This Day In Music: March 19
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March 19, 2022 ~ Conductor Michail Jurowski, full name Michail Vladimirovich Jurowski, passed away ~ Internationally acclaimed conductor best known for his association with several leading German orchestras from the late 1970s forward including the Komische Oper Berlin, the Staatsoper Dresden, the Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie, the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, and others. Regarded an authority on the works of Dmitri Shostakovich ~ Jurowski was born in 1945
March 19, 2021 ~ Christian Alejandro Cuturrufo Contador, commonly known as jazz trumpeter Cristián Cuturrufo, passed away in Santiago, Chile ~ Classically trained. Recognised as one of Chile's premier jazz trumpeters. Influenced by Kool & the Gang, Cole Porter, Arturo Sandoval, Fats Navarro, Dizzy Gillespie. Especcially renowned for albums such as 2004's Jazz De Salon working with pianist Valentín Trujillo, 2006's funk-infused Cristián Cuturuffo & The Latin Jazz and 2007's Chilean swing landmark Swing Nacional ~ Cuturrufo was born in 1972
March 19, 2021 ~ Punk rock, garage rock, rock & roll singer, guitarist, bassist, pianist, drummer Dan Sartain, full name Daniel Fredrick Sartain, passed away in Birmingham, Alabama, USA ~ Active since the early 2000s. Self-released a number of recordings prior to his Dan Sartain Vs The Serpientes major label debut album in 2005. Has opened for the White Stripes and the Hives ~ Sartain was born in 1981
March 19, 2016 ~ Pop, rock singer, keyboardist, songwriter Dave Adams, full name David Malcolm Adams, passed away in Buffalo, New York, USA ~ Closely associated with producer Joe Meek. Member of Heinz's backing unit alongside a then-unknown Ritchie Blackmore. Also half of the duo Joy & Dave, member of country-rock outfit Dee & the Housecats, member of jazz band the Funny Valentines ~ Adams was born in 1938
March 19, 2015 ~ Michael David Lookofsky, commonly known as keyboardist, singer, songwriter Michael Brown, passed away in Englewood, New Jersey, USA ~ Harpsichordist, clavinetist, primary songwriter of the Left Banke leaving the band in 1967 due to internal struggles. Wrote the band's best-known hits Walk Away Renee and Pretty Ballerina ~ Lookofsky was born in 1949
March 19, 2013 ~ Pop, R&B, doo-wop tenor singer Floyd McRae passed away in the Bronx, New York, USA ~ Member of the Chords, best known for their 1954 doo-wop classic Sh-boom, co-written by McRae. Canadian vocal quartet the Crew Cuts would successfuly cover the song the same year. Keyes was also a member of the Four Notes and of the Tunestoppers ~ McRae was born ca.1927
March 19, 2007 ~ R&B, soul singer Luther Ingram, full name Luther Thomas Ingram, passed away in Belleville, Illinois, USA ~ Best known for If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right, a Billboard top 10 hit in 1972 selling four million copies. Also known for songs such as Ain't That Loving You For More Reasons Than One, I'll Be Your Shelter In Time Of Sorm, Do You Love Somebody. Co-penned the Staple Singers' smash hit Respect Yourself ~ Ingram was born in 1937
March 19, 2002 ~ John Patton, commonly known as jazz, blues, R&B pianist Big John Patton passed away in Montclair, New Jersey, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Regarded by some as an important figure inspiring the boom of 1960s soul jazz. Reeemerged in the 1980s and 1990s as a key player and influence on many acid jazz players. Has worked with Lloyd Price, Grant Green, Lou Donaldson, Art Blakey, Fred Jackson, Red Holloway, Clifford Jordan, Johnny Lytle, Jimmy Ponder, Harold Vick, Don Wilkerson, John Zorn, and others ~ Patton was born in 1935
March 19, 2001 ~ Jazz trumpeter, arranger Herbie Jones, full name Herbert Robert Jones, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Worked with Lucky Millinder, Andy Kirk, Buddy Johnson, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, and others ~ Jones was born in 1926
March 19, 1999 ~ Harrison Demotra Nelson Jr, commonly known as R&B, jump blues singer, guitarist Peppermint Harris, passed away ~ Played with Lightnin' Hopkins ~ Nelson was born in 1925
March 19, 1993 ~ Rock drummer Jeff Ward passed away ~ Worked with Skafish, Hammeron, Nine Inch Nails, Revolting Cocks, Ministry, Lard, and Low Pop Suicide. Ward committed suicide at age 30, dying of carbon monoxide poisoning ~ Ward was born in 1962
