This Day In Music: November 29
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November 29, 2023 ~ Punk rock guitarist Scott Kempner passed away in Connecticut, USA ~ Best known as co-founding member, longtime rhythm guitarist for the Dictators, with whom he recorded four albums including the acclaimed Go Girl Crazy released in 1975. Has also co-founded the Del-Lords, played with the Brandos, and released the critically acclaimed Tenement Angels solo album in 1992 ~ Kempner was born in 1954
November 29, 2020 ~ Miroslav Aleksic, commonly known as rock bassist, singer Misa Aleksic, passed away in Belgrade, Serbia ~ Influenced by Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin. Co-founded Riblja Corba in 1978 with Bora Dordevic, considered one of the most important and influential Yugoslavian rock acts ~ Aleksic was born in 1953
November 29, 2016 ~ Pop singer, songwriter Ray Columbus, full name Raymond John Patrick Columbus, passed away in Shells Beach, New Zealand ~ Fronted Ray Columbus & the Invaders, best known for their 1964 Australian charttoppper She's A Mod, the first song by a New Zealand act to top the charts in another country. The single Where Have You Been released the following year would reach top 30. Following the band's disbandement in 1966, Columbus has recorded as a solo artist, notably known for songs such as Happy In A Sad Kind Of Way, Travelling Singing Man, and People Are People ~ Columbus was born in 1942
November 29, 2014 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Luc de Vos, full name Luc Theophile Emile de Vos, passed away in Ghent, Belgium ~ Frontman of alternative rock outfit Gorki, known for songs such as Anja, Lieve Kleine Piranha and Monstertje. Also worked with Automatic Buffalo ~ De Vos was born in 1962
November 29, 2013 ~ R&B singer Oliver Cheatham passed away ~ As a solo artist best remembered for his 1983 hit Get Down (Saturday Night). Had previously played in local groups such as the Young Sirs, Mad Dog & the Pups, Gaslight and the Sins Of Satan. After the succes of Get Down Cheatham recorded a solo debut album, Saturday Night, produced by Al Perkins. Further albums and R&B hits followed such as SOS, Celebrate Our Love, Things To Make U Happy, Wish On A Star, Turn Out The Lights and notably Mindbuster, the latter a collaboration with singer Jocelyn Brown under the moniker Cheatham Brown ~ Cheatham was born in 1948
November 29, 2001 ~ Guitarist, singer, songwriter George Harrison passed away in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Influenced by George Formby, Django Reinhardt, Carl Perkins, Chet Atkins, Chuck Berry. Rose to fame as member of the Beatles. Especially credited with embracing Indian culture and bringing Indian instruments, such as the sitar, into mainstream pop. Wrote several classic tracks for the band including Taxman, Within You Without You, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Here Comes The Sun, and Something. After the band disbanded recorded as a solo artist. Best known for his 1970 All Things Must Pass triple album, which included My Sweet Lord. Organized the all-star Concert For Bangla Desh in 1971, a precursor to later benefit concerts such as Live Aid. Also played with supergroup the Traveling Wilburys alongside Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty ~ Harrison was born in 1943
November 29, 2000 ~ Singer Chuck Berry sued by pianist Johnnie Johnson over a royalty dispute ~ Longtime Berry pianist Johnson files a lawsuit against Berry, seeking damages and royalties of over 30 songs he claimed to have co-written some four decades earlier. The songs in dispute include some of rock & roll's best known such as Roll Over Beethoven, No Particular Place To Go, and Sweet Little Sixteen. In 2002 a federal judge in St Louis would dismiss the suit, ruling that too many years had passed. Following the judge's ruling, Berry's lawyer Martin Green said his client has no hard feelings for Johnson: “He likes him very much, considers him a friend and expects to play with him in the future. He doesn't blame Johnnie for the lawsuit. He blames some of Johnnie's advisers.”
