This Day In Music: September 14
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September 14, 2023 ~ R&B, funk percussionist, songwriter Fred Lewis, also known as Big Fred, passed away ~ Member of Lakeside, best known for their 1980 Billboard R&B charttopper Fantastic Voyage, considered a funk classic to this day. Other well-known songs include It's All The Way Live (Part 1), From 9:00 Until, Your Love Is On The One, the Beatles-cover I Want To Hold Your Hand, Raid, and Outrageous ~ Lewis was born ca.1951
September 14, 2023 ~ Flutist, dancer, songwriter, teacher Robert Tree Cody passed away ~ Of Dakota and Maricopa heritage Cody is considered a master of the Native American flute with about a dozen albums to his name starting in the early 1990s. Especially acclaimed for his 1993 Dreams From The Grandfather album. Cody has also guested on albums by William Eaton, the Phoenix Chorale, the Rippingtons (Topaz), and Ruben Romero ~ Cody was born in 1951
September 14, 2022 ~ Folk, country, pop singer, guitarist, songwriter Jim Post, full name Jimmie David Post, passed away ~ About a dozen albums to his name as a solo artist. Best known for forming the short-lived duo Friend & Lover with his then-wife Cathy Conn, scoring the 1968 Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit Reach Out Of The Darkness. Has frequently collaborated with Mick Scott and Tom Dunde, and despite little chart success was considered a mainstay on the Chicago folk scene ~ Post was born in 1939
September 14, 2022 ~ Folk singer, violinist, oboe player, songwriter Paul Sartin passed away ~ Closely associated with Paul Hutchinson, with whom he formed Belshazzar's Feast. Formed Dr Faustus, known for the albums The First Cut and Wager. Also well known as a member of Bellowhead, joining the band in 2004. Has also composed for theatre and film, notably the 2011 Streetwise Opera film opera The Hartlepool Monkey, has worked as TV presenter and co-founded Whitchurch Folk Club ~ Sartin was born in 1971
September 14, 2021 ~ Classical hornist Vicente Zarzo Pitarch passed away ~ Closely associated with het Residentie Orkest. Has also worked with the Valencia Orchestra, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the American Wind Symphony Orchestra, the National Orchestra Of Mexico, and others ~ Zarzo was born in 1938
September 14, 2020 ~ Songwriter Al Kasha, full name Alfred Kasha, passed away in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Closely associated with songwriting partner Joel Hirschhorn, with whom he won an Academy Award for Best Original Song twice, namely with The Morning After from The Poseidon Adventure in 1972 and We May Never Love Like This Again from The Towering Inferno in 1975. Has also written for musicals, TV, and pop, rock, R&B artists including Aretha Franklin (Operation Heartbreak), Neil Diamond, Donna Summer, Charles Aznavour (Dance In The Old-fashioned Way), Bobby Darin, Jackie Wilson (My Empty Arms), and Peppermint Rainbow ~ Kasha was born in 1937
September 14, 2020 ~ Rock guitarist, singer Peter Starkie, full name Peter George Starkie, passed away in Melbourne, Australia ~ Founding member of Skyhooks, remaining with the band through 1973 and replaced by his brother Bob Bongo Starkie. Member of Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons ~ Starkie was born in 1948
September 14, 2018 ~ Singer Anneke Grönloh passed away in France ~ Best known for Brandend Zand, one of the best-selling Dutch singles of all time ~ Grönloh was born in 1942
September 14, 2018 ~ Bassist Max Bennett passed away in San Clemente, California, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Georgie Auld, Terry Gibbs, Charlie Ventura, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Charlie Mariano, Conte Candoli, Bob Cooper, Bill Holman, Stan Levey, Lou Levy, Coleman Hawkins, Jack Montrose, the Monkees, the Partridge Family, Frank Zappa (Hot Rats, Chunga's Revenge), the LA Express, Marvin Gaye, Barbra Streisand, Anthony Newley, Elvis Presley, the Four Tops, Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Seals & Crofts, Quincy Jones, Kenny Rogers, the Beach Boys, Carole King, OC Smith, Michael Franks, Artie Butler, Percy Faith, Hidle Brown Barnum, Stan Kenton, Céline Dion, Jose Iglesias, Carole King, the Temptations, the Crusaders, George Harrison, José Feliciano, Andy Kim, the Grass Roots, and others ~ Bennett was born in 1928