March 19, 1993 ~ Jean Karen Cariker, commonly known as folk blues singer, guitarist, banjoist Karen Dalton, passed away in Hurley, New York, USA ~ Early Greenwich Village folk scene figure. Cited as an influence by Nick Cave, Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom. Resenting the music industry she only recorded two albums, 1969's It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best and 1971's In My Own Time. Country singer Lacy J Dalton chose her stage name in honor of Dalton ~ Dalton was born in 1937
March 19, 1990 ~ Alternative rock, grunge, glam punk singer, keyboardist, bassist, guitarist, songwriter Andrew Wood, full name Andrew Patrick Wood, passed away in Seattle, Washington, USA ~ Known for his work with two bands pivotal to the birth of grunge music, founding Malfunkshun in 1980 and Mother Love Bone in 1988. Wood would die of a heroin overdose just weeks before the release of the latter's debut album, Apple ~ Wood was born in 1966
March 19, 1989 ~ Hornist Alan Civil passed away in Lambeth, UK ~ Closely associated with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Known especially for his recording of Benjamin Britten's Serenade For Tenor Horn And Strings. To pop audiences known for guesting on the Beatles-tracks For No One of the 1966 Revolver album, and A Day In The Life of the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album the following year ~ Civil was born in 1929
March 19, 1988 ~ Singer, percussionist Kristian Dijkstra born in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands ~ Member of Twarres since 2014. Member of Dutch country, bluegrass outfit the Woodrockers
March 19, 1987 ~ Thana Alexa Pavelic, commonly known as jazz, jazz fusion, ethno soul singer, arranger, songwriter Thana Alexa, born in New York, New York, USA ~ Leader and sidewoman. Debuted as a leader with the Ode To Heroes in 2015. Has worked with Gene Ess, Matija Dedic, Chase Baird, Christos Rafalides, and with her husband Antonio Sánchez
March 19, 1984 ~ Bandleader Henry Halstead passed away in California, USA ~ Worked with Abe Lyman, Gus Arnheim, Abe Maule, Chuck Moll, Craig Leach, Ernie Reed, Glenn Hopkins, Ross Dugat, Ted Schilling, Zebe Mann, Red Nichols, Maxine Harding, Clarence Rand, Myrtle Harwin, Margaret Reed, Peggy Man, and others ~ Halstead was born in 1897
March 19, 1982 ~ Heavy metal guitarist Randy Rhoads passed away in Leesburg, Florida, USA ~ Classically trained. Influential heavy metal guitarist, helpful in establishing neoclassical metal as a genre. Member of Quiet Riot. Closely associated with Ozzy Osbourne, present on the Blizzard Of Ozz album and especially noted for the riffs on Crazy Train and Mr Crowley ~ Rhoads was born in 1956
March 19, 1981 ~ Hudson Woodbridge, commonly known as Chicago blues guitarist, pianist, singer, songwriter Tampa Red, passed away in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Known for his single-string slide style. Influenced Big Bill Broonzy, Robert Nighthawk, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Mose Allison. Best known for recordings such as Anna Lou Blues, Black Angel Blues, Crying Won't Help You, It Hurts Me Too and Love Her With A Feeling ~ Whittaker was born in 1904
March 19, 1980 ~ Rock drummer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, singer Nate Kinsella born ~ Has worked with American Football, Joan Of Arc, Make Believe, Mata Hari, Decembers Architects. Guested on his cousin Mike Kinsella's I Do Perceive album. Released his The Layer solo debut album in 2007, going by the moniker Birthmark
March 19, 1978 ~ Lenka Kripac, mononymously known as indie pop singer, actress Lenka, born in Bega, Australia ~ Daughter of jazz trumpeter Jiri Kripac. Recorded over half a dozen albums, starting with the eponymous Lenka album in 2008. Her debut album included her best known song, The Show which would later be used in numerous advertisements and in the 2011 film Moneyball
March 19, 1977 ~ Jazz, dixieland pianist Armand Hug passed away in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ~ Played professionaly from age 13 onwards, mostly as a solo pianist in local clubs. Did not record until the early 1950s, debuting with the eponymous Armand Hug album in 1951. Has also worked with Harry Shields, the New Orleans Owls, Sharkey Bonano ~ Hug was born in 1910