November 29, 1998 ~ Swing, jazz guitarist George van Eps passed away in Newport Beach, California, USA ~ Renowned for his fingerpicking technique. Influenced country guitarists such as Chet Atkins and Merle Travis, jazz guitarists such as Bucky Pizzarelli and Howard Alden. Worked with Harry Reser, Smith Ballew, Freddy Martin, Benny Goodman, Ray Noble, Frank Sinatra, Eddie Condon, the Casa Loma Orchestra, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Sarah Vaughan, Jack Teagarden, Bunny Berigan, Paul Weston, Doris Day, Louis Prima, Adrian Rollini, Mel Tormé, Ella Mae Morse, Gene Krupa, Helen Ward, Jo Stafford, Red Norvo, Peggy Lee, Frankie Laine, Bob Haggart, Tony Bennett, John Pisano, and others ~ Van Eps was born in 1913
November 29, 1998 ~ Rumba, soukous singer, bandleader, songwriter Pépé Kallé passed away in Kinshasa, Congo ~ Prominent figure in African music. Dubbed “the Elephant of African Music” for his stature, standing tall at 210 cm (6'11). Has worked with the Orchestre Bamboula, L'African Jazz, Bella Bella and Lipua Lipua. Left the latter in 1972 to form the Empire Bakuba with Dilu Dilumona and Papy Tex, the band would become one of the most popular bands in Zaire known for hist such as Dadou and Sango Ya Mawa ~ Kallé was born in 1951
November 29, 1995 ~ Actress, singer Laura Marano, full name Laura Marie Marano, born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Best known as Ally in the Disney TV series Austin & Ally. Has sung on a number of the soundtrack's songs, along with other members of the cast. As a solo artist has released a handful of singles, starting with Boombox in 2015
November 29, 1993 ~ Alan Jacycock, commonly known as pianist Alan Clare, passed away in London, UK ~ Self-taught pianist. Has been playing professionally since age 15. Worked with Carlo Krahmer, Sid Phillips, Sid Milward, Stéphane Grappelli and others. Best known as leader of Alan Clare Trio teaming up with bassist Lennie Bush and drummer Tony Crombie from the mid-1950s into the 1960s ~ Clare was born in 1921
November 29, 1989 ~ Johanna Rafalowicz, commonly known as jazz singer Ann Burton, passed away in Amsterdam, the Netherlands ~ Alongside Rita Reys and Greetje Kauffeld considered one of the premier postwar Dutch jazz singers. Best known for her 1967 Blue Burton album. Has worked with Johnny Millston, Ted Powder, Pia Beck, Gijs Hendriks, Masahiko Sato, Ken McCarthy, Grady Tate, and Buster Williams ~ Rafalowicz was born in 1933
November 29, 1984 ~ Nahum Grymes, commonly known as singer, rapper, songwriter J Holiday, born in Washington DC, USA ~ Best known for Bed, a Billboard top 10 hit in 2007. Has guested on recordings by Mims, Outlawz, Dear Jayne, Plies, Chamillionaire, Busta Rhymes, Roscoe Dash, Wale, and others
November 29, 1981 ~ Heavy metal, rock guitarist Ad Sluijter born in Goes, the Netherlands ~ Member of gothic metal outfit Epica through 2008. Produced Diabulus In Musica's 2009 Secrets debut album. Founded rock outfit Hangover Hero with Ronald Landa
November 29, 1979 ~ Jayceon Terrell Taylor, commonly known as MC, rapper the Game, born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Helpful in bringing West Coast rap back into the mainstream in the mid-2000s. Mentored by rapper JT the Bigga Figga. Independently released his full-length Untold Story in 2004, which drew attention from Dr Dre leading to a record deal and his major label The Documentary the following year. It would spawn the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits How We Do and Hate It Or Love It, both featuring 50 Cent. Has recorded consistently since but would fail to reach the same level of succes. Has collaborated with R Kelly, Nas, Travis Barker, NORE, Infamous, Black Eyed Peas, Fat Joe, Lil' Wayne, 2 Chainz, Tyga, and others
November 29, 1978 ~ Soul jazz, R&B guitarist Bill Jennings passed away in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA ~ Widely regarded as leading figure in soul jazz. Cited by BB King as influence. Has worked with Willis Jackson, Brother Jack McDuff, Leo Parker, Bill Doggett, Little Willie John (Fever), Louis Jordan, Tympany Five, King Curtis, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald ~ Jennings was born in 1919
November 29, 1978 ~ Urban contemporary gospel singer, songwriter James Fortune born ~ Debuted in 2004 with the You Survived spawning the title track hit single You Survived which quickly became a staple of Christian radio stations. Also known for songs such as God Can featuring Micah Stampley and Zacardi Cortez and I Trust You. Especially acclaimed for his 2012 Grace Gift album
November 29, 1977 ~ Milton Powell, commonly known as rapper Big Pokey, born in Houston, Texas, USA ~ Member of DJ Screw's Screwed Up Click, a pioneering collective considered pivotal to Southern rap and best known for their distinctive “chopped and screwed” technique. Has recorded half a dozen solo albums, starting with The Hardest Pit in The Litter released in 1999. Perhaps best known for Who Dat Talking Down, used in the pilot episode of the HBO comedy-drama series Entourage ~ Powell passed away in 2023
November 29, 1976 ~ The rock trio ZZ Top release their Tejas album ~ The title is a native American word for “friends”, which is the origin of the name of the band's home state, Texas. Released to mixed reception, the album would reach top 20 Billboard Hot 200. It would spawn three singles, the twangy It's Only Love, Arrested For Driving While Blind, and Enjoy And Get It On, neither of which reached top 40. Frontman Billy Gibbons would later reflect on the album: “It's fair to say that this is a transitional record, although I'm not really sure what we were transitioning from and what we were becoming. This period was the wrinkle that kind of suggested what was to come, and change would become a necessary part of the ZZ Top fabric.”
November 29, 1975 ~ Singer, guitarist Neil Young records Like A Hurricane on his private property the Broken Arrow Ranch, Woodside, