This Day In Music: April 8
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April 8, 2023 ~ Songwriter, producer Bob Heatlie, full name Robert Raymond Heatlie, passed away ~ Best known for penning the 1980s hits Japanese Boy for Aneka, and Merry Christmas Everyone for Shakin' Stevens. Both songs would top the UK singles charts, the latter became a mainstay popular to this day and covered by numerous artists ~ Heatlie was born in 1946
April 8, 2022 ~ Gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu passed away ~ Rose to notoriety in her native Nigeria with the single Ekwueme featuring Prospa Ochimana. Nwachukwu was the victim of domestic violence, perpetruated by her husband Peter Nwachukwu, and after several days on life support succumbed to her injuries ~ Nwachukwu was born ca.1980
April 8, 2022 ~ Singer Pastelle LeBlanc passed away ~ Formed folk group Vishtèn with Emmanuelle LeBlanc and instrumentalist Pascal Miousse. The band has recorded about half a dozen albums since the mid-2000s and is best known for their acclaimed Horizons, released in 2018 ~ LeBlanc was born ca.1980
April 8, 2020 ~ Rapper, DJ, model Chynna Rogers, full name Chynna Marie Rogers, passed away in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Influenced by Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Paramore. Closely associated with A$AP Mob. As a solo artist known for a handful of mid-2010s EP's and singles, notably 2013's Selfie and 2014's Glen Coco ~ Rogers was born in 1994
April 8, 2017 ~ Classical concert pianist John Bell Young passed away in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA ~ Acclaimed for his performances and recordings of the works of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, earning the approval of Scriabin's daughters. Consultant to the first Scriabin International Piano Competition in Moscow in 1995, where a special prize was awarded in his name. Also known as a music critic and author. Retired from performing following a stroke in 2013, yet continued to mentor young aspiring artists ~ Young was born in 1953
April 8, 2013 ~ Singer Annette Funicello, full name Annette Joanne Funicello, passed away in Bakersfield, California, USA ~ Rose to fame as one of the most popular Mouseketeers on the original Mickey Mouse Club. Would go on to release a number of recordings in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Noted for singles such as Tall Paul, First Name Initial, O Dio Mio and Pineapple Princess ~ Funicello was born in 1942
April 8, 2009 ~ Drummer, actor Herbie Lovelle, full name Herbert Edward Lovelle, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Played with Hot Lips Page, Hal Cornbread Singer, Johnny Moore, Earl Hines, Lucky Thompson, and Jimmy Rushing, prior to becoming the house drummer at the Savoy Ballroom, New York, a job he held for much of the 1950s. Following tours with saxophonist Arnett Cobb, and pianist Teddy Wilson, Lovelle became an in-demand session musician in jazz, blues, R&B, and pop. Has appeared on albums by Art Farmer, Buddy Lucas, Bob Dylan (The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan), Sonny Stitt, Lightnin' Hopkins, Jimmy Witherspoon, Illinois Jacquet, David Blue (David Blue), the Monkees (Headquarters), Richard Groove Holmes, Solomon Burke, Fats Domino, John Denver, Evie Sands (Any Way That You Want Me), Big Joe Turner, Van Morrison (TB Sheets), and Gordon Lightfoot. From the 1980s forward, Lovelle has also ventured into acting for film and TV ~ Lovelle was born in 1924
April 8, 2009 ~ Musical director, choral conductor John McCarthy, full name Eugene Patrick John McCarthy, passed away in London, UK ~ Co-founded the Ambrosian Singers with Denis Stevens, a choral group known best for their association with the BBC. The group would also serve as a training ground for artists such as Heather Harper, Dorothy Dorow, Margaret Price, Robert Tear, and John Shirley-Quirk. McCarthy also served as the chorus master for the London Symphony Orchestra for most of the 1960s ~ McCarthy was born in 1916
April 8, 2006 ~ Heinz Lewy, commonly known as engineer, producer Henry Lewy, passed away in Prescott, Arizona, USA ~ Best known for his association with singer Joni Mitchell, engineering and producing albums such as Blue, Court And Spark, and Hejira. Other notable credits include Stephen Bishop, Neil Young (Harvest), Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen, Minnie Riperton (Minnie), Joan Armatrading, and Van Morrison ~ Lewy was born in 1926