March 19, 1977 ~ Comedian, actor, director, singer Jorma Taccone, full name Jorma Christopher Taccone, born in Berkeley, California, USA ~ Formed musical comedy troupe the Lonely Island with Andy Samberg and Akive Schaffer. Best known as comedian, director and writer
March 19, 1976 ~ Marvin Watson Jr, commonly known as rapper Messy Marv, born ~ Has recorded well over a dozen albums starting in the late 1990s, at times using the moniker MessCalen. Member of Kaalman's Krew. Has also collaborated with San Quinn, Marvaless, Yukmouth, Mitchy Slick, Berner, and others
March 19, 1976 ~ Rock, hard rock, blues rock guitarist Paul Kossoff, full name Paul Francius Kosoff, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Co-founding member of Free, for whom he wrote or co-wrote several songs including Oh I Wept and Mr Big. Released his solo album, Back Street Crawler in 1973. Has also worked with John Martyn, Jim Capaldi, Martha Veléz, Amazing Blondel, Uncle Dog, Michael Gately, Mike Vernon, and others ~ Kossoff was born in 1950
March 19, 1976 ~ Thomas Helland, commonly known as singer, songwriter Thom Hell, born in Norway ~ Worked with Bjarte Jorgensen, Frank Hammersland, Marte Wulff, Jorn Raknes, Vidar Ersfjord, Even Ormested, Thomas Aslaksen, Kjetil Grande, Asbjorn Ribe, Marit Larsen, and others
March 19, 1975 ~ Indie folk, folk rock singer, guitarist, pianist, drummer, bassist, songwriter Mason Jennings born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA ~ Debuted in 1997 with his eponymous Mason Jennings recorded on an analog four-track in his living room playing all instruments himself. Has recorded prolifically to critical acclaim and a growing following since
March 19, 1975 ~ Singer, actress Vivian Hsu born in Taichung, Taiwan ~ Lead singer of Japanese pop band the Black Biscuits from 1997 to 1999, known for the hits Stamina, Timing, Relax and Bye Bye
March 19, 1973 ~ Drummer Brant Bjork born in Palm Springs, California, USA ~ Important figure in stoner rock. Best known as co-founding member, drummer of stoner rock band Kyuss, remaining with the band through 1994. Present on the band's first three albums, Wretch, Blues For The Red Sun, and Welcome To The Sky. Bjork has also worked with Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator, Vista Chino, and the stoner rock power trio Stöner. Has also recorded over a dozen solo albums, starting with Jalamanta released in 1999
March 19, 1973 ~ Bernard James Freeman, commonly known as rapper Bun B, born in Port Arthur, Texas, USA ~ Formed the hip-hop duo UGK with Pimp C, known best as collaborators on Jay-Z's 2000 Billboard top 20 hit Big Pimpin'. The duo has also worked with Three 6 Mafia, TI, Master P, Too $hort, OutKast, Ludacris, E-40, Dizzee Rascal, Big Boi, A$AP Rocky, and others
March 19, 1970 ~ Guitarist, singer, songwriter Gert Bettens born in Merksem, Belgium ~ Best known as lead guitarist of K's Choice. Also a member of Woodface
March 19, 1970 ~ Jazz double bassist Harald Johnsen born in Oslo, Norway ~ Worked with the Kohn Johansen Sextet, Tord Gustavsen, Sonny Simmons, Sigurd Kohn, Nils-Olav Johansen, Jan Erik Kongshaug, Frode Barth, Per Oddvar Johansen, Ditlef Eckhoff, Silje Nergaard, Monica Borgen, and others ~ Johnsen passed away in 2011
March 19, 1969 ~ Gay Jules Aguirne, commonly known as singer, songwriter Gary Jules, born ~ Best known for collaborating with frequent musical partner Michael Andrews on the 2003 Tears For Fears cover Mad World. Also worked with Jim Blanco, Esquimaux, and with Angel Taylor
March 19, 1967 ~ House, soul singer, songwriter Barbara Tucker born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Known for a string of 1990s dance, club hits notably Beautiful People, I Get Lifted, Stay Together and Everybody Dance (The Horn Song)
March 19, 1966 ~ Jazz saxophonist, composer Frank Vaganee born in Mechelen, Belgium ~ Leader of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. Also worked with Philippe Aerts, Rosario Bonaccorso, Dré Pallemaerts, Mike del Ferro, and others
March 19, 1965 ~ James Gordon Shapiro, commonly known as rock, alternative rock guitarist, drummer, bassist, singer Jim Shapiro, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Brother of singer, guitarist Nina Gordon. Original drummer of Veruca Salt, present on the band's first two albums, 1994's American Thighs and 1997's Eight Arms To Hold You, and rejoining in 2013. Founded and fronted Ultraswiss. Also worked with the Hushdrops