September 14, 2015 ~ Drummer Martin Kearns passed away ~ Best known as drummer of death metal outfit Bolt Thrower, appearing on the albums Honour Valour Pride and Those Once Loyal. The band dissolved following Kearns' passing ~ Kearns was born in 1977
September 14, 2010 ~ Jazz saxophonist, composer Alf Kjellman passed away ~ Worked with Kjell Karlsen, Ditler Eckhoff, Atle Hammer, Frode Thingnæs, Mikkel Flagstad, Eilif Holm, Einar Iversen, Erik Amundsen, Egil Johansen, Kjell Bartholdsen, Ola Calmeyer, Søyr, Frode Nymph, Harald Johnsen, Inge Stangvik, Jørn Øien, Ole Jacob Hansen, and Øystein B Blix ~ Kjellman was born in 1938
September 14, 2010 ~ Cellist, singer Francisco Ribeiro passed away in Lisbon, Portugal ~ Co-founding member of Madredeus, known for merging traditional Portuguese music with contemporary folk. Following his departure from the band in 1997 Ribeiro has worked with the Gloucester Symphony Orchestra, the Stroud Symphony Orchestra, and recorded with his own project Desiderata ~ Ribeiro was born in 1965
September 14, 2004 ~ Giuseppa Romeo, commonly known as singer, songwriter Giuni Russo, passed away in Milan, Italy ~ Also recorded under the monikers Giusy Romeo and Junie Russo. Experimental pop singer known for her five-octave range, able to produce extremely high notes. Sings in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, and other languages. Has recorded well over a dozen albums, starting with Love Is A Woman released in 1975. Well-known for songs such as Hurt, Soli Noi, Un' Estate Al Mare, and La Sua Figura ~ Romeo was born in 1951
September 14, 2003 ~ John Serrapica, commonly known as accordionist, organist, composer, arranger John Serry Sr, passed away in Long Island, New York, USA ~ Worked with the CBS Pan American Orchestra, Alfredo Antonini, Shep Fields, Erno Rapée, Lester Lanin, Alexander Smallens, Archie Bleyer, Percy Faith, Ben Selvin, Guy Lombardo, Robert Irving, and others ~ Serrapica was born in 1915
September 14, 2002 ~ Jazz, blues saxophonist, bandleader, songwriter Paul Williams passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ One of the first to employ the honking tenor saxophone solo, a hallmark of later R&B and rock & roll records. Known for songs such as Thirty-Five Thirty, You're Breaking My Heart No More, Waxie Maxie, Blowing The Boogie, Walking Around, and for his biggest hit and signature song Huckle Buck recorded late 1948. Worked with Lloyd Henderson, Amos Milburn, Noble Thin Man Watts, Phil Guilbeau, Danny Cobb, Jumping Jimmy Brown, Joan Shaw, Connie Allen, Ruth Brown, Elmore James, Dave Baby Cortez, Lloyd Price, James Brown, Otis Redding, Tommy Tucker, and others ~ Williams was born in 1915
September 14, 1998 ~ Blues, jazz, gospel singer Johnny Adams, full name Laten John Adams Jr, passed away in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA ~ Known as “the Tan Canary” for his multi-octave vocal range. Best known for his renditions of Release Me (1968) and Reconsider Me (1969). Also known for a number of critically acclaimed Rounder Records albums in the 1980s produced by Scott Billington starting with 1984's From The Heat which encompassed a wide range of jazz, blues and R&B styles ~ Adams was born in 1932
September 14, 1991 ~ Bandleader, arranger Billy Vaughn passed away in Escondido, California, USA ~ Member of the Hilltoppers, alongside Jimmy Saca, Donald McGuire and Seymour Spiegelman, for whom Vaugh also write their first hit, Trying which charted in 1952. Leading his own bands Vaughn charted over 40 singles and some 36 albums on the American album charts starting with 1958's Sail Along Silv'ry Moon through to 1970's Winter World Of Love. Vaughn also served as music director and A&R executive at Dot Records, starting in the mid-1950s ~ Vaughn was born in 1919
