This Day In Music: October 21
October 20 ~ Birthdays/All ~ October 22
October 21, 2022 ~ Label executive, music publisher Robert Gordy, full name Robert Louis Gordy, passed away in Marina Del Rey, California, USA ~ Scored a minor hit in 1958 with Everyone Was There under the moniker Bob Kayli, co-written with his brother Berry Gordy Jr. Best known as executive at Motown's publishing arm Jobete Music from 1961 through 1985. Has also written or co-written a number of early 1960s successes, most notably Marvin Gaye's You're What's Happening In The World Today, which was used as the flip side of I Heard It Through The Grapevine, and the Supremes' Your Kiss Of Fire ~ Gordy was born in 1931
October 21, 2021 ~ Conductor, violinist Bernard Haitink, full name Bernard Johan Herman Haitink, passed away in London, UK ~ Internationally acclaimed conductor. Worked with the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Opera House, the Staatskapelle Dresden, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra ~ Haitink was born in 1929
October 21, 2021 ~ Nils Kurt Erik Einar Grönberg, mononymously known as rapper, songwriter Einár, born in Stockholm, Sweden ~ Has released four full-length albums during his short career, starting with Första Klass in 2019. Scored over a dozen top 10 hit singles in his native Sweden, of which Katten I Trakten, Nu Vi Skiner and Dansa featuring Adaam reached the top spot. Involved in a several high-profile incidents, including his kidnapping by rival rapper Yasin in 2020. Einár was scheduled to testify in his kidnapping case the week after being found shot in the head and killed at age 19, his murder described by police as an execution ~ Grönberg was born in 2002
October 21, 2021 ~ Singer, songwriter Robin McNamara passed away ~ One-hit wonder known for Lay A Little Lovin' On Me, a Billboard Hot 100 top 20 hit in 1970. Had previously played the lead role of Claude in a Broadway production of the musical Hair ~ McNamara was born in 1947
October 21, 2021 ~ R&B bassist, singer Tommy DeBarge passed away ~ Co-founding member of Switch, rising to fame in the 1970s with hits such as There'll Never Be, I Call Your Name and Love Over & Over Again. Along with bandmate and brother Bobby DeBarge left the band in 1981 to mentor their siblings in the group DeBarge ~ DeBarge was born ca.1956
October 21, 2016 ~ Actor, singer, author Manfred Krug passed away in Berlin, Germany ~ Best known as an actor. Also enjoyed some local popularity as a jazz singer, with about a dozen albums to his name through the 1970s. Blacklisted in 1976 by the East German government for his activism, especially protesting the government's expulsion of singer Wolf Biermann. After relocating to the West would focus primarily on his acting career, including a stint as Hauptkommissar Paul Stoever in the popular police show Tatort ~ Krug was born in 1937
October 21, 2013 ~ Robert Neil Morris, commonly known as drummer, singer, songwriter Colonel Robert Morris, passed away in Southaven, Mississippi, USA ~ Best known for his gold record Trucker's Last Ride and for his association with rockabilly star Charlie Feathers. Has also worked with Eddie Bond, BB King, Rufus Thomas, Ma Rainey, Big Sam Clarke, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ronnie Milsap, Charlie Rich, and others ~ Morris was born in 1954
October 21, 2011 ~ Edmund William Ross, commonly known as bandleader, singer, arranger Edmundo Ros, passed away in Alicante, Spain ~ Formed his own orchestra in the early 1940s, quickly becoming an in-demand artist in London's nightclubs and restaurants. Best known for his 1949 recording of The Wedding Samba, which sold an estimated three million copies ~ Ross was born in 1910
October 21, 2009 ~ Ian George Stopfor Harrison, commonly known as singer Clinton Ford, passed away on Isle Of Man ~ Popular 1950s, 1960s singer. Known for songs such as Too Many Beautiful Girls, Fanlight Fanny and Run To The Door ~ Harrison was born in 1931
October 21, 2009 ~ Norris Jones, commonly known as jazz, free jazz, avant-garde jazz bassist Sirone, passed away in Berlin, Germany ~ Leader and sideman. Active since the late 1950s. Best known for co-founding Revolutionary Ensemble with Leroy Jenkins and Frank Clayton and as a member of Phalanx. Has also worked with the likes of Marion Brown, Gato Barbieri, Pharoah Sanders, Sonny Sharrock, Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, John Coltrane, Clifford Thornton, Dewey Redman, Cecil Taylor, and others ~ Jones was born in 1940