March 19, 1964 ~ Singer, guitarist Olli Lindholm born in Pori, Finland ~ Lead singer, co-founding and sole constant member of , with whom he recorded about two dozen albums starting in the early 1980s. The band is known for songs such as Joutsenlaulu, Likaiset Legendat, Ihmisen Poika, Rakkaus O Lumivalkoinen, Sarkynyt Enkeli, and Tia Maria. Lindolm has also recorded a number of albums as a solo artist, starting with Voima, released in 2000 ~ Lindholm passed away in 2019
March 19, 1960 ~ Jazz, bossa nova pianist, singer, arranger, composer Eliane Elias born in São Paulo, Brazil ~ Leader and sidewoman. Worked with Toquinho, Steps Ahead, Randy Brecker, Peter Erskine, Michael Franks, Denyce Graves, Joe Henderson, Toninho Horta, Ivo Perelman, Toots Thielemans, Ornella Vanoni, and others
March 19, 1960 ~ Ambient, easy listening, world music singer, keyboardist, producer, songwriter Eric Mouquet born in Valenciennes, France ~ Formed the duo Deep Forest with Michel Sanchez, merging world music with electronic sounds and dance beats. They are best known for their Grammy Award-winning Boheme album released in 1995
March 19, 1959 ~ Keyboardist, percussionist, conductor Anthony Marinelli born in Burbank, California, USA ~ Has worked on over an estimated 100 soundtracks for film and TV, notably the 1993 My Forgotten Man feature film. In-demand session musician, present on albums by Michael Jackson (Thriller), Lionel Richie, Supertramp (Brother Where You Bound), Kenny Loggins, Giorgio Moroder, and Dianne Reeves
March 19, 1959 ~ New wave, ska, pop rock singer, songwriter Terry Hall, full name Terrence Edward Hall, born in Coventry, UK ~ Lead singer of the Coventry Automatics, renamed to the Specials in 1979. The band is known for songs such as Message To You Rudy, Too Much Too Young, Do Nothing, Stereotype, Rat Race, and their best known the UK No.1 hit Ghost Town. Subsequently formed the Fun Boy Three with bandmates Lynval Golding and Neville Staple, the trio known for The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum and the Bananarama collaboration It Ain't What You Do (It's The The Way That You Do It). Hall has also worked with Colourfield, Terry Blair & Anouchka, formed the duo Vegas with Dave Stewart, and recorded as a solo artist ~ Hall passed away in 2022
March 19, 1959 ~ Roots reggae singer Wayne Wade born in Kingston, Jamaica ~ Known for a number of mid-1970s hits, mostly working with producer Yabby You. Released his Black Is Our Colour in 1976. Well known songs inlude Happy Go Lucky Girl, On The Beach, After You and Natty Cotnractor. Has also worked with Dillinger, Joe Gibbs, Linval Thompson, and others
March 19, 1958 ~ Jazz singer, conductor Anne Marie Giørtz born in Stockholm, Sweden ~ Married to guitarist Eivind Sarset. Sister of pianist Ole Henrik Giørtz. Leader and sidewoman. Has worked with Ab Und Zu, Bazar, Trio de Janeiro, Claudio Latini, EIM, and others
March 19, 1957 ~ Rock, pop rock, progressive rock guitarist, singer Chris Thompson, full name Christopher Hamlet Thompson, born in Ashford, UK ~ Best known for his association with Manfred Mann, notably singing lead on Manfred Mann's Earth Band's classic hit Blinded By The Light. Founded Night, known for the Billboard Hot 100 top 20 hit If You Remember Me. Co-wrote and sang backing vocals on No Stoppin' Us Now of the Doobie Brothers album One Step Closer. Co-wrote John Farnham's 1986 hit You're The Voice. Has also recorded as a solo artist, notably The Challenge (Face It) which was used as the theme song for the 1989 Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Thompson has also worked with Elton John, Trevor Rabin, Jennifer Warnes, John Parr, Robbie Nevil, Mike Oldfield, Alan Parsons, the SAS Band, Sarah Brightman, and others
March 19, 1957 ~ Classical, jazz, new age pianist, flutist Øystein Sevåg born in Bærum, Norway ~ Released his Close Your Eyes And See debut album in 1989 and has recorded steadily since drawing from classical, jazz, new age and electronica. Has worked with Lakki Patey, the London Philharmonia Orchestra, Benedicte Torget, Peter Wettre, Bendik Hofseth, Paolo Vinaccia, Audun Erlien, Eivind Sarset, and others
March 19, 1955 ~ Actor, singer Bruce Willis born in Idart-Oberstein, West Germany ~ Best known as an actor in numerous action and action comedy films, notably the Die Hard series. Also a singer with a handful of albums to his name, starting with The Return Of Bruno released in 1987