April 8, 2001 ~ Rock, pop rock, country rock singer, guitarist Van Stephenson, full name Van Wesley Stephenson, passed away in Nashville, Tennessee, USA ~ As a solo artist known for a number of 1980s recordings, notably You've Got A Good Love Coming, What The Big Girls Do and perhaps his best-known Modern Day Delilah. Co-wrote songs recorded by Kenny Rogers, Juice Newton, Restless Heart (The Bluest Eyes In Texas), Laura Branigan. Co-founded country rock band Blackhawk in 1992, known for songs such Every Once In A While, I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No and There You Have It. Stephensen left the band in 2000 for health reasons ~ Stephenson was born in 1953
April 8, 1997 ~ Laura Nigro, commonly known as singer, pianist Laura Nyro, passed away in Danbury, Connecticut, USA ~ Drew from Brill building pop, jazz, R&B, show tunes and rock. Critically acclaimed, especially for her late 1960s albums Eli And The Thirteenth Confession and New York Tendaberry. Had her songs covered by the 5th Dimension (Stoned Soul Picnic), Blood Sweat & Tears (When I Die), Barbra Streisand (Stoney End), the Supremes (Time And Love), and Three Dog Night (Eli's Coming) ~ Nyro was born in 1947
April 8, 1991 ~ Per Yngve Ohlin, commonly known as heavy metal singer, songwriter the Dead, passed away in Krakstad, Norway ~ One of the most prominent frontmen in metal. Best known as lead singer of black metal outfit Mayhem from 1988 until his death in 1991. Has previously fronted Morbid, which he co-founded ~ Ohlin was born in 1969
April 8, 1991 ~ Larry Eugene Hendricks II, commonly known as rapper Larry June, born in San Francisco, California, USA ~ Released several singles prior to his full-length Sock It To Me Pt.2 debut album, available as digital download in 2018. Has collaborated with Cardo, Harry Fraud, Cookin' Soul, and with Berner
April 8, 1987 ~ Pianist, composer Ervin Nyiregyházi passed away in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Enjoyed popularity throughout the 1920s before descending into relative obscurity. Known for his distinctive playing style, reminiscent of the Romantic pianism associated with Franz Liszt, which divided critical opinion ~ Nyiregyhazi was born in 1903
April 8, 1985 ~ Songwriter J Fred Coots, full name John Frederick Coots, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Wrote over 700 songs, over a dozen Broadway shows. Best known for co-penning Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town with Haven Gillespie. The song, first recorded by banjoist Harry Reser, would become a Holiday classic recorded by over 200 artists including Bing Crosby, the Crystals, Mariah Carey, Chris Isaak, the Temptations, and Bruce Springsteen ~ Coots was born in 1897
April 8, 1982 ~ Singer, songwriter, film composer, actor Keegan DeWitt born in Bend, Oregon, USA ~ Lead singer for indie rock band Wild Cub, especially acclaimed for their 2014 Youth aptly described by some as infectuous 80s-inspired synth-pop. DeWitt is also known as a prolific film composer with well over two dozen soundtracks to his name starting in the mid-2000s
April 8, 1979 ~ Heavy metal, power metal, neoclassical metal guitarist, singer, songwriter Alexi Laiho, full name Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho, born in Espoo, Finland ~ Best known as co-founding member, lead singer of Children Of Bodom. Has also worked with Sinergy, the Local Band, Kylähullut, Thy Serpent, Impaled Nazarene, Warmen, Hypocrisy and with Bodom After Midnight, the latter formed just prior to his death ~ Laiho passed away in 2020
April 8, 1979 ~ Folk rock singer, guitarist, pianist, songwriter Josh Ostrander, also known as Mondo Cozmo, born ~ Fronted alt-rock band Laguardia from 2000 through 2005, known for their 2003 Welcome To The Middle album released in 2003. Co-founding member, frontman of the Eastern Conference Champions, releasing three albums from 2005 through 2015. Has since recorded as a solo artist using the moniker Mondo Cozmo, best known for the 2016 single Shine. Served as producer for Voxhaul Broadcast, and collaborated with producers such as Brendan O'Brien, Owen Morris, Brad Wood, Thom Panunzio, and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
April 8, 1975 ~ Rock band Aerosmith release Toys In The Attic, the band's break-out album ~ The band had built a solid reputation through intense touring, prior to releasing their break-out album, their first to reach reach top 20 Billboard Hot 100. Highlights of the album include Toys In The Attic, Walk This Way, Sweet Emotion, and You See Me Crying. Later guitarist Joe Perry would elaborate in his autobiography: “Our first two albums were basically comprised of songs we'd been playing for years live in the clubs. With Toys In The Attic, we started from scratch. Making this record, we learned to be recording artists and write songs on a deadline. In the process, we began to see just what Aerosmith could accomplish. With everyone throwing in ideas, Toys was our breakthrough.”
April 8, 1975 ~ Anouk Teeuwe, mononymously known as rock, pop rock singer, songwriter Anouk, born in The Hague, the Netherlands ~ Member of blues-rock outfit Shotgun Wedding. Discovered by radio DJ Alfred Lagarde. Protegé of the Golden Earring-singer Barry Hay who wrote and produced her 1996 solo break-through single Mood Indigo. Has recorded consistently since to critical acclaim and commercial succes. Well known songs include R U Kiddin' Me, Michel, Lost, Modern World, Three Days In A Row and Woman. Represented the Netherlands in the 2013 Eurovision Songfestival, reaching 9th place with Birds co-written with Tore Johansson and Martin Gjerstad
April 8, 1972 ~ Pop, rock drummer Mario Goossens born in Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium ~ Best known as member of Triggerfinger. Has also worked with the Hoodoo Club, Hooverphonic, Noordkaap, Monza, Winterville, the Arsenal, Tom Helsen, Milow, Creature With The Atom Brain, Cowboys & Aliens, Cesar Zuiderwijk. As a producer known for his associations with Black Box Revelation, Jacle Bow, STAKE, Anton Walgrave, Team William, Roza Parks, Rusty Roots and the Damned & Dirty
April 8, 1969 ~ Singer, songwriter Dulce Pontes, full name Dulce Jose Silva Pontes, born in Montiho, Portugal ~ Named “successor and heir to Amália Rodrigues”. Known for songs such as Lusitana Paixão and Canção do Mar. Collaborated with Cesária Évora, Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Daniela Mercury, Carlos Núnez, the Chieftains, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, George Dalaras, Andrea Bocelli, Wayne Shorter, Ennio Morricone, José Carreras, and others
April 8, 1968 ~ Benjamin Foster, commonly known as punk rock, punk pop singer, guitarist, songwriter Ben Weasel, born in Prospect Heights, Illinois, USA ~ Best known for fronting punk rock outfit Screeching Weasel. Also worked with the Riverdales and the Vindictives and recorded as a solo artist starting with Fidatevi released in 2002
April 8, 1968 ~ Folk singer, violinist, guitarist, mandolinist Tracy Grammer born in Homestead, Florida, USA ~ First gained attention in the late 1990s, forming a duo with Dave Carter. The duo were heralded as “the new voice of modern folk music” and heralded by the likes of Joan Baez. Following Carter's death in 2002 Grammer has performed and recorded as a solo artist, her first full-length album Flower Of Avalon released in 2005
April 8, 1967 ~ Singer Sandie Shaw wins the 12th edition of the Eurovision Songfestival held in Vienna, Austria ~ Representing the UK Shaw wins with the song Puppet On A String written by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter
April 8, 1966 ~ Bénédicte Grimault, commonly known as actress, singer, songwriter Belle du Berry, born in Berry-Boux, France ~ Lead singer of Paris Combo, known for blending chanson, pop, jazz, swing, world music. The band broke through with their sophomore Living Room album released in 2000 and have toured in France, Australia and America ~ Grimault passed away in 2020
April 8, 1964 ~ Marcel Theo Hall, commonly known as hip hop singer, rapper, beatboxer Biz Markie, born in Harlem, New York, USA ~ Best known for Just A Friend, a 1989 hit in numerous countries and considered today as one of the classic hip-hop songs. Worked with the Juice Crew and with Flip Squad. Appeared in the 2002 Men In Black II feature film, essentially playing an alien parody of himself speaking in an alien tongue mimicking beatboxing. Also known as member of the Juice Crew ~ Hall passed away in 2021
April 8, 1964 ~ Singer Connie Francis records Be Anything (But Be Mine), marking her return to traditional pop songs ~ Written by Irving Gordon. Arranged by Alan Lorber, produced by Danny Davis. Released later the same year, b/w Tommy, it would be her last single to reach top 40 Billboard Hot 100. The song had previously been recorded Ruth Brown, Peggy Lee, Sarah Vaughan, and Timi Yuro, and originally by Eddy Howard in 1952