September 14, 1990 ~ Metalcore, jazz, pop singer, bassist, trumpeter Joe Lancaster born in York, UK ~ Briefly worked with rock unit Asking Alexandria, departing the band in early 2009 prior to making any recordings. Bassist for metalcore band With One Last Breath from 2010 through 2014, present on the band's The Fearless Ones debut album. Intermittent member, trumpeter for jazz brass band the New York Brass Band since 2014, with whom he performed at Glastonbury Festival more than once
September 14, 1989 ~ Singer, actor Logan Henderson born in North Richland Hills, Texas, USA ~ Best known for his role as Logan Mitchell in the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush and as a singer in the accompanying band Big Time Rush
September 14, 1989 ~ Bandleader, arranger Pérez Prado, full name Dámaso Pérez Prado, passed away in Mexico City, Mexico ~ Dubbed “the King of Mambo” known for popularizing the mambo in the 1950s with songs such as Mambo No.5 and Cherry Pink And Aple Blossom White ~ Prado was born in 1916
September 14, 1986 ~ Kwasi Esono Danquah III, commonly known as singer, rapper Tinchy Stryder, born in Accra, Ghana ~ Released his Star In The Hood debut album in 2007. Best known for its follow-up, Catch 22 released two years later, which would spawn the UK top 10 hits Take Me Back featuring Taio Cruz, Number 1 featuring N-Dubz, Never Leave You featuring Amelie Berrabah
September 14, 1985 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Alex Clare born in London, UK ~ Debuted in 2011 with the album Lateness Of The Hour, spawning the hit single Too Close which reached top 10 in both America and the singer's native England. Has been recording and releasing to both critical acclaim and commercial success since
September 14, 1984 ~ Steel pannist, composer Jonathan Scales born in San Francisco, California, USA ~ Formed and fronted the Fourchestra. Also worked with Victor Wooten, Howard Levy, Duhks, Roy Wooten, Jeff Coffin, Jeff Sipe, Casey Driessen, Oteil Burbridge, Yonrico Scott, and others
September 14, 1984 ~ Maxwell Owusu Ansah, commonly known as hip-hop, grime, dance rapper Lethal Bizzle, born in Walthamstow, UK ~ First gained attention in the early 2000s as a co-founding member of More Fire Crew, known for their 2002 UK top 10 single Oi. It stands as one of the first grime songs to reach mainstream succes and one of the highest-charting to date. Debuted as a solo artist in 2004 with the single Pow, widely banned from mainstream radio stations for its lyrics about gun culture yet the song would reach top 20 nevertheless. Other well-known songs include What We Do, Police On My Back, Party Right, The Drop, and Fester Skank
September 14, 1983 ~ Singer Amy Winehouse born in Engfield, UK ~ Singer, songwriter rooted in soul, jazz and blues with just two albums to her name, 2003's Frank and 2006's Back To Black, before an untimely death at 27 due to alcohol poisoning. Known for songs such as Stronger Than Me, Rehab, You Know I'm No Good, Back To Black, and Tears Dry On Their Own ~ Winehouse passed away in 2011
September 14, 1983 ~ Chelsea Faith Dolan, commonly known as electronic music producer, DJ, radio host Cherushii, born ~ Classically trained. Champion of women in electronic music. Starting in the early 2010s released a number of EPs and a sole full-length album, the acclaimed Memory Of Water, before dying at age 33 in a fire in an venue where she was to perform that night ~ Dolan passed away in 2016
September 14, 1981 ~ Singer Ashley Roberts born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA ~ American singer, songwriter best known as a member of the Pussycat Dolls and for a number of British TV celebrity shows such as I'm A Celebrity (Get Me Out Of Here) and Dancing On Ice