October 21, 2007 ~ Jazz trumpeter Donald Ayler passed away in Northfield, Ohio, USA ~ Despite long periods of mental instability, which severely hindered his career, Ayler is critically regarded as one of the great jazz trumpeters. He would however forever remain in the shadow of his more famous older brother saxophonist Albert Ayler, with whom he frequently worked including on albums such as Spirits Rejoice and Bells/Prophecy. An in-demand sideman, Ayler has also worked with Paul Bley, Elvin Jones, and John Coltrane ~ Ayler was born in 1942
October 21, 2003 ~ Steven Paul Smith, commonly known as singer, songwriter Elliott Smith passed away in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Member of Heatmiser. Gained attention with the song Miss Misery, included on the soundtrack for Good Will Hunting, was nominated for an Oscar. Primarily a guitarist, Smith also plays piano, clarinet, bass, harmonica, drums and percussion ~ Smith was born in 1969
October 21, 2002 ~ Anna Dolores Williams, commonly known as R&B, soul, gospel singer Anna King, passed away in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Touring singer for James Brown from 1963, replacing Tammi Terrell, through 1964. Simultaneously recorded as a solo singer, noted for the Brown-produced album Back To Soul, and the singles If Somebody Told You, Baby Baby Baby with Bobby Byrd and Mama's Got A Bag Of Her Own, the latter an answer song to Brown's Papa's Got A Brand New Bag. Toured with Duke Ellington during the mid-1960s, backing Ellington on his tour of sacred music. Member of gospel choir the Brocking Choral Ensemble in the late 1960s. King would retire from music by the mid-1970s to devote her life to preaching, as an ordained minister of the church ~ Williams was born in 1937
October 21, 1998 ~ Jazz-rock singer, songwriter Vivienne McAuliffe, full name Vivienne Jill McAuliffe, passed away ~ Best known as lead singer of Affinity. Also worked with the Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, Patrick Moraz, Gerry Rafferty (City To City), Camel, Aviator, Michael Chapman, Pete Brown, Anthony Phillips, and others ~ McAuliffe was born in 1948
October 21, 1995 ~ Amala Ratna Zandile Diamini, commonly known as hip-hop, R&B, pop, dancehall singer, rapper Doja Cat, born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Self-released her debut single, So High, in 2014. Gained attention through online platforms such as Youtube and TikTok. Reached mainstream success with Say So featuring Nicki Minaj, reaching top 10 in several countries. Has also collaborated with the City Girls, the Weeknd, Lil' Wayne, and others
October 21, 1995 ~ Singer Maxene Andrews, full name Maxene Anglyn Andrews, passed away in Hyannis, Massachusetts, USA ~ Member of sibling outfit the Andrews Sisters, known for songs such as Beer Barrel Polka, Beat Me Daddy Eight To The Bar, Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree, Rum And Coca-Cola, and perhaps their best known Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy ~ Andrews was born in 1916
October 21, 1995 ~ Guitarist, singer Shannon Hoon passed away in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ~ Influenced by the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, John Lennon, Bob Dylan. Best known for fronting Blind Melon from 1990 to this death in 1995. Worked with Styff Kyen, Michael Kelsey, Man Rage, Dave Lank, Darren Mickler, and others ~ Hoon was born in 1967
October 21, 1994 ~ Jazz trumpeter, composer, bandleader Thore Ehrling passed away in Stockholm, Sweden ~ Played with Frank Vernon in the early 1930s. Played with Håkan von Eichwald. Formed his own ensemble in 1938 which played for 19 years. The band included later prominent solo artists such as Uffe Baadh, Carl Henrik Norin, and singers such as Inger Berggren and Lily Berglund ~ Ehrling was born in 1912
October 21, 1991 ~ Orchestral composer, conductor, pianist, percussionist Louis Calabro passed away in Bennington, Vermont, USA ~ Founded the Sage City Symphony. As a conductor premiered works by composers such as Marta Ptaszynska and Vivian Fine ~ Calabro was born in 1926
October 21, 1991 ~ Songwriter, producer Stav Beger born in Dor, Israel ~ Wrote Netta's Toy with Doron Medalie. The song would win the 2018 Eurovision Songfestival, making it Israel's fourth win
October 21, 1986 ~ Actor, singer, guitarist, pianist, percussionist, songwriter Christopher von Uckermann, full name Christopher Alexander Luis Casillas von Uckermann, born in Mexico City, Mexico ~ Child actor starting at age 2 in TV commercials. Rose to fame for his roles in the telenovela Rebelde and the web series Diablero. As a musician known as a member of RBD from 2004 until the band folded in 2009. Has since recorded as a solo artist to critical acclaim and commercial success