April 8, 1964 ~ Drummer Dave Rowntree, full name David Alexander de Horne Rowntree, born in Colchester, UK ~ Member of several regional bands alongside Graham Coxon. After being introduced to Damon Albarn by Coxon joined what would become Blur, one of the most successful Britpop bands of the 1990s, known for UK top 10 hits such as There's No Other Way, Girls & Boys, Country House, Beetlebum, Out Of Time, and others
April 8, 1964 ~ R&B girl group the Supremes record Where Did Our Love Go at Hitsville USA, Detroit, Michigan ~ Released the following June as the fourth single of the album of the same name, it would be the first Billboard Hot 100 No.1 hit for the girl group. The single would also kick off a string of five consecutive charttoppers, the others being Baby Love, Come See About Me, Stop In The Name Of Love, and Back In My Arms Again, all penned by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Eddie Holland Jr. Initially the group were not particularly fond of the song, yet after hearing the song's playback an excited lead singer Diana Ross rushed to Berry Gordy Jr's office and told him to come to the studio to listen. At the end of the playback, a satisfied Gordy told the producers and the group the song had the potential to reach top 10
April 8, 1963 ~ Singer Julian Lennon born in Liverpool, UK ~ Son of the Beatles-singer John Lennon and Lennon's first wife. At age 11 played drums on his Ya-ya of his father's 1974 Walls And Bridges album. Released his Valotte solo debut album in 1984, produced by Phil Ramone. Known for songs such as Too Late For Goodbyes, Now You're In Heaven and Saltwater
April 8, 1962 ~ Rock, hard rock singer, guitarist Izzy Stradlin born in Lafayette, Indiana, USA ~ Co-founding member of Guns 'n Roses and present on the band's first four albums. Left the band in 1991 at the height of their fame to pursue a solo career. Would release his solo debut album, Izzy Stradlin & the Ju-ju Hounds, the following year and has recorded as a solo artist consistently since
April 8, 1962 ~ Jazz, ragtime drummer Shannon Powell born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ~ Worked with Ellis Marsalis Jr, Harry Connick Jr, Danny Barker, Branford Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Diana Krall, Earl King, Dr John, Marcus Roberts, John Scofield, Jason Marsalis, Leroy Jones, Nicholas Payton, Donald Harrison, and others
April 8, 1960 ~ Actor, singer, guitarist John Schneider, full name John Richard Schneider, born in Mount Kisco, New York, USA ~ Actor, best known for portraying Bo Duke on The Dukes Of Hazzard TV show. Also an accomplished country singer known for songs such as I've Been Around Enough To Know, Country Girls, What's A Memory Like You, You're The Last Thing I Needed and his 1981 debut single the Elvis Presley cover It's Now Or Never
April 8, 1955 ~ Rock, pop bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter Glen Burtnik born in New Jersey, USA ~ Active a solo artist since the mid-1980s. Joined Styx in 1990, in time for the band's critically acclaimed Edge Of The Century including co-writing Love Is The Ritual and Love At First Sight, remaining with the band through 2003. Co-wrote Beth Hart's Delicious Surprise. Co-wrote Patty Smyth's Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough. Co-wrote Don Henley's Spirit Of A Boy (Wisdom Of A Man)
April 8, 1952 ~ Pop, schlager singer Karin Glenmark, full name Karin Margareta Glenmark, born in Tomelilla, Sweden ~ Formed the sibling duo Gemini with her brother Anders Glenmark, best known for their 1985 eponymous Gemini solo album. Much of the material was written by ABBA songwriters Benny Anderson and Björn Ulvaeus, the album's Just Like That lead single a moderate hit across Europe. Previously both siblings had worked with the Glenmarks, which also included their uncle Bruno Glenmark and his wife Ann-Louise Hanson, known best for their 1971 single Gammaldags Musik