September 14, 1981 ~ Slide guitarist Furry Lewis passed away in Memphis, Tennessee, USA ~ Recording since the 1920s, working with artists such as the Alabama State Troopers, WC Handy, the Memphis Jug Band, Jim Jackson, Frank Stokes, Bukka White, and others. Opened for the Rolling Stones twice. Was the subject of a Joni Mitchell song, Furry Sings The Blues from the `1976 LP Hejira. Lewis disliked the song and felt Mitchell should pay him royalties for being the subject ~ Lewis was born ca.1893
September 14, 1980 ~ Jabulard Tsambo, commonly known as rapper Hip-Hop Pantsula, born in Mafikeng, South Africa ~ Worked with the Verbal Assassins, Isaac Mthethwa, Tebogo Rameetse, Proberb, Cassper Nyovest, Asheru, and others ~ Tsambo passed away in 2018
September 14, 1978 ~ Jazz saxophonist, composer Brian Landrus born in Reno, Nevada, USA ~ Started in the late 1990s backing R&B artists such as the Temptations, the Four Tops, the Coasters, the Drifters, Martha Reeves. Debuted as a solo artist with the Forward in 2007 and has recorded to critical acclaim since. Also worked with Esperanza Spalding, Ken Schaphorst and Nicholas Urie
September 14, 1978 ~ Charlie Winston Gleave, commonly known as folk, indie folk, indie pop singer, guitarist, songwriter Charlie Winston, born in Cornwall, UK ~ Brother of underground singer Tom Baxter whom he backed on tour and record including the 2004 Feather And Stone album. As a solo artist Winston has recorded about half a dozen albums since the mid-2000s. Winston enjoyed popularity especially in his adopted homeland France, the singles Like A Hobo and In Your Hands both taken of his 2009 Hobo reaching top 10 on the French charts
September 14, 1973 ~ Nasir Bin Olud Dara Jones, commonly known as rapper Nas, born in Long Island, New York, USA ~ Son of renowned jazz cornetist, guitarist, singer Olu Dara. Regarded as one of the all-time greatest rappers. Rose to fame with his acclaimed Illmatic debut album released in 1994 and has recorded consistently to critical acclaim and commercial success since. Well-known songs include If I Ruled The World featuring Lauryn Hill, Street Dreams, Nas Is Like, Nastradamus, and Got Ur Self A. Has collaborated with the likes of KRS One, AZ, Jermaine Dupri, Kanye West, Mary J Blige (Love Is All We Need), Missy Elliott, R Kelly, Tupac Shakur, and French Montana
September 14, 1971 ~ Guitarist Jeff Loomis born in Menasha, Wisconsin, USA ~ Auditioned for Megadeth at age 16 after their lead guitarist Jeff Young was fired from the band, yet denied the position because of his young age. Best known as lead guitarist for progressive metal outfit Nevermore for its entire existence from 1991 through 2011. Also closely associated with Arch Enemy, Alcatrazz, and Conquering Dystopia. Has recorded as a solo artist, starting with Zero Order Phase released in 2008, and guested on recordings by Pamela Moore, Annihilator, Marty Friedman, Single Bullet Theory, Jason Becker, Amaranthe, Graham Bonnet, and others
September 14, 1970 ~ Bassist Craig Montoya, full name Craig Aloysius Montoya, born in Spokane, Washington, USA ~ Co-founding member of Everclear through 2003, present on some of the band's best-known including the acclaimed 1994 Sparkle & Fade debut album which included Heroin Girl, Heartspark Dollarsign and Santa Monica. Subsequently worked with Tri-Polar and Castella, the latter known for their 2006 How Did We Get Here album
September 14, 1969 ~ Danyel Robinson, commonly known as rapper, actor Dru Down, born in Oakland, California, USA ~ As a solo artist best known for Pimp Of The Year of his 1994 explicit Game sophomore album. Member of the Regime hip-hop collective. Has also worked with Luniz, Tupac Shakur, Bootsy Collins, Daz Dillinger, Yukmouth, and others
September 14, 1967 ~ Alternative rock, indie rock bassist, guitarist, singer, songwriter John Power, full name John Timothy Power, born in Liverpool, UK ~ Bassist for the La's from 1986 through 1991, best known for their UK top 20 hit There She Goes of their sole eponymous The La's released in 1988. Founded and fronted the Cast, known for their 1995 All Change album. The album would become the Polydor Records all-time highest selling debut album and spawn the UK top 20 hits Finetime, Alright, Sandstorm, and Walkaway. Power has also recorded as a solo artist, starting with Happening For Love released in 2003
September 14, 1967 ~ Jazz singer Majken Christiansen born in Copenhagen, Denmark ~ Worked with Fjeldtetten, the Swing Society, Per Rick, Ebbe Lundgaard, Peter Reimer, Mogens Kann Fjelsoe, Anders Aarum, Jens Fossum, her husband Torstein Ellingsen, Tore Sandnaes, Stig Hvalryg, Torstein Ellingsen, Frode Kjekstad, Ove Alexander Billington, Magnolia, Sandvika Storband, Bodil Niska, David Arthur Skinner, and others
September 14, 1966 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Mike Cooley, full name John Michael Cooley, born in USA ~ Best known as founding member and one of the main songwriters of the Drive-by Truckers, notably on Carl Perkins' Cadillac. Released a solo debut, Fool On Every Corner, in 2013
September 14, 1959 ~ Guitarist, singer John Berry born in Aiken, South Carolina, USA ~ Known for songs such as A Mind Of Her Own, What's In It For Me, Standing On The Top Of Goodbye, She's Taken A Shine, and Your Love Amazes Me
September 14, 1959 ~ Pop, synthpop, new wave singer Morten Harket born in Kongsberg, Norway ~ Lead singer of A-ha, with whom he recorded about a dozen albums. The band would rise to international fame with their 1985 Hunting High And Low debut album which spawned the hit Take On Me, a top 10 on both sides of the Atlantic and best remembered for its iconic video. The band is also especially known for The Living Daylights, theme song of the 1987 James Bond film of the same name. Harken has recorded about half a dozen albums as a solo artist, starting with Poetenes Evangelium released in 1993
September 14, 1956 ~ Singer, songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman born in Harlingen, Texas, USA ~ Best known as a songwriter before also reaching commercial success as a singer. Chapman has written or co-written an array of country and pop songs for artists such as Faith Hill (This Kiss), Trisha Yearwood (Down On My KNees), Martina McBride (Happy Girl), Willie Nelson (Nothing I Can Do About It Now, If My World Didn't Have You), Tanya Tucker (Strong Enough To Bend), Lorrie Morgan (Five Minutes), Mary Chapin Carpenter (Almost Home), Alabama (Here We Are), Suzy Bogguss (Save Yourself), Claudia Church (What's The Matter With You Baby), Holly Dunn (You Say You Will), Crystal Gayle (When Love Is New), Highway 101 (All The Reasons Why, Long Way Down), Terri Clark (Sometimes Goodbye), Mindy McCready (One In A Million), Waylon Jennings (Shine On Me), Ilse de Lange (World Of Hurt), Megan McKenna (Far Cry From Love), and Bette Midler (Color Of Roses)
September 14, 1955 ~ Rock & roll singer Little Richard records Tutti Frutti at J&M Studios, New Orleans, Louisiana ~ Penned by Dorothy LaBostrie and Richard. Produced by Robert Bumps Blackwell. Justin Adams guitar, Lee Allen and Alvin Tyler saxophones, Frank Ifield double bass, Earl Palmer drums. Released as a single, b/w I'm Just A Lonely Guy, and included on the Here's Little Richard album
September 14, 1954 ~ Singer Barry Cowsill, full name Barry Steven Cowsill, born ~ Member of sibling outfit the Cowsills, best known for The Rain The Park & Other Things, Indian Lake and a live version of Hair, all of which reached the Billboard top 10 in the late 1960s ~ Cowsill passed away in 2005
September 14, 1953 ~ Thomas Henry Corra, commonly known as cellist Tom Cora, born in Draguignan, France ~ Revered improvisational cellist in experimental jazz and rock. As a leader, solo artist best known for his 1987 Live At The Western Front album. Introduced the cello to honky tonk circuits through his work with Eugene Chadbourne. Formed the Skeleton Crew with guitarist Fred Frith. Formed improvisational trio Third Person with percussionist Samm Bennett and a third person varying from concert to concert including Don Byron, Myra Melford, and Marc Ribot. Other notable collaborations include John Zorn, Curlew, Butch Morris, Nimal, Peter Kowald, Roof, and Andrea Centazzo