October 21, 1980 ~ Eugen K Ahn, commonly known as nerdcore rapper Adam Warrock, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Abandoned his job as a lawyer to pursue a full-time career in music. Known for his 2010 War For Infinity debut album. Has collaborated with the likes of Tribe One, Doctor Awkward, Mikal kHill, MC Lars, James Urbaniak, and Amy Gregory
October 21, 1980 ~ Christian alternative rock, pop punk, metalcore bassist Brian Pittman born ~ Co-founding member of Christian rock band Relient K, with whom he recorded about half a dozen album. After departing the band 2004 joined Christian metal, metalcore outfit Inhale Exhale, known for their 2006 The Lost The Sick The Sacred album
October 21, 1979 ~ Sidney Denis Prechner, commonly known as producer, radio personality, music critic Denis Preston, passed away in Hove, UK ~ Not contracted to a particular label and described as “Europe's first independent record producer”. Influential in British jazz and skiffle from the 1940s through the 1960s. Active member of the anti-racism, anti-fascism movement. Produced records by artists such as Chris Barber, Acker Bilk (Stranger On The Shore), Alex Welsh, Frank Holder, Sandy Brown, Al Fairweather, Terry Lightfoot, Kenny Baker, Humphrey Lyttelton (Bad Penny Blues), Roger Whittaker, Wout Steenhuis, Joe Harriott, Stan Tracey, Amancio d'Silva, Guy Warren, and others ~ Prechner was born in 1916
October 21, 1978 ~ Keyboardist, keytarist, singer Henrik Klingenberg born in Kemi, Finland ~ Influenced by Kevin Moore, Jon Lord, Jens Johansson, Matt Guillory. Member of Finnish power metal outfit Sonata Arctica. Also worked with Silent Voices, Requiem, Graveyard Shift, and others
October 21, 1978 ~ King Malachi Street, commonly known as country singer, guitarist, songwriter Mel Street passed away ~ Regularly hit the higher echelons of the country charts for most of the 1970s. Known for songs such as Borrowed Angel, You Make Me Feel More Like A Man, I Met A Friend Of Yours Today, If I Had A Cheatin' Heart, and Smokey Mountain Memories ~ Street was born in 1933
October 21, 1977 ~ Charles Kente Williams, commonly known as rapper Keak da Sneak, born in Oakland, California, USA ~ Reportedly coined the term “hyphy” in 1994, Oakland slang meaning hyperactive and more specifically used as an adjective describing the local hip-hop culture. Formed Dual Committee at age 15 with 3x Krazy. Williams would go on to collaborate with the likes of E-40, Daz Dillinger, Akon, MC Hammer, the Alchemist, Lil' Wayne, and others. Has recorded well over a dozen albums as a solo artist, starting with Sneakacydal released in 1999
October 21, 1976 ~ Avant-garde, jazz, ambient, electronic, psychedelic folk, metal singer, keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter Guillermo Gonzales born in Verona, Italy ~ Lead singer for extreme metal outfit Mothercare from 1994 through 2008. Following his departure from the band Gonzales has worked with a wide range of artists, spanning from metal to jazz and from ethnic music to progressive rock. Has worked with Ephel Duath, Mugen, Sbibu, Submarine Silence, Perfect Pair, and Tarkampa
October 21, 1976 ~ Folk, alternative country, Americana singer, guitarist, pianist, lute player, violinist, songwriter Josh Ritter born in Moscow, Idaho, USA ~ Released his eponymous 1999 Josh Ritter album while still in college and has recorded to critical acclaim since
October 21, 1975 ~ Shane Bunting, commonly known as hip-hop, hardcore rap, horrorcore rapper Madchild, born in Surrey, Canada ~ Member of Vancouver-based hip hop group the Swollen Members, known best for Bring It Home of their 2001 Bad Dreams sophomore album. Has also recorded prolifically as a solo artist, well-known for the albums Dope Sick, Lawn Mower Man, and Silver Tongue Devil
October 21, 1972 ~ Indie rock singer, songwriter Matthew Friedberger ~ Formed the indie rock duo the Fiery Furnaces with his sister Eleanor Friedberger. Has also released solo recordings and worked with bands such as Corndolly, Liquorette, the Mezzanines, the Grand Vizars, and others
October 21, 1971 ~ Pop rock sibling outfit the Bee Gees record On Time at IBC Studios, London, UK ~ Written by Maurice Gibb. Produced by the band and manager Robert Stigwood. Featured as the B-side of the January 1972 non-album single My World. Both sides would be included on the 1973 The Best Of Bee Gees Volume 2 compilation album