April 8, 1951 ~ Rock bassist Mel Schacher, full name Melvin George Schacher, born in Owosso, Michigan, USA ~ Got his first break working with ? & the Mysterians, replacing original bassist Frank Lugo. Best known as member of Grand Funk Railroad, known for the Billboard Hot 100 charttoppers We're An American Band and The Loco-Motion. Subsequently Some Kind Of Wonderful and Bad Time would also reach the top 10
April 8, 1951 ~ Radio host, historian, archivist Phil Schaap, full name Philip van Noorden Schaap, born ~ Historian and archivist specialized in Charlie Parker. Archivist for Savoy Jazz involved with re-issuing tapes of Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington, earning several Grammy Awards for his work as producer, engineer and historical writing. As a broadcaster, radio host known for hosting Bird Flight and Traditions In Swing on WKCR for four decades starting in 1981 ~ Schaap passed away in 2021
April 8, 1950 ~ Singer Bing Crosby records I Didn't Slip I Wasn't Pushed I Fell ~ Composed by George Wyle with lyrics by Edward Pola. Both Doris Day and Jo Stafford each also recorded the song the same year. Crosby's version would be the most popular, briefly peaking at No.22 on the pop charts
April 8, 1949 ~ Doreen Jones, commonly known as singer Donna Jones, born in Manchester, UK ~ Best known under the moniker Pussyfoot, her mid-1970s soft rock hit The Way That You Do It causing her to become a sex symbol in Australia. In her native UK the single had been banned by BBC for its suggestive lyrics. A re-release, retitled Ooh Na Na Hiya, would be issued in 1976 but fail to make the British charts. After splitting with producer and songwriter Mick Flinn in the late 1970s Jones would join folk pop outfit the New Seekers
April 8, 1949 ~ Keyboardist Philip Aaberg born in Havre, Montana, USA ~ Classically trained. Active since the mid-1980s. Draws for classical, jazz, bluegrass, rock, experimental music. Guested on over 200 albums. Collaborated with artists as diverse as New Grange, Peter Gabriel, the Doobie Brothers-guitarist Tom Johnston, Bernie Krause, the Boston Pops Orchestra, and others
April 8, 1947 ~ Guitarist Steve Howe born in London, UK ~ Active since the mid-1960s in blues and psychedelic rock outfits such as the Syndicats, Tomorrow, and Bodast. Best known as key member of Yes, helped steer the band towards more commercial and critical success. Co-wrote several of the band's best known including Roundabout, Starship Trooper, To Be Over, and And You And I. Howe has also served as a member of Asia, GTR, and Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. Fronts the jazz trio the Steve Howe Trio and has recorded well over a dozen solo albums since the mid-1970s, notably The Steve Howe Album released in 1979 and Not Necessarily Acoustic released in 1994
April 8, 1944 ~ Dennis Lusier, commonly known as songwriter, producer Deke Richards, born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Closely associated with Motown label, member of songwriting collective the Clan, member of producer, songwriter team the Corporation. Wrote and produced for artists such as Bobby Darin, Martha & the Vandellas, the Blackberries, Stacie Johnson, Diana Ross, the Supremes, Sherlie Matthews, the 5th Dimension, and others ~ Lussier passed away in 2013
April 8, 1944 ~ Keith Hartley, commonly known as drummer Keef Hartley, born in Plungington, UK ~ Founder and eponym of the Keef Hartley Band, merging jazz, blues and rock. The band played the famed Woodstock Festival in 1969. Also known for his association with John Mayall including on the albums Crusade and The Blues Alone. Has also worked with Vinegar Joe, Dog Soldier, Rory Storm, the Artwoods, Chicken Shack, and others ~ Hartley passed away in 2011