September 14, 1952 ~ Blues harpist, singer Darrell Nulisch born in Dallas, Texas, USA ~ Co-founding member of Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets, departing the band in 1985. Member of Mike Morgan's backing unit the Crawl. Member of Ronnie Earl's band the Broadcasters. Toured with James Cotton, singing for Cotton who had just lost his voice. Guested on Otis Grand's 1996 Perfume & Grime album. Has recorded over half a dozen solo albums, starting with Business As Usual released in 1991
September 14, 1950 ~ Pop, palingpop keyboardist, saxophonist, songwriter Dick Plat, full name Albertus Clemmentz Jozef Dick Plat, born in Volendam, the Netherlands ~ Member of the Skyriders. Member of the Left Side. Member of Canyon, known for their track Mooi Volendam. Member of BZN, joining the band in 1988 replacing Thomas Tol. Has also written songs for Wolter Kroes, Maribelle, and others
September 14, 1950 ~ Jazz singer Giacomo Gates born in Connecticut, USA ~ Respected baritone jazz singer worked as a laborer and truck driver into his forties, being discovered by Sarah Vaughan. Influenced by the likes of Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Cab Calloway, Anita O'Day, and Louis Prima. Released his Blue Skies debut album in 1995 and has recorded to critical acclaim since
September 14, 1950 ~ Rock, hard rock, blues rock guitarist Paul Kossoff, full name Paul Francius Kosoff, born in Hampstead, UK ~ Co-founding member of Free, for whom he wrote or co-wrote several songs including Oh I Wept and Mr Big. Released his solo album, Back Street Crawler in 1973. Has also worked with John Martyn, Jim Capaldi, Martha Veléz, Amazing Blondel, Uncle Dog, Michael Gately, Mike Vernon, and others ~ Kossoff passed away in 1976
September 14, 1950 ~ Jazz pianist, composer Steve Allee born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA ~ Member of the Baron von Ohlen Quartet. Toured with Buddy Rich at age 19. Also worked with John Clayton, John von Ohlen, Slide Hampton, James Moody, Rufus Reid, Bob Mintzer, Randy Brecker, Phil Woods, Curtis Fuller, Jeff Hamilton, Tim Hagans, John Bernard Riley, Ira Sullivan, Ed Thigpen, Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Milt Hinton, Vincent Gardner, Bobby Shew, and others
September 14, 1949 ~ Guitarist Ed King born in Glendale, California, USA ~ Founding member of Strawberry Alarm Clock. Member of Lynyrd Skynyrd from 1972 to 1975, and again from 1987 to 1996. King initially replaced bassist Leon Wilkeson in 1972 but switched to guitar when Wilkeson regretted leaving the band and came back. This resulted in a three-guitar line-up, King, Allen Collins and Gary Rossington. The band would refer to the new line-up as the “three guitar army” ~ King passed away in 2018
September 14, 1949 ~ Singer, songwriter Eikichi Yazawa born in Hiroshima, Japan ~ Father of singer Yoko Yazawa. Founded rock & roll outfit Carol in 1972. Released his Tom Mack-produced solo debut I Love You OK in 1975 and has recorded extensively since
September 14, 1948 ~ Frederick Dewey Smith, commonly known as guitarist Fred Sonic Smith born in West Virginia, USA ~ Guitarist of influential punk rockers MC5, best known for the pivotal 1960s punk rock anthem Kick Out The Jams. Later formed the Sonic Rendezvous Band, known for its sole single City Slang. Married to Patti Smith in 1980, the couple have raised two children together. The band Sonic Youth named themselves after Smith's nickname ~ Smith passed away in 1994