October 21, 1968 ~ Jazz, rock, psychedelic rock keyboardist Jeff Chimenti born in San Francisco, California, USA ~ Best known for his association with several the Grateful Dead spin-offs and side-projects including the Dead, Ratdog, Furthur, the Other Ones, the Golden Gate Wingmen, and Dead & Company
October 21, 1967 ~ Bassist Tarus Mateen born in Bakersfield, California, USA ~ Worked with Betty Carter, Marlon Jordan, Roy Hargrove, Eddie Harris, Kenny Burrell, Milt Jackson, Mark Whitfield, Tim Warfield, Rodney Kendrick, Terence Blanchard, Kenny Barron, Bobbi Humphrey, Marc Cary, Stefon Harris, Greg Osby, Bernard Pretty Purdie, Nasheet Waits, Stanley Cowell, Mark Shim, Jacky Terrasson, Michael Marcus, Logan Richardson, Jason Moran, Bandwagon, Christina Aguilera, OutKast, Toni Braxton, Goodie Mob, Q-Tip, Lauryn Hill, Ghostface Killah, Ice Cube, the Roots, and others
October 21, 1965 ~ William Patton Black Jr, commonly known as bassist Bill Black, passed away in Memphis, Tennessee, USA ~ Best known as bassist backing Elvis Presley in Presley's early years. Black later formed Bill Black's Combo with whom he achieved moderate succes with songs such as White Silver Sands, Blue Tango, and Hearts Of Stone. The combo at one time or another included musicians such as Reggie Young, Chips Moman, Tommy Cogbill and William Martin Willis ~ Black was born in 1926
October 21, 1964 ~ Pop singer, multi-instrumentalist Levent Yuksel born in Antalya, Turkey ~ Debuted in 1993 with the LP Med Cezir. Internationally best known for his 196 hit Zalim, which was translated into numerous languages and used in numerous ads worldwide
October 21, 1964 ~ R&B girl group Martha & the Vandellas record Nowhere To Run at Hitsville USA, Detroit, Michigan ~ Written by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland Jr, with Brian and Lamont also signing on as producers. Released as a single the following year, b/w Motoring, it would reach top 10 on both the Billboard R&B and the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 charts and become one of the band's signature songs
October 21, 1962 ~ Delta blues, country blues, acoustic blues harpist, singer, guitarist JD Short passed away in St Louis, Missouri, USA ~ Cousin of Big Joe Williams and David Honeyboy Edwards. Plays a number of instruments including guitar, harmonica, piano, saxophone, drums. As a solo artist best known for songs such as Lonesome Swamp Rattlesnake and You're Tempting Me. Worked with the Neckbones, Henry Spaulding, Douglas Williams, Son House, and others. Re-emerged in the early 1960s blues revival ~ Short was born in 1902
October 21, 1959 ~ Rock, jazz, funk, R&B, lounge, drum and bass singer Cleveland Watkiss born in London, UK ~ Co-founder of influential jazz big band the Jazz Warriors. Praised for his smooth vocal prowess. In-demand collaborator for artist from a wide array of genres. Has worked with Courtney Pine, Stevie Wonder, Shakatak, James Taylor, the Working Week, the Who, Coldcut, Lisa Stansfield, Maxi Priest, Goldie, Björk, Talvin Singh, Bob Dylan, Jackie Mittoo, Keith Richards, Art Blakey, Sly & Robbie, Carlinhos Brown, Wynton Marsalis, Branford Marsalis, Carlinhos Brown, Robbie Williams, Joe Cocker, Bobby McFerrin, Janet Kay, Soul II Soul, Kenny Wheeler, Sugar Minott, the London Community Gospel Choir, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Chamber Orchestra, and others
October 21, 1959 ~ Alternative rock, punk singer, keyboardist Dana Kletter born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA ~ Formed blackgirls with Eugenia Lee Johnson and Hollis Brown, critically described as a dark art folk trio. They are acclaimed for the albums Procedure and Happy, released respectively in 1989 and 1991. Following the band's disbandement Kletter would form alternative rock band Dish, drawing from guitar-driven garage rock and piano-based pop. Kletter has also recorded as a solo artist, guested on Hole's Live Through This, and is a published author
October 21, 1959 ~ Pop, new wave, neofolk singer, guitarist, keyboardist, drummer Rose McDowall born in Glasgow, UK ~ Active since the late 1970s. Member of art-punk trio Poems. Formed the duo Strawberry Switchblade with Jill Bryson, known for their 1984 UK top 10 hit Since Yesterday. Formed the 1990s folk-rock outfit Sorrow, with whom she recorded two albums. Has also worked with Current '93, Felt, Death In June, Coil, Spell, and Sol Invictus
October 21, 1958 ~ Michael Schermick, commonly known as glam metal, hard rock guitarist Michael Kelly Smith, born in Pennsylvania, USA ~ Member of Cinderella. After his departure from the band co-founded Britny Fox with former bandmate drummer Tony Destra
October 21, 1958 ~ Rock bassist Paul Abrahams born in Sydney, Australia ~ Member of the Reels, present on the band's first two albums, namely The Reels released in 1979 and its follow-up Quasimodo's Dream released in 1981. Abrahams has also worked with Tommy Emmanuel, Rat Tat Tat, Chris Bettro, Peter Blakeley, Wendy Matthews, and others
October 21, 1957 ~ Rock singer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, songwriter Julian Cope born in Deri, UK ~ Frontman and primary songwriter of post-punk outfit the Teardrop Explodes, acclaimed for their 1980 Kilimanjaro debut album. Involved in several side projects including Queen Elizabeth, Brain Donor and Black Sheep. Well over two dozen albums to his name as a solo artist, starting with 1984's World Shut Your Mouth album. Debuted as a novelist with One Three One published in 2014
October 21, 1957 ~ Guitarist Steve Lukather born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Co-founding member of Toto, known best for the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits Hold The Line, Rosanna, Africa, I Won't Hold You Back. Over half a dozen albums as a solo artist, starting with Lukather released in 1989. In-demand session guitarist, appearring on over an estimated 1500 albums including recordings by Boz Scaggs (Down Two Then Left), Herb Alpert, Cher, Chicago, Randy Crawford, Aretha Franklin, Olivia Newton-John, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson (Thriller), Billy Preston, Neil Diamond, Jon Anderson, Desmond Child, Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Joe Cocker (Civilized Man), George Benson, Paul McCartney, Bob Seger (The Fire Inside), Rod Stewart, Gilberto Gil, and others
October 21, 1955 ~ Alberto Iglesias Fernández-Berridi, commonly known as composer, film composer Alberto Iglesias, born in San Sebastian, Spain ~ Prolific film composer, notably known for the scores to The Constant Gardener, The Kite Runner, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Parallel Mothers. Has also written a number of ballets
October 21, 1955 ~ Pianist Fred Hersch born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Art Farmer, Chris Connor, Jane Ira Bloom, Toots Thielemans, Eddie Daniels, Janis Siegel, Joe Henderson, Charlie Haden, Stan Getz, Bill Frisell, Renée Fleming, Dawn Upshaw, Joshua Bell, Christopher O'Riley, Audra McDonald, Marc Johnson, Joey Baron, Tony Dagradi, Roseanna Vitro, Johnny Mathis, and others
October 21, 1955 ~ Richard Wayne Mullins, commonly known as Christian singer, pianist, guitarist, songwriter Rich Mullins, born ~ Best known for his worship songs Awesome God and Sometimes By Step. Described by singer Amy Grant as “the uneasy conscience of Christian music” ~ Mullins passed away in 1997
October 21, 1954 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Eric Faulkner born in Edinburgh, UK ~ Best known as member of the Bay City Rollers since 1972. Co-wrote a vast amount of the band's material including Money Honey and Love Me Like I Love You
October 21, 1954 ~ Guitarist, producer, A&R executive Tony Berg, full name Anthony Rains Berg, born ~ Father of alternative rock singer Z Berg. Sessioned for the likes of Air Supply and Debby Boone. Founded Zeitgeist Studios in the early 1980s. Starting in the early 1990s served as A&R executive for Geffen Records, signing acts such as Beck, Wild Colonials, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and At The Drive-in
October 21, 1953 ~ Punk rock, pop rock, new wave guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, songwriter Charlotte Caffey, full name Charlotte Irene Caffey, born in Santa Monica, California, USA ~ Best known as member of all-girl pop-punk outfit the Go-Go's. Wrote We Got The Beat, one of the band'best known hits. Co-wrote several tracks for bandmate Belinda Carlisle's solo albums. Formed the Graces with Meredith Brooks and Gia Ciambotti from 1988 through 1992. Guested on Jewel's album version of Foolish Games. Also collaborated with the Specials, Robert Williams, Blake Xolton, and with Penelope Houston
October 21, 1953 ~ Guitarist, producer, arranger Eraldo Bernocchi born in Milan, Italy ~ Worked with Ashes, Alamegretta, Balázs Pándi, Bill Laswell, Colin Edwin, DJ Disk, Gaudi, Harold Budd, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, Markus Stockhausen, Nils Petter Molvær, Raiz, Robin Guthrie, Russell Mills, Spectre, Thomas Fehlmann, Toshinori Kondo, and others
October 21, 1953 ~ Contemporary Christian pianist, singer, songwriter Keith Green, full name Keith Gordon Green, born in Sheepshead Bay, New York, USA ~ Known for composing several standards of contemporary Christian music including Oh Lord You're Beautiful, Asleep In The Light, Your Love Broke Through, You Put This Love In My Heart and The Prodigal Son Suite ~ Green passed away in 1982
October 21, 1953 ~ Jazz bassist, bandleader, composer Marc Johnson, full name Marc Alan Johnson, born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA ~ Married to jazz pianist, singer Eliane Elias. Leader and sideman. Worked with the One O'Clock Lab Band, the NTSU Symphony, Bill Evans, Joe Lovano, Michael Brecker, Stan Getz, Bob Brookmeyer, Gary Burton, John Abercrombie, Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny, Enrico Pieranunzi, Joey Baron, Philly Joe Jones, Jack DeJohnette, Peter Erskine, Paul Motian, Enrico Pieranunzi, Jimmy Gourley, Woody Herman, Lyle Mays, Sadao Watanabe, Tom Wopat, and others
October 21, 1952 ~ Classical, jazz flutist Ali Ryerson born in New York, New York, USA ~ Worked with Billy Taylor, Kenny Barron, Stéphane Grappelli, Frank Wess, Red Rodney, Laurindo Almeida, Art Farmer, Maxine Sullivan, Roy Haynes, the Montery Bay Symphony, Luciano Pavarotti, and Joe Beck
October 21, 1952 ~ Keyboardist Brent Mydland born in Munich, West Germany ~ Influenced by organists such as Lee Michaels, Ray Manzarek, Goldy McJohn. Best known as longtime the Grateful Dead keyboardist, serving from 1979 to 1990. Also worked with Bobby & the Midnites, Bob Dylan (on the 1988 LP Down In The Groove), and with New Frontier ~ Mydland passed away in 1990
October 21, 1952 ~ Pop singer, guitarist, songwriter Miroslav Zbirka born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia ~ Sings in Slovak, Czech and English. Co-founded Modus. Co-founded Limit. Has occasionally worked with Yes-singer Jon Anderson. The asteroid 5895 Zbirka, discovered by Czech astronomer Zdenka Vavrova in 1982, was named in his honor ~ Zbirka passed away in 2021
October 21, 1951 ~ Punk rock, post-punk singer, guitarist Greg Sage born in Portland, Oregon, USA ~ Influential on punk rock and post-punk. Best known as co-founding member, singer, guitarist, primary songwriter of the Wipers, considered the first Pacific Northwest punk band and critically acclaimed for the early 1980s albums The Youth Of America and its follow-up Over The Edge. Sage has also recorded as a solo artist, worked with a renewed Wipers during the 1990s and runs his own label, Zeno Records, in Arizona
October 21, 1951 ~ Producer, engineer, mixer Thom Panunzio, full name Thomas R Panunzio, born ~ Staff engineer at Record Plant, and The Hit Factory. Often worked in tandem with producer Jimmy Iovine. Made a name for himself engineering several pivotal 1970s albums, including Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run and Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Patti Smith's Easter, and Tom Petty's Damn The Torpedoes. Other notable credits include the Blue Öyster Cult, the Golden Earring, Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Armatrading, Iggy Pop, Stevie Nicks, Grand Funk Railroad, Joan Jett, and U2. In the new millenium Panunzio would accept executive positions, serving as Executive Senior VP at Universal Music Group and Head of A&R at Geffen Records, overseeing the careers of artists such as Nelly Furtado, Weezer, the Pussycat Dolls, and Rise Against
October 21, 1950 ~ Blues guitarist, singer Dion Payton born in Greenwood, Mississippi, USA ~ In-demand touring and session musician. Has worked with the Violinaires, Millie Jackson, Albert King, OV Wright. Played rhythm guitar and co-arranged Lonnie Brooks's Hot Shot album, released in 1983 ~ Payton passed away in 2021
October 21, 1947 ~ Jazz tenor saxophonist, composer Jerry Bergonzi born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA ~ Leader and sideman. First gained attention backing Dave Brubeck, starting on the 1973 Two Generations Of Brubeck album. Has also worked with Joey Calderazzo, Miles Donahue, Daniel Humair, Hal Galper, Bruce Gertz, George Gruntz, Bob Kaufman, Eartha Kitt, Andy Laverne, Nando Michelin, Alex Riel, Dave Santoro, Brooke Sofferman, Richard Sussman, Bennie Wallace, Mick Goodrick, Jacek Kochan, Bob Moses, Dan Wall, John d'Earth, Dalia Faitelson, Joachim Kühn, Rebecca Parris, Alan Baylock, and others
October 21, 1946 ~ Trumpeter, flugelhornist, singer, songwriter Lee Loughnane, full name Lee David Loughnane, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Founding member of Chicago. Co-wrote songs such as Call On me, No Tell Lover, Take A Chance, This Time and America. Sang lead on Song Of The Evergreens and Together Again, This Time, co-writing the last two.