April 8, 1942 ~ Country producer, songwriter Jerry Abbott, full name Jerry Bob Abbott, born in Abilene, Texas, USA ~ Father of heavy metal band Pantera founders drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell. Has served as his sons band's manager and produced a number of their early albums. Abbott has also produced artists such as blues guitarist Bugs Henderson, and worked as a country music songwriter and producer for the likes of Freddy Fender, Buck Owens (Play Together Again Again), and Emmylou Harris
April 8, 1942 ~ Producer, songwriter Leon Huff born in Camden, New Jersey, USA ~ Formed the famed Gamble & Huff producer, songwriter duo with Kenny Gamble, credited with shaping the Philly soul in the 1970s. Have worked with artists such as the Intruders, Jerry Butler, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes (If You Don't Know Me By Now), Joe Simon, the O'Jays (Back Stabbers), the People's Choice, Billy Paul (Am I Black Enough For You), Lou Rawls, MFSB (TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)), the Jacksons, Teddy Pendergrass, and others
April 8, 1942 ~ Rock, blues rock, art rock, progressive rock, pop rock singer Roger Chapman, full name Roger Maxwell Chapman born in Leicestershire, UK ~ Influenced by Little Richard and Ray Charles. Nicknamed Chappo. Co-founding member of the Roaring Sixties, renamed the Family in 1966. The band is known for songs such as No Mule's Fool, In My Own Time, and Burlesque. Following the band's disbandement in 1973 formed Chapman-Whitney with bandmate Charlie Whitney, which would evolve into the Streetwalkers with Chapman and Whitney serving as the band's primary songwriters. They are best known for their acclaimed 1976 album Red Card. Chapman subsequently recorded as a solo artist, starting with Chappo released in 1979. Guested on Mike Oldfield's Shadow On The Wall of the 1983 Crises album
April 8, 1933 ~ Jazz saxophonist, arranger Paul Jeffrey born in New York, New York, USA ~ Over half a dozen albums as a leader or co-leader. Closely associated with Thelonious Monk, backing the pianist from 1970 through 1975. Has toured with Illinois Jacquet, Elmo Hope, Big Maybelle, Wynonie Harris, and BB King, and appeared on albums by the likes of Charles Moffett (The Gift), Sam Rivers, Ricky Ford, Duke Jordan, Charles Mingus (Cumbia & Jazz Fusion), Lionel Hampton, Gerry Mulligan, and Curtis Fuller ~ Jeffrey passed away in 2015
April 8, 1932 ~ Composer John Kinsella born in Dublin, Ireland ~ Regarded as one of Ireland's most prolific symphonists of the 20th century. Closely associated with the TV channel RTE, serving as senior assistant in the music department since 1968. Co-founding member of Aosdana, an invite-only association of artists. As a composer strongly influenced by contemporary avant-garde, especially serialism. Known for works such as Two Pieces For String Orchestra, Montage and Montage II and for The Wayfarer Rhapsody On A Poem Of PH Pearse ~ Kinsella passed away in 2021
April 8, 1929 ~ Singer, guitarist, pianist, songwriter, actor Jacques Brel, full name Jacques Romain Georges Brel, born in Schaerbeek, Belgium ~ Master of the modern chanson. Influenced Scott Walker, David Bowie, Alex Harvey, Marc Almond, Rod McKuen. As an actor appeared in 10 films. Best known for songs such as Le Moribond, Le Colombe, Amsterdam, Marieke and Ne Me Quitte Pas. English translations of his songs have been recorded by Ray Charles, Judy Collins, John Denver, the Kingston Trio, Nina Simone, Shirley Bassey, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, and others ~ Brel passed away in 1978
