Moe, Geir Rognø, Harald Dahlstrøm, Øivind Lunde, Ole Paus, the Bergen Big Band, Terje Rypdal, and others
November 28, 1951 ~ Jazz double bassist, composer Dennis Irwin born in Birmingham, Alabama, USA ~ Worked with Red Garland, Charles Brackeen, Ted Curson, Jackie Paris, Betty Carter, Annie Ross, Ann Hampton Callaway, Tania Maria, Mose Allison, Chet Baker, Mel Lewis, Joe Lovano, Stan Getz, Johnny Griffin, Horace Silver, uduca Fonseca, Portinho, John Scofield, Joshua Breakstone, Curtis Fuller, Johnny Griffin, Scott Hamilton, Valery Ponomarev, and others ~ Irwin passed away in 2008
November 28, 1951 ~ Blues guitarist Peter Malick born in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA ~ While in his teens member of psychedelic rock band Listening, a prime example of what became known as the Bosstown Sound merging psychedelica, hard rock and progressive rock. Would go on to back renowned blues artists such as Otis Spann, Muddy Waters, Big Mama Thornton, John Lee Hooker and James Cotton. Served as conductor and music director for a touring production of the musical Hair. Subsequently joined James Montgomery backing band appearing on the 1973 First Time Out album and its 1974 follow-up High Roller. Would retire from music for about two decades, reemerging in the late 1990s as a solo artist, starting with 1998's The Wrong Side Of My Life, and collaborator working with the likes of Butch Norton, Jung Yong-hwa and Norah Jones
November 28, 1949 ~ Keyboardist Paul Shaffer born in Thunder Bay, Canada ~ Best known as musical director, bandleader on David Letterman from 1982 through 2015. Also worked with Saturday Night Live, the Blues Brothers, the Mark & Clark Band, Honeydrippers, Donald Fagen, Ronnie Wood, Grand Funk Railroad, Diana Ross, BB King, Asleep At The Wheel, Cyndi Lauper, Carl Perkins, Yoko Ono, Blues Traveler, Jeff Healey, Cher, Barry Manilow, Chicago, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Nina Hagen, Robert Plant, Peter Criss, Brian Wilson, Warren Zevon, Miles Davis, Lew Soloff, Lou Marini, Earl Scruggs, and others. Co-wrote It's Raining Men with Paul Jabara, a hit for the Weather Girls in 1982
November 28, 1948 ~ Gerard Bertelkamp, commonly known as folk rock, soft rock, pop rock singer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter Beeb Birtles born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands ~ Member of the Little River Band from 1975 through 1983, including on the band's best known such as It's A Long Way There, Help Is On Its Way and Home On Monday. Also recorded as a solo artist and worked with Zoot, Mississippi, Graham Goble, Birtles & Goble
November 28, 1948 ~ Saxophonist, flutist, singer Dave Winthrop born ~ Member of Supertramp from 1970 through 1973, present on the band's 1971 Indelibly Stamped album and lead vocalist on Potter. Member of Chicken Shack from 1976 through 1979, rejoining in later years
November 28, 1948 ~ Operatic soprano Mariana Nicolesco born in Gaujani, Romania ~ Best known for her association with the Metropolitan Opera, performing the role of Nedda in Ruggero Leoncavallo's Pagliacci from 1978 through 1986. Has also worked with La Scala, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, and others ~ Nicolesco passed away in 2022
November 28, 1947 ~ Pop singer, guitarist Harmen Veerman born in Volendam, the Netherlands ~ Lead singer of the Left Side, known best for their 1973 hit Like A Locomotion
November 28, 1947 ~ Folk, jazz, classical singer, activist Maria Farantouri born in Athens, Greece ~ Dubbed “a peoples Maria Callas” and “the Joan Baez of the Mediterranean” by critics. Contralto singer with a two-octave range, performing in Greek, Spanish, Italian, English. Best known as a protest singer, especially during the Greek military junta which lasted from 1967 to 1974, noted for her 1971 Songs And Guitar Pieces By Theodorakis album consisting of compositions by noted composer Mikis Theodorakis. Has also recorded works composed by Manos Hatzidakis, Eleni Karaindrou, Vangelis and George Gershwin. Served as member of parliament for the socialist PASOK party from 1989 to 1993
November 28, 1947 ~ Michel Jean Hamburger, commonly known as singer, songwriter Michel Berger, born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France ~ Renowned French pop singer and songwriter for artists such as Françoise Hardy, Johnny Hallyday and for his wife France Gall ~ Hamburger passed away in 1992
November 28, 1947 ~ Keyboardist Reese Wynans born ~ Member of the Second Coming. Member of Captain Beyond, appearing on the album Sufficiently Breathless. Member of Stevie Ray Vaughan's backing unit Double Trouble. Also worked with Joe Ely, Lee Roy Parnell, Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, Brooks & Dunn, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, Hank Williams Jr, Buddy Guy, John Mayall, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Colin James, Ana Popovic, Dudley Taft, Eli Cook, the Lonely Boys and others
November 28, 1947 ~ R&B, soul singer, guitarist, songwriter William Devaughn born in Washington DC, USA ~ Best known for Be Thankful For What You Got, a million-seller in 1974
November 28, 1946 ~ William Ellis Kinsley, commonly known as pop, beat singer, guitarist, bassist Billy Kinsley, born in Liverpool, UK ~ Co-founding member of the Merseybeats. After the band disbanded in 1966 would continue with Tony Crane as a duo under the moniker the Merseys, immediately scoring a UK top 10 hit with Sorrow. The song had been originally recorded by the McCoys and would later be notably covered by David Bowie on his 1973 Pin Ups album
November 28, 1944 ~ Jon Terryl Plumeri, commonly known as bassist, pianist, flutist, composer Terry Plumeri, born in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA ~ Worked with John Abercrombie, Cannonball Adderley, Herbie Hancock, Woody Herman, Quincy Jones, Yusef Lateef, Les McCann, Wayne Shorter, Frank Sinatra, Ralph Towner, Joe Williams, Roberta Flack, the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, and others. Also a film composer with over 50 films to his name ~ Plumeri passed away in 2016
November 28, 1943 ~ Richard Enos Thompson, commonly known as jazz pianist, clarinetist Butch Thompson, born in Marine-on-St-Croix, Minnesota, USA ~ Best known for his ragtime and stride piano performances. Member of the Hall Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band for two decades starting in 1962. Would gain considerable popularity in Europe in the 1970s and 1980s due to extentsive touring both as a band member and solo artist ~ Thompson passed away in 2022
November 28, 1943 ~ Singer, pianist, songwriter Randy Newman, full name Randall Stuart Newman, born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Revered singer, pianist beloved for his dry wit and numerous film scores. As a solo artist best known for Short People, I Love LA and You've Got A Friend In Me. Has penned songs recorded by the Fleetwoods, Julias La Rosa (I Think It's Going To Rain Today), Cilla Black, Three Dog Night (Mama Told Me Not To Come), Gene Pitney, Alan Price Set, Joe Cocker (You Can Leave Your Hat On), Gene Pitney, Jerry Butler, Petula Clark, Barbra Streisand, Helen Reddy, the Everly Brothers, Tom Odell, Nina Simone, Lynn Anderson, Wilson Pickett, Harry Nilsson, and others
November 28, 1943 ~ Ronald Bertram Aloysius Greaves III, commonly known as singer, songwriter RB Greaves, born in Georgetown, Guyana ~ Known for songs such as Take A Little Maria and There's Always Something There To Remind Me ~ Greaves passed away in 2012
November 28, 1941 ~ Jazz and ECM bassist, composer Adelhard Roldinger born in Windischgarsten, Austria ~ Played with Joachim Kühn, Eje Thelin, Karl Berger, Alan Skidmore, Gerd Dudek, Branislav Lala Kovacev, Allan Praskin, Harry Pepi, Werner Pirchner, Herbert Joos, Albert Mangelsdorff, Yosuke Yamashita, George Russell, Maria João, Anthony Braxton, Tone Jansa, Melanie Bong, and others
November 28, 1941 ~ Saxophonist, clarinetist Jesper Thilo born in Copenhagen, Denmark ~ Leader and sideman. Influenced by Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, Zoot Sims. Worked with Kenny Drew, Clark Terry, Harry Sweets Edison, Ernie Wilkins, Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Benny Carter, Roy Eldridge, the DR Big Band, Palle Mikkelborg, Thad Jones, Wild Bill Davison, Niels Jorgen Steen, Soren Kristiansen, Olivier Antunes, Hugo Rasmussen, Sven Erik Norregaard, Richard Boone, Jesper Lundgaard, Bob Barnard, Romano Cavicchiolo, Henri Chaix, Stephen Kurmann, Tommy Flanagan, Roland Hanna, and others
November 28, 1940 ~ Bruce McMeans, commonly known as singer, songwriter Bruce Channel, born in Jacksonville, Texas, USA ~ Best known for Hey Baby, a Billboard No.1 hit in 1962. Channel also wrote or co-wrote several country hits for others including As Long As I'm Rockin' With You (John Conlee), Don't Worry 'Bout Me Baby (Janie Fricke), Party Time (TG Sheppard), You're The Best (Kieran Kane), and Stand Up (Mel McDaniel)
November 28, 1940 ~ Curtis Clemens, commonly known as singer Clem Curtis, was born in Trinidad, West Indies ~ Singer, founding member of the Foundations, known for songs such as Baby Now That I've Found You, Build Me Up Buttercup, Back On My Feet Again, and Any Old Time (You're Lonely & Sad) ~ Curtis passed away in 2017
November 28, 1939 ~ Singer, trumpeter, songwriter Gary Troxel born in Centralis, Washington, USA ~ Member of the Fleetwoods known for a number of late 1950s, early 1960s recordings, notably Come Softly To Me, Graduation's Here, Mr Blue and Tragedy
November 28, 1938 ~ Western swing bandleader Bob Wills and his regular backing unit the Texas Playboys record San Antonio Rose ~ Written by Wills. Released April 1939, b/w The Convict And The Rose, it would become one of the songs that defined Western swing. Singer Bing Crosby covered the song in 1940, reaching the pop top 10 and earning a Gold record certification. Over the years other notable covers include versions by Patsy Cline, Gene Autry, Patti Page, and John Denver
November 28, 1938 ~ Western swing bandleader Bob Wills and his regular backing unit the Texas Playboys record Steel Guitar Rag ~ Wills regular guitarist Leon McAuliffe claimed it as his own, yet adapted from the 1927 Guitar Rag song recorded by Sylvester Weaver. Nevertheless, the Wills version would become widely known and is considered instrumental in popularizing the steel guitar in Western swing. Over the years the song would be recorded by Spade Cooley, Hank Garland, Jerry Byrd, George Jones, Buck Owens, Doc Watson, and others
November 28, 1936 ~ Drummer Roy McCurdy born in Rochester, New York, USA ~ Influenced by Louie Bellson, Shelly Manne, Buddy Rich, Philly Joe Jones, Duke Ellington, Jimmie Lunceford, Lionel Hampton. Best known for backing Cannonball Adderley from 1965 until Adderley's death in 1975, including on the 1967 album Mercy Mercy Mercy (Live At The Club) which is generally regarded as one of Adderley's best. Has also worked with Nat Adderley, Gene Ammons, Count Basie, Benny Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Art Farmer, Benny Golson, Kenny Rankin, Sonny Rollins (Sonny Meets Hawk), Bobby Timmons, Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Blood Sweat & Tears, the Modern Jazz Disciples, and others
November 28, 1932 ~ Jazz singer Ethel Ennis, full name Ethel Llewellyn Ennis, born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA ~ Debuted in 1955 with the album Lullabies For Losers and has recorded to critical acclaim since. Lovingly dubbed “the First Lady of Jazz” in her homestate of Maryland. ~ Ennis passed away in 2019
November 28, 1932 ~ Leandro Barbieri, commonly known as jazz clarinetist, tenor saxophonist, bandleader Gato Barbieri, born in Rosario, Argentina ~ Rose to fame during the free jazz movement in the 1960s. Known for his latin jazz recordings of the 1970s. Influenced by John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders. Mixed Latin rhythms, free jazz, avant-garde, soul-jazz, jazz-pop and smooth jazz. Film composer, awarded a Grammy for his Last Tango In Paris soundtrack. Worked with Lalo Schifrin, Don Cherry, Charlie Haden (Music Liberation Orchestra), Oliver Nelson, Alan Shorter, Antonello Venditti, Carla Bley, and others. Recorded as a leader from the late 1960s well into the 1980s ~ Barbieri passed away in 2016
November 28, 1932 ~ Jazz saxophonist Jerry Coker born in South Bend, Indiana, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Woody Herman, Nat Pierce, Dick Collins, Mel Lewis, Stan Kenton, and others
November 28, 1930 ~ Arthur Leo Owens, commonly known as country songwriter, singer AL Doodle Owens, born in Waco, Texas, USA ~ In-demand songwriter, frequent collaborator of Dallas Frazier. Songs written or co-written by Owens have been recorded by artists such as Lefty Frizzell, George Morgan, Charley Pride, Brenda Lee (Johnny One Time), Willie Nelson, Duane Dee, Elvis Presley (True Love Travels On A Gravel Road), Charlie Louvin, Bob Luman, Hank Locklin, Nat Stuckey, Jerry Lee Lewis, Connie Smith, Stoney Edwards (Hank And Lefty Raised My Country Soul), Henson Cargill, Charlie Rich (Raggedy Ann), Arlene Harden, Ferlin Husky, Moe Bandy (I Just Started Hatin' Cheatin' Songs Today), Gene Watson, Tammy Wynette, George Jones (Wine Colored Roses), Doug Stone, and others ~ Owens passed away in 1999
November 28, 1929 ~ Producer, label executive Berry Gordy Jr born in Detroit, Michigan, USA ~ Founded the renowned Motown label and subsidiaries. Wrote or co-wrote songs such as Lonely Teardrops (Jackie Wilson), Shop Around (the Miracles), Do You Love Me (the Contours), I Want You Back and ABC (the Jackson 5). Discovered, signed, molded stars such as the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, the Four Tops, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, and numerous others
November 28, 1929 ~ Songwriter Giorgio Calabrese born ~ Frequent collaborator of Charles Aznavour ~ Calabrese passed away in 2016
November 28, 1928 ~ Guitarist, blues harpist, singer, songwriter Little Sammy Davis born in Winona, Mississippi, USA ~ Worked with Pinetop Perkins, Ike Turner, Earl Hooker, Albert King, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Little Walter, Eddie Kirkland, and others ~ Davis passed away in 2018
November 28, 1925 ~ George General Grice Jr, commonly known as saxophonist- flautist, clarinetist, composer, arranger Gigi Gryce, born in Pensacola, Florida, USA ~ Hugely admired by peers and aficionados despite a relative short career. Influenced by Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, and Tadd Dameron. As a composer, arranger and musician Grice worked with Quincy Jones, Lionel Hampton, Anthony Ortega, Clifford Solomon, Clifford Scott, Oscar Estele, Walter Williams, Art Farmer, Clifford Brown, Al Hayse, Jimmy Cleveland, Buster Cooper, Monk Montgomery, Alan Dawson, Horace Silver, Percy Heath, Kenny Clarke, Freddie Redd, Addison Farmer, Art Taylor, Oscar Pettiford, Art Blakey, Teddy Charles, Betty Carter, Jimmy Cleveland, Curtis Fuller, Max Roach, Eddie Costa, Earl Coleman, Kenny Dorham, Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Golson, Thad Jones, Duke Jordan, Herbie Mann, Big Maybelle, Howard McGhee, Johnnie Ray, Mal Waldron, and Leo Wright ~ Grice passed away in 1983
November 28, 1915 ~ Jazz trumpeter, arranger Dick Vance born in Mayfield, Kentucky, USA ~ Played with J Frank Terry before joining Lil' Armstrong's band in the mid-1930s. Has also played with Willie Bryant, Kaiser Marshall, Fletcher Henderson, Chick Webb. Remained with Webb when Ella Fitzgerald took over the reigns. Worked with Charlie Barnet, Don Redman, Eddie Heywood, Ben Webster, Paul Quinichette, Sonny Stitt. Arranged for Duke Ellington, Harry James, Cab Calloway, Earl Hines
November 28, 1907 ~ Drummer George Wettling born in Topeka, Kansas, USA ~ Worked with Artie Shaw, Bunny Berigan, Red Norvo, Paul Whiteman, Harpo Marx, Eddie Condon, Muggsy Spanier, Wild Bill Davison, Cutty Cutshall, Gene Schroeder, and others ~ Wettling passed away in 1968
November 28, 1907 ~ Mezzo-soprano, soprano opera singer Rose Bampton born in Lakewood, Ohio, USA ~ Enjoyed an international career during the 1930s and 1940s. Sang with the Metropolitan Opera from 1932 to 1950. Known for roles in operas composed by Richard Wagner as well her performances of works by Alban Berg, Arnold Schoenberg and Samuel Barber ~ Bampton passed away in 2007
November 28, 1829 ~ Pianist, conductor, composer Anton Rubinstein, full name Anton Grigoryevich Rubinstein, born in Vikhvatinets, Russian Empire ~ Brother of pianist, composer Nikolai Rubinstein. Considered one of the foremost 19th-century piano virtuosos, best known for his series of historical recitals covering the history of piano music. Has written piano concertos, symphonies, chamber music and opera, most notably The Demon published in 1871 ~ Rubinstein passed away in 1894