October 21, 1946 ~ Nicole van Palm, commonly known as singer Nicole Josy, born in Wemmel, Belgium ~ Formed the duo Nicole & Hugo with her husband Hugo Sigal. The duo were selected to represent Belgium at the 1971 Eurovision Songfestival with Goeiemorgen Morgen. At the last minute Nicole fell ill and they were replaced by Jacques Raymond and Lily Castel who would reach 14th place. In their native Belgium however the original version would remain one of the better-remembered Eurovision entries ~ Van Palm passed away in 2022
October 21, 1946 ~ Rock, reggae guitarist, bassist Phil Chen, full name Phillip David Chen, born ~ Member of the Vagabonds. Would go on to become an in-demand session musician, present on albums such as Jeff Beck's Blow By Blow, Donovan's Cosmic Wheels, Joan Armatrading's Back To The Night. Has also worked with the Butts Band, Rod Stewart, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, Desmond Dekker, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Jackson Browne, Dave Edmunds, Ray Manzarek, and Robby Krieger ~ Chen passed away in 2021
October 21, 1945 ~ Singer Kathy Young was born in Santa Ana, California, USA ~ Fronted Kathy Young & the Innocents, best known for the 1960 Billboard top 10 hit A Thousand Stars. Young had just turned 15. A follow-up single, Happy Birthday Blues, would reach top 30 the next year but subsequent singles failed to make a serious impression
October 21, 1943 ~ Guitarist, songwriter Ron Elliott born in Healdsburg, California, USA ~ Co-founding member, lead guitarist for 1960s folk rock, pop rock unit the Beau Brummels, for whom he also wrote or co-wrote the band's two biggest hits. Their 1964 debut single Laugh Laugh and its follow-up Just A Little would both reach top 20 Billboard Hot 100. Elliott released his The Candlestickmaker solo album in 1970. Has guested on albums by the Everly Brothers (Roots), Harper's Bizarre, Van Dyke Parks (Song Cycle), Randy Newman (12 Songs), Little Feat, Van Morrison, Dolly Parton, and Nils Lofgren
October 21, 1942 ~ Singer, guitarist Elvin Bishop born in Glendale, California, USA ~ As a solo artist best known for songs such as Travelin' Shoes, Fishin' and perhaps his best known Fooled Around And Fell In Love. Original member of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band including on the band's 1965 The Paul Butterfield Blues Band debut album and its 1966 follow-up East-West, both critically acclaimed
October 21, 1941 ~ Guitarist Steve Cropper, full name Steven Lee Cropper, born in Willow Springs, Missouri, USA ~ Member of the Mar-keys, known for the pivotal 1961 Last Night hit single. Would go on to become a member of noted Stax/Volt house band Booker T & the MG's, appearing on hundreds of recordings by Otis Redding (Respect), Rufus Thomas, William Bell, Sam & Dave (Hold On I'm Coming), Carla Thomas, Albert King (Born Under A Bad Sign), Johnnie Taylor, Bill Withers, and others. Co-wrote and produced (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay, a posthumous Billboard Hot 100 No.1 hit for Redding. Other songs co-written by Cropper include Eddie Floyd's Knock On Wood and Wilson Pickett's In The Midnight Hour. Cropper also played with the Blues Brothers and was prominently featured in the accompanying That Girl Belongs To Yesterday] and Blues Brothers 2000 films
October 21, 1940 ~ James Beaumont, commonly known as singer Jimmy Beaumont, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Lead singer of doo-wop outfit the Skyliners, known for songs such as This I Swear, Pennies From Heaven, It Happened Today, Close Your Eyes, Comes Love and their best known Since I Don't Have You, the latter reaching the Billboard top 20 in 1958 ~ Beaumont passed away in 2017
October 21, 1940 ~ Manfred Sepes Lubowitz, commonly known as keyboardist, guitarist, singer Manfred Mann, born in Johannesburg, South Africa ~ Founder, leader, eponym of Manfred Mann, Manfred Mann Chapter Three and Manfred Mann's Earthband
October 21, 1936 ~ Violinist Suna Kan born ~ Gave her first public performance at age 9, playing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Violin Concerto In A Major and Giovanni Battista Viotti's Violin Concerto In A Minor with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. Would go on to study in Paris and work with renowned orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Moscow Symphony. Co-founded the TRT Ankara Chamber Orchestra with conductor Gürer Aykal, and served as the orchestra's principal violinist ~ Kan passed away in 2023
October 21, 1935 ~ Jazz pianist, singer Bobby Few born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Brook Benton, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Jackie McLean, Joe Henderson, Albert Ayler, Alan Silva, Booker Ervin, Kali Fasteau, Archie Shepp, Sunny Murray, Steve Lacy, Charles Gayle, Wilber Morris, Hans Dulfer, Marzette Watts, and others ~ Few passed away in 2021
October 21, 1935 ~ Jazz trumpeter Don Rader born ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson, Count Basie, Maynard Ferguson, Louie Bellson, Harry James, Terry Gibbs, Frank Foster, Henry Mancini, Les Brown, Stan Kenton, Della Reese, Frank Sinatra, Lanny Morgan, Lew Tabackin, Toshiko Akiyoshi, and others