April 8, 1929 ~ Operatic bass-baritone Walter Berry born in Vienna, Austria ~ Closely associated with the Vienna State Opera, remaining with the company for the most of his career. Married to mezzo-soprano Christa Ludwig, with whom he has also worked, from 1957 through 1970. As a lieder singer praised for his interpretations of works by Franz Schubert and Gustav Mahler. Regularly appeared at the Metropolitan Opera during the 1960s and 1970s ~ Berry passed away in 2000
April 8, 1928 ~ Lyricist, songwriter Fred Ebb born in Manhattan, New York, USA ~ Frequent songwriting partner of composer John Kander, including on the 1977 The Act Broadway musical which earned Liza Minnelli a Tony Award. Ebb has been actively writing since the early 1950s. Well-known songs include Mandolino (Les Paul), My Coloring Book (Barbra Streisand, Kitty Kallen, Brenda Lee), Cabaret (Jill Haworth, Louis Armstrong, Judi Dench), All That Jazz (Chita Rivera, Ella Fitzgerald), and New York New York (Minelli, Frank Sinatra) ~ Ebb passed away in 2004
April 8, 1922 ~ Jazz singer, pianist Carmen McRae born in New York, New York, USA ~ Pianist, singer with over 60 albums to her name. Worked with Teddy Wilson, Benny Carter, Mercer Ellington, Dave Brubeck, Betty Carter, George Shearing, Cal Tjader, and others. Never performed a show without singing at least one Billie Holiday song, a huge inspiration and close friend of McRae's ~ McRae passed away in 1994
April 8, 1914 ~ Irving Goldberg, commonly known as songwriter, lyricist, screenwriter Irving Taylor, born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Best known for co-penning Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes with Sam Coslow and Ken Lane. The song would first be recorded by Peggy Lee in 1947 and covered by well over a hundred artists, including Frank Sinatra, Dinah Washington, Brenda Lee, and Sarah Vaughan. Other songs co-written by Taylor have been recorded by the Merry Macs, Vaughn Monroe (Three Little Sisters), Guy Lombardo, Paula Watson, Doris Day (Quicksilver), Kay Starr (The Man With The Bag), and Tennessee Ernie Ford ~ Goldberg passed away in 1983
April 8, 1909 ~ Trumpeter George Dixon born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ~ Played with Sammy Stewart starting in the late 1920s. With Earl Hines in the 1930s. Led a Navy band in Memphis during World War II. Moved to Chicago to play with Floyd Campbell, Ted Eggleston, Rozelle Claxton, and others, as well as lead his own band. From about the mid-1950s Dixon stopped playing full-time ~ Dixon passed away in 1994
April 8, 1902 ~ Violinist, conductor Josef Krips, full name Josef Alois Krips, born in Vienna, Austria ~ Brother of conductor Henry Krips. Of Jewish descent, Krips fled Austria after the Anschluss with Nazi Germany. Upon his return after the war was one of the few conductors allowed to perform, since he had not worked under the Nazi regime. Krips has conducted orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic, the Vienna State Opera, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, and notably the San Francisco Symphony, serving as the latter's music director from 1963 through 1970 ~ Krips passed away in 1974
April 8, 1896 ~ Songwriter, lyricist Yip Harburg, full name Edgar Yipsel Harburg, born in Manhattan, New York, USA ~ Frequent collaborator of composers such as Harold Arlen, Vernon Duke, Jerome Kern, Jule Styne and Burton Lane. Perhaps best known for co-writing all of the songs of The Wizard Of Oz including Over The Rainbow, performed by Judy Garland in the original 1939 film ~ Harburg passed away in 1981
April 8, 1848 ~ Composer Gaetano Donizetti, full name Domenica Gaetano Maria Donizetti, passed away ~ Along with Gioachino Rossini and Vincenzo Bellini a leading composer of the bel canto era. Wrote close to 70 operas, his best-known perhaps being 1832's L'Elisir D'Amore, 1837's Roberto Devereux and 1843's Don Pasquale ~ Donizetti was born in 1797