March 19, 1955 ~ Drummer, percussionist Derek Longmuir born in Edinburgh, UK ~ Founding member of the Bay City Rollers, which also included his brother bassist Alan Longmuir, known for 1970s UK top 10 hits such Keep On Dancing, Remember (Sha-la-la}, Shang-a-lang, Summerlove Sensation, All Of Me Loves All Of You, Bye Bye Baby, Give A Little Love, Love Me Like I Love You, Money Honey and I Only Want To Be With You
March 19, 1955 ~ Giuseppe Daniele, commonly known as guitarist, singer, songwriter Pino Daniele, born in Naples, Italy ~ Once dubbed his music “tarumbo” indicating a mix of tarantello, blues and rumba. Prolific guitarist known for his wide influences and social commentary. Best known for his debut, 1977 Terra Mia and his 1980 album Mero A Meta, the latter being noted by critics as the rebirth of Neapolitan song. Opened for Bob Marley. Befriended Eric Clapton. Had his songs covered by artists as diverse as Sarah Jane Morris, Randy Crawford (It's Raining (Quanno Chiove)), Patricia Marx, Marisa Monte, and Issac Delgado. Collaborated with James Senese, Enzo Avitabile, Tullio de Piscope, Tony Esposito, Alphonso Johnson, Wayne Shorter, Richie Havens, Pat Metheny, Joe Bonamassa, and others ~ Daniele passed away in 2015
March 19, 1954 ~ Guitarist Jamie West-Oram born in Barnsley, UK ~ Member of the Fixx, joining the band in 1980 as replacement for Tony McGrail. The band is known for songs such as Stand Or Fall, Saved By Zero, One Thing Leads To Another, Are We Ourselves, Secret Separation, and Driven Out. Alongside bandmate Cy Curnin West-Oram also notably guested on Tina Turner's 1984 Private Dancer comeback album, featured on the tracks I Might Have Been Queen and Better Be Good To Me
March 19, 1954 ~ Conductor, music director Robert Hart Baker born ~ Renowned conductor. Has worked with the Saint Louis Philharmonic, the Asheville Lyric Opera, the York Symphony Orchestra, the Connecticut Philharmonic Orchestra, the New York Youth Symphony, the Harrisburg Choral Society, the Zurich Symphony Orchestra, the Regina Symphony Orchestra, and others
March 19, 1953 ~ Bassist Billy Sheehan born in Buffalo, New York, USA ~ First gained attention as a member of Talas, earning local popularity in Buffalo spreading into northeast US and Canada, for whom he also wrote Shy Boy and Addicted To That Rush. Sheehan would later re-record the former with David Lee Roth, the latter with Mr Big. Has also worked with Niacin, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, Winery Dogs, Michael Kocáb, Sons Of Apollo, and record as a solo artist
March 19, 1953 ~ Actress, singer Irène Bordoni passed away in Manhattan, New York, USA ~ Child actress in silent films. Would go on to a lengthy career on stage and screen, including several Broadway musicals notably The French Doll1 in 1922 introducing the George Gershwin-penned Do It Again and Paris in 1928 which spawned the hit Let\s Do It (Let's Fall In Love), the first big succes for songwriter Cole Porter ~ Bordoni was born in 1885
March 19, 1953 ~ Jazz pianist Michele Rosewoman born in Oakland, California, USA ~ Leader and sidewoman. Worked with Quintessence, Baikida Carroll, Julius Hemphill, Julian Priester, Oliver Lake, Billy Bang, Freddie Waits, Rufus Reid, Billy Hart, Reggie Workman, Celia Cruz, Chocolate Armenteros, Paquito d'Rivera, Greg Osby, Andy Laster, and others
March 19, 1953 ~ New wave, post-punk guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter Ricky Wilson born in Athens, Georgia, USA ~ Founded the B52's with Kate Pierson, Keith Strickland, Fred Schneider and his sister Cindy Wilson. Died aged 32 of AIDS-related complications. Present on the band's first four albums, including on songs such as Rock Lobster, Planet Claire, Private Idaho, Whammy Kiss and Summer Of Love ~ Wilson passed away in 1985
March 19, 1952 ~ Rock guitarist, bassist Albritton McClain born ~ Best known as a member of power pop unit Donnie Iris & the Cruisers. Present on all of the band's 1980s albums including the acclaimed King Cool, considered a commercial and critical peak for Iris, spawning the modest hits Love Is Like A Rock and My Girl
March 19, 1952 ~ Heartland rock singer, songwriter John Brannen born in Savannah, Georgia, USA ~ Compared to artists such as Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty and Jackson Browne. Pop-rockers the Eagles covered his Somebody on their 2007 Long Road Out Of Eden album
March 19, 1952 ~ Violinist Jorja Fleezanis, full name Jorja Kay Fleezanis, born ~ Best known as concertmaster of the Minnesota Orchestra from 1989 through 2009. At the time of her appointment only the second female in the USA to hold such a title. Premiered John Adams' Violin Concerto in 1994, with then-music director Edo de Waart leading the orchestra. Married to classical music critic and author Michael Steinberg ~ Fleezanis passed away in 2022
March 19, 1951 ~ Steven Gene Wold, commonly known as country blues, blues-rock singer, guitarist Seasick Steve, born in Oakland, California, USA ~ Worked in a variety of jobs before recording his major-label solo debut I Started Out With Nothing ANd I Still Got Most Of It Left album in 2008, earning him a devoted following especially in the UK
March 19, 1950 ~ Trombonist Curtis Fowlkes born in New York, New York, USA ~ Co-founded the Jazz Passengers with saxophonist Roy Nathanson, with whom he recorded over half a dozen albums starting with Implement Yourself released in 1990. Member of the Lounge Lizards. Has also worked with Charlie Haden, Don Byron, Bill Frisell, Glen Hansard, Charlie Hunter, Marc Ribot, Horace Andy, Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello, Levon Helm, Freedy Johnston, Bobby Previte, Lou Reed, John Zorn, and others
March 19, 1950 ~ Jazz saxophonist, flutist Steve Houben born in Liège, Belgium ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Joe Newman, Bill Frisell, Toots Thielemans, Chet Baker, Mike Stern, George Coleman, Gerry Mulligan, Melanie de Blasio, and others
March 19, 1948 ~ Jazz tenor saxophonist David Schnitter born in Newark, New Jersey, USA ~ Sideman and leader. Worked with Ted Dunbar, Art Blakey, Freddie Hubbard, Frank Foster, Charles Earland, Richard Groove Holmes, Johnny Lytle, Red Rodney, and others
March 19, 1948 ~ Saxophonist Henning Gravrok born in Tovik ~ Central to the Tromsø and Bodø jazz scenes
March 19, 1946 ~ Guitarist, producer Paul Atkinson, full name Paul Ashley Warren Atkinson, born in Cuffley, UK ~ Founding member of pop-rock band the Zombies, known for the late 1960s hits She's Not There, Tell Her No and Time Of The Season. Following the band's disbandement Atkinson would go to become an A&R executive and producer working with artists such as Elton John, ABBA, Bruce Hornsby, Mr Mister, Judas Priest, and others ~ Atkinson passed away in 2004
March 19, 1946 ~ R&B, soul, funk singer Ruth Pointer, full name Ruth Esther Pointer, born in Oakland, California, USA ~ Member of siblin outfit the Pointer Sisters, known for songs such as Yes We Can Can, Fairytale, How Long (Betcha Got A Chick On The Side), Fire, He's So Shy, Slow Hand, Automatic, Jump (For My Love), I'm So Excited, Automatic and Neutron Dance
March 19, 1945 ~ Jazz pianist, arranger Clyde Hart passed away ~ Leader and sideman. Important figure in the transition from swing to bebop. Worked with Gene Coy, Jap Allen, Blanche Calloway, Lionel Hampton, Chu Berry, John Kirby, Roy Eldridge, Hot Lips Page, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Don Byas, Ben Webster, and other ~ Hart was born ca.1910
March 19, 1944 ~ Cellist Myung-wha Chung born in Seoul, South Korea ~ Internationally renowned classical cellist known for her recordings of works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Felix Mendelssohn and Pyotr Tchaikovsky
March 19, 1944 ~ Keyboardist Tom Constanten born in Long Branch, New Jersey, USA ~ Best known for his stint with the Grateful Dead from 1968 through 1970, appearing on the albums Anthem Of The Sun, Aoxomoxoa, and Live/Dead. Member of Dose Hermanos. Over the years has recorded over half a dozen albums as a solo artist, notably 2002's 88 Keys To Tomorrow, and collaborated with the likes of the Incredible String Band, Henry Kaiser, Robin Petrie, Jorma Kaukonen, the Zen Tricksters, and others
March 19, 1942 ~ Folk, country, outlaw country singer, guitarist, songwriter Richard Dobson, full name Richard James Joseph Dobson II, born in Tyler, Texas, USA ~ One of the most literate country songwriters to come out of Texas, akin to Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark. Called “the Ernest Hemingway of Country music” by Nanci Griffith who covered his The Ballad Of Robin Wintersmith. About two dozen albums to his name, starting with In Texas Last December released in 1977. Perhaps best known for penning Baby Ride Easy, recorded by Dobson in 1977 and covered by several artists, including as a duet by Del Reeves & Billie Jo Spears, by Carlene Carter & Dave Edmunds, and by Johnny Cash & June Carter ~ Dobson passed away in 2017