September 14, 1947 ~ Singer, game show host, actor Jon Bauman born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Best known as Bowzer from Sha Na Na, instantly recognisable for his “greaser” hair and clothes. The band both revived and parodied 1950s rock & roll and doo-wop, and is best known for their 1972 album The Night Is Still Young, their appearance in the 1978 musical comedy film Grease, and for their own syndicated TV show The Sha Na Na Show. Bauman joined the band in 1970, replacing Alan Cooper. Following his departure from the band in 1983 Bauman has worked as a game show host, a VJ, and actor appearing in numerous TV shows. Bauman is also a political activist and spokesman for several committees associated with the Democrats. Bauman also helped pass legislation, known as the Truth in Music Act, that would compel any group using the name of a classic group to have at least one of the original members
September 14, 1945 ~ Rock, blues, country, pop guitarist, producer, songwriter, film composer Geoff Levin born in San Francisco, California, USA ~ Member of the Black Mountain Boys, which also included Jerry Garcia. Member of People, known for their 1968 hit I Love You. Best known as a film composer with over 60 soundtracks to his name. As a guitarist and dobroist has guested on recordings by Buffy Sainte-Marie, Jimmie Spheeris, Dick Glass, Rita Coolidge, Wings Hauser, and others
September 14, 1943 ~ Antti Yrjo Hammarberg, commonly known as rock, folk singer, guitarist, songwriter Irwin Goodman, born in Hameenlinna, Finland ~ Protest singer popular from the 1960s forward with some two dozen albums to his name. Frequent collaborator of lyricist Vexi Salmi. Well known songs include Tyomiehen Lauantai, En Kerro Kuinka Jouduin Maimisiin, El Tippa Tapa, Poing Poing Poing, Haistakaa Pasja Koko Valtiovalta and Rentun Ruusu ~ Hammarberg passed away in 1991
September 14, 1941 ~ Alexis Clair Snouffer, commonly known as guitarist Alex St Clair, born ~ Best known for his association with Captain Beefheart, appearing on the Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band's first two albums, 1967's Safe As Milk and 1968's Strictly Personal ~ Snouffer passed away in 2006
September 14, 1941 ~ Producer, aranger James Anthony Carmichael born in Gadsgen, USA, USA ~ Throughout the 1960s worked as an arranger for the Olympics, Bill Cosby, Bob & Earl, the Soul Runners, and others. Best known as Motown producer and arranger from the early-1970s onwards. Pivotal to the careers of Lionel Richie and the Commodores, producing or co-producing a long string of hits including Easy and Brick House. Also worked with the Four Tops, the Miracles, the Supremes, the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, Eddie Kendricks, Atlantic Starr, Diana Ross, and others
September 14, 1940 ~ Reggae singer Winston Jarrett born in St Ann Parish, Jamaica ~ Member of Alton Ellis' backing band the Flames. Sang on quintessential rocksteady songs such as Dancecrasher, Cry Tough, Rocksteady and Girl I've Got A Date. Also wrote or co-wrote several of Ellis' songs including Sunday Coming and True Born African. Jarrett would go on to form the Righteous Flames with Edgar Gardner and Junior Green, known for songs such as Zion I Love You. Also worked with Coxsone Dodd, Lee Scratch Perry, Danny Clarke and others
September 14, 1937 ~ Saxophonist Joseph Jarman born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA ~ One of the earliest member of the jazz collective the Association For The Advancement Of Creative Musicians. Co-founding member of the Art Ensemble Of Chicago. Well over a dozen albums to his name as leader or co-leader starting in the mid-1960s, often in collaboration with Famoudou Don Moye. Has also worked with Anthony Braxton, Equal Interest, Johnny Dyani, Craig Harris, Marilyn Crispell, Myra Melford, and others ~ Jarman passed away in 2019
September 14, 1937 ~ R&B, blues, disco singer Ronnie Jones, full name Ronald Hugo Jones, born in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA ~ Worked with Alexis Korner, Blues Incorporated, John McLaughlin, the Nighttimers, Claudja Barry, Cooper Terry, Spagna, the Soul Syndicate. Resides in Italy. Wrote the song Lo Bambino Tu for Zucchero
September 14, 1930 ~ William Richard Berry, commonly known as bandleader, trumpeter, cornetist Bill Berry born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA ~ As a leader especially acclaimed for Hello Rev released in 1976 and its follow-up Shortcake two years later. Active since the late 1950s, present on albums by Woody Herman, Herb Pomeroy (Band In Boston), Duke Ellington, Trini López, Ruth Brown, Jake Hanna (Live At The Concord), Ray Charles, Jimmy Rowles (Plus 2 Plus 3 Plus 4), and Johnny Hodges ~ Berry passed away in 2002
September 14, 1928 ~ Saxophonist, clarinetist Jay Cameron born in New York, New York, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Fronted the International Sax Band and the Third Herdsmen. Spent most of the 1940s backing Ike Carpenter. Would go on to work with Rex Stewart, Bill Coleman, Roy Haynes, Henri Renaud, Bobby Jaspar, Barney Wilen, Jean-Louis Chautemps, Woody Herman, Slide Hampton, Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, Maynard Ferguson, Freddie Hubbard, Candido Camero, Bill Barron, André Hodeir, Hal McKusick, Les Elgart, Larry Elgart, Paul Winter, and others ~ Cameron passed away in 2001
September 14, 1928 ~ Bassist Max Bennett born in Des Moines, Iowa, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Georgie Auld, Terry Gibbs, Charlie Ventura, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Charlie Mariano, Conte Candoli, Bob Cooper, Bill Holman, Stan Levey, Lou Levy, Coleman Hawkins, Jack Montrose, the Monkees, the Partridge Family, Frank Zappa (Hot Rats, Chunga's Revenge), the LA Express, Marvin Gaye, Barbra Streisand, Anthony Newley, Elvis Presley, the Four Tops, Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Seals & Crofts, Quincy Jones, Kenny Rogers, the Beach Boys, Carole King, OC Smith, Michael Franks, Artie Butler, Percy Faith, Hidle Brown Barnum, Stan Kenton, Céline Dion, Jose Iglesias, Carole King, the Temptations, the Crusaders, George Harrison, José Feliciano, Andy Kim, the Grass Roots, and others ~ Bennett passed away in 2018
September 14, 1927 ~ Jazz, vocal pop singer Gene Austin records My Melancholy Baby at Victor Studios, New York ~ Written by by Ernie Burnett, Maybelle Watson, George A Norton, published in 1912. First recorded by Walter Scanlan. Recorded by hundreds of artists. Burnett, who composed the music, suffered memory loss after being injured in battle. While recovering a pianist entertained the patients. When he played Melancholy Baby Burnett regained his memory, reclaiming “that's my song.”
September 14, 1918 ~ Israel Lopez Valdes, commonly known as double bassist, composer Cachao, born in Havana, Cuba ~ Influential on Cuban music from the 1930s to 1950s. Credited as co-creator of the mambo. Faded into obscurity in the 1970s. Career revival in the 1990s. Worked with the All Stars Cubano, Joe Cain, Kako, Carlos Montiel, Patato, Eddie Palmieri, Tito Rodriguez, the Salsa All-Stars, Bebo Valdes, and others ~ Valdés passed away in 2008
September 14, 1914 ~ Songwriter Mae Boren Axton born in Bardwell, Texas, USA ~ Known in the music industry as “the Queen Mother of Nashville” and best remembered for co-writing Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel with Tommy Durden. Has also worked with Mel Tillis, Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Eddy Arnold, Tanya Tucker, Johnny Tillotson, Blake Shelton, and others ~ Axton passed away in 1997
September 14, 1908 ~ Everette Ishmael Hughes, commonly known as Western swing bandleader, fiddler, guitarist, singer Billy Hughes, born in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, USA ~ Perhaps best remembered for penning Tennessee Saturday Night, a 1949 hit for Red Foley ~ Hughes passed away in 1995
September 14, 1891 ~ Jazz, dance band drummer, bandleader Joe Kayser born in St Louis, Missouri, USA ~ Worked with Earl Fuller, Jack Benny, Sally Rand, and others ~ Kayser passed away in 1981