October 21, 1933 ~ King Malachi Street, commonly known as country singer, guitarist, songwriter Mel Street born in Rowe, Virginia, USA ~ Regularly hit the higher echelons of the country charts for most of the 1970s. Known for songs such as Borrowed Angel, You Make Me Feel More Like A Man, I Met A Friend Of Yours Today, If I Had A Cheatin' Heart, and Smokey Mountain Memories ~ Street passed away in 1978
October 21, 1926 ~ Don Helfman, commonly known as trumpeter, vibraphonist, singer Don Elliott born in Somerville, New Jersey, USA ~ Recorded over 60 albums. Longtime associate of Quincy Jones. As a sideman Elliott played with artists such as Louie Bellson, Joe Puma, Dinah Washington, Sylvia Syms, Paul Desmond, Michel Legrand, Art Farmer, Dave Grusin, Billy Taylor, Ruby Braff, Connee Boswell, Mundell Lowe, Bob Brookmeyer, Leonard Feather, and others ~ Helfman passed away in 1984
October 21, 1924 ~ Singer, actress Julie Wilson, full name Julie May Wilson, born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA ~ Widely regarded as “the Queen of Cabaret” with numerous roles in Broadway and West End productions since the late 1940s including in Three To Make Ready, Kiss Me Kate, South Pacific, The Pajama Game and Legs Diamond ~ Wilson passed away in 2015
October 21, 1921 ~ Chauncey Leon Westbrook, commonly known as jazz, R&B, soul guitarist Chauncey Lord Westbrook, born in Jacksonville, Florida, USA ~ Recorded a sole solo album, Get Out Of Town released in 1956. In-demand session musician, especially associated with Buddy Johnson and Aretha Franklin. Westbrook has also appeared on albums by Little Willie John (Fever), Rex Stewart, Shorty Baker, Charlie Rouse, Jimmy Witherspoon, Solomon Burke (If You Need Me), and Jimmy Scott ~ Westbrook passed away in 2006
October 21, 1921 ~ Lyricist Maurice Pon, full name Maurice Marie Jean Pon, born in Bordeaux, France ~ Co-wrote Le Loup La Biche Et Le Chevalier and Le Travail C'Est La Santé, both recorded by Henri Salvador. Other artists who recorded songs co-written by Pon include André Bourvil, Fernandel, Jean Soblon, André Claveau, and others ~ Pon passed away in 2019
October 21, 1920 ~ Ruth Mae McMahon, commonly known as singer, actress Ruth Terry, born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA ~ Sang with both Paul Ash and Clyde McCoy in her early teens. Best known as an actress, singer in musical westerns alongside the likes of Gene Autry (Call Of The Canyon), Robert Livingston (Pistol Packing Mamas) and Roy Rogers (The Heart Of The Golden Wesst) ~ McMahon passed away in 2016
October 21, 1917 ~ John Birks Gillespie, commonly known as trumpeter, bandleaders, singer Dizzy Gillespie, born in Cheraw, South Carolina, USA ~ Quintessential jazz trumpeter, pivotal in development of bebop. Served under Edgar Hayes, Teddy Hill, and Cab Calloway. Influenced artists such as Miles Davis, Jon Faddis, Fats Navarro, Clifford Brown, Arturo Sandoval, Lee Morgan, Chuck Mangione, Johnny Hartman, and others ~ Gillespie passed away in 1993
October 21, 1915 ~ Composer Henri Bourtayre born in Biarritz, France ~ Operettas, film composer, songwriter. Had his songs recorded by Tino Rossi, Raymond Legrand, Georges Guétary, Marie José, Maurice Chevalier, Luis Mariano, Elyane Célis, Charles Trenet, Jacques Hélian, Guy Berry, Lina Margy, Jean Faustin, André Dassary, Robert Lamoureux, Yvonne Printemps, and others ~ Bourtayre passed away in 2009
October 21, 1912 ~ Carlos Wesley Byas, commonly known as bebop, swing saxophonist Don Byas born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA ~ Worked with Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie, Bennie Moten, Terrence Holder, Walter Page, Lionel Hampton, Buck Clayton, Lorenzo Flennoy, Charlie Echols, Don Redman, Lucky Millinder, Andy Kirk, Edgar Hayes, Benny Carter, Hot Lips Page, Big Joe Turner, Paul Bascomb, Coleman Hawkins, Clyde Hart, Bill Coleman, Beryl Booker, Amália Rodrigues, and others ~ Byas passed away in 1972
October 21, 1912 ~ Gyorgy Stern, commonly known as orchestral, operatic conductor Georg Solti, born in Budapest, Hungary ~ Studied with Béla Bartók, Leo Weiner, and Erno Dohnanyi. Of Jewish descent he fled the Nazis in 1938, conducted one season in London and for the remainder of World War II found refuge in Switzerland earning a living as a pianist. Best known for conducting opera companies in Munich, Frankfurt and London, and as long-serving music director of the the Chicago Symphony Orchestra ~ Stern passed away in 1997
October 21, 1908 ~ Violinist, conductor Alexander Schneider born in Vilnius, Russian Empire ~ Led the the Norddeutscher Rundfunk Orchestra from 1929 to 1932. Of Jewish descent lost his job as a result of the Nazi campaign against Jews, eventually fleeing Germany by the mid-1930s. Member of the Budapest Quartet through 1944. Turned down offers from the Metropolitan Opera, the Pro Arte String Quartet and the Paganini Quartet. Would go on to work with the Schneider Quartet, the New York Quartet, Pablo Casals, the New York String Orchestra, the Brandenburg Ensemble, and Arthur Rubinstein ~ Schneider passed away in 1993