March 19, 1942 ~ Rock & roll singer Robin Luke, born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Known for his self-penned single Susie Darlin' named after his then five-year-old sister Susie, a Billboard top 10 hit in 1958
March 19, 1940 ~ Jazz, dixieland trumpeter Keith Smith, full name Keith John Smith, born in Isleworth, UK ~ Leader and sideman. Active since the mid-1950s, mostly in traditional jazz and dixieland revival bands. As a leader perhaps best known for founding and leading Hefty Jazz for over a decade starting in 1975, which at times included George Chisholm, Mick Pyne, Peanuts Hucko, Nat Pierce, Johnny Mince, Barrett Deems. Has also worked with Norrie Cox, the New Teao Brass Band, Pops Foster, Jimmy Archey, Alvin Alcorn, and others ~ Smith passed away in 2008
March 19, 1940 ~ Pop singer, actor Michael Cox, full name Michael James Cox, born in Liverpool, UK ~ As a singer best known for his Joe Meek-produced single Angela Jones, a 1960 UK top 10 hit. Would later venture into acting, eventually settling down in New Zealand using both his full name and the alias Michael James
March 19, 1939 ~ Jazz pianist Mike Longo, full name Michael Josef Longo, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Best known for his work with Dizzy Gillespie. Also worked with Cannonball Adderley, Paul Chambers, Adam Rafferty, Ben Brown, Ray Mosca, Lee Konitz, and others
March 19, 1938 ~ Rhythm guitarist, bandleader, songwriter Simaro Lutumba born in Leopoldville, Belgian Congo ~ Best known as longtime member of TPOK Jazz, for whom he wrote or co-wrote a vast amount of the band's repertoire including the hit song Mabele earning him the nickname “Poet” ~ Lutumba passed away in 2019
March 19, 1938 ~ R&B singer Walter Jackson born in Pensacola, Florida, USA ~ Known for a number of soul ballads from the 1960s through the 1980s. Well known recordings include It's All Over, It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom and a 1976 cover of the Morris Albert-tune Feelings ~ Jackson passed away in 1983
March 19, 1937 ~ Clarence Henry II, commonly known as R&B singer, pianist Clarence Frogman Henry born in Algiers, Louisiana, USA ~ Best known for a string of late 1950s, early 1960s R&B hits, notably Ain't Got No Home, You Always Hurt The One You Love and perhaps his best-known I Don't Know Why I Love You (But I Do)
March 19, 1936 ~ Jazz guitarist, composer Amancio d'Silva born in Bombay, India ~ Leader and sideman. Has worked with with Joe Harriott, Stan Tracey, Don Rendell, Ian Carr, Guy Warren, and others ~ D'Silva passed away in 1996
March 19, 1929 ~ Jazz bassist Gene Taylor, full name Calvin Eugene Taylor, born in Toledo, Ohio, USA ~ First gained attention backing Horace Silver from 1958 through 1963. Would go on to work with Roland Alexander, Junior Cook, Blue Mitchell, Duke Pearson, John Wright, Coleman Hawkins, Nina Simone, Eric Kloss, and others ~ Taylor passed away in 2001
March 19, 1928 ~ Clarence Otto Pauling, commonly known as singer, songwriter, producer Clarence Paul, born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA ~ Co-founding member of doo-wop outfit the 5 Royales. Best known as a songwriter and producer, closely associated with Motown. Served as mentor and main producer to Stevie Wonder during Wonder's teenage years. Writing credits include Hitch Hike (Marvin Gaye), Fingertips (Wonder), You've Been In Love Too Long (Martha & the Vandellas), Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead (the Marvelettes), Just A Little Understanding (the Contours), and Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do (Wonder, Aretha Franklin) ~ Pauling passed away in 1995
March 19, 1928 ~ Jazz vibraphonist Lem Winchester born ~ Leader and sideman. Influenced by Milt Jackson. Worked with Ramsey Lewis, Jack McDuff, Oliver Nelson, Shirley Scott, Etta Jones, and others ~ Winchester passed away in 1961
March 19, 1928 ~ Rachel Eleanora Goldberg, commonly known as vaudeville singer, comedian, actress Nora Bayes, passed away in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Popular vaudeville performer, singer form the 1900s through the 1920s. Perhaps best remembered for introducing Shine On Harvest Moon in the 1908 Ziegfield Follies revue. The song, written by Bayes and her husband Jack Norworth, has since become a pop standard recorded by numerous artists including the Boswell Sisters, the Chordettes, Coleman Hawkins, Teresa Brewer, Bing Crosby, the Isley Brothers, Leon Redbone, Bobby Bare, and others ~ Goldberg was born in 1880
March 19, 1926 ~ William Randall Henderson, commonly known as jazz singer, actor Bill Henderson, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Worked with Ramsey Lewis, Horace Silver, Oscar Peterson, Jimmy Smith, Count Basie, Yusef Lateef, Eddie Harris, Booker Little, Wynton Kelly, Eddie Higgins, Tommy Flanagan, Joe Diorio, Ray Brown, Ed Thigpen, Joyce Collins, Jerry Coleman, Pete Christlieb, Joey Baron, Shirley Horn, Nancy Wilson, Charlie Haden, Mike Melvoin, Chico Hamilton, Dave Mackay, Tom Azarello, and others ~ Henderson passed away in 2016
March 19, 1925 ~ Bandleader Ben Bernie and the Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra record Sweet Georgia Brown ~ Bernie recorded the first version of Sweet Georgia Brown, written by Bernie, Maceo Pinkard and Kenneth Casey. It would spent several weeks atop the charts and become a jazz standard covered by numerous artists, notably Bing Crosby in 1932, Charlie Parker with Dizzy Gillespie in 1943, and as an instrumental by Brother Bones in 1949. The latter would be adopted by the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team as their theme song. Other artists who recorded the song would include Anita O'Day, Tony Sheridan backed by the Beatles in 1964, Nancy Sinatra, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Roberta Flack
March 19, 1921 ~ Jazz bassist Harry Babasin, full name Yervant Harry Babasin Jr, born in Dallas, Texas, USA ~ Leader and sideman, nicknamed “the Bear”. Worked with Herb Ellis, Charlie Fisk, Jimmy Joy, Bob Strong, Billie Rogers, Gene Krupa, Charlie Barnet, Boyd Raeburn, Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Frank Devol, Jerry Gray, Roy Harte, Bud Shank, Dodo Marmarosa, Oscar Pettiford, John Banister, and others ~ Babasin passed away in 1988
March 19, 1921 ~ Irene Amburgey, commonly known as country, gospel singer, guitarist, songwriter Martha Carson, born ~ At times referred to as “the Rockin' Queen of Happy Spirituals” enjoying popularity in the 1950s with gospel-country tunes such as Satisfied, Journey To The Sky, and Saints And Chariot. Cited by Elvis Presley as in influence on his gospel singing ~ Amburgey passed away in 2004
March 19, 1919 ~ Leonard Joseph Tristano, commonly known as jazz pianist, composer, arranger Lennie Tristano, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Arnold Fishkind, Billy Bauer, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Warne Marsh, Buddy DeFranco, Roy Haynes, Nick Stabulas, Al Levitt, Gene Ramey, Paul Motian, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, and others ~ Tristano passed away in 1978
March 19, 1917 ~ Dillon Russell, commonly known as jazz double bassist Curley Russell, born ~ Worked with Tadd Dameron, Bud Powell, Max Roach, Sonny Stitt, Fats Navarro, Charlie Parker, Al Cohn, Art Blakey, Horace Silver, Kenny Drew, Milt Jackson, George Wallington, Coleman Hawkins, Clifford Jordan, Thelonious Monk, Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, and others ~ Russell passed away in 1986
March 19, 1914 ~ James Joseph Bennett, commonly known as blues shouter, saxophonist Buster Bennett, born in Pensacola, Florida, USA ~ Worked with Lester Melrose, Big Bill Broonzy, Yas Yas Girl, Monkey Joe, Washboard Sam, Jimmie Gordon, Sammy Price, Arrington Thornton, Duke Groner, Wild Bill Davis, Israel Crosby, Pee Wee Jackson, Tom Archia, and others ~ Bennett passed away in 1980
March 19, 1912 ~ Trumpeter, bandleader Russ Case born in Hamburg, Iowa, USA ~ Worked with Frankie Trumbauer, Paul Whiteman, Eddy Arnold, Julias La Rosa, Perry Como, and others ~ Case passed away in 1964
March 19, 1911 ~ R&B saxophonist, bandleader Louis Brooks, full name Louie O'Neal Brooks, born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA ~ Best remembered for It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day), a hit in 1955 featuring Earl Gaines on lead vocals ~ Brooks passed away in 1993
March 19, 1873 ~ Pianist, organist, composer, conductor Max Reger, full name Johann Baptist Josepg Maximilian Reger, born in Brand, German Empire ~ Initially primarily a composer of Lieder, chamber music and choral music, later turning to orchestral compositions such as Variations And Fugue On A Theme By Mozart, Gesang Der Verklärten, and Hebbel Requiem ~ Reger passed away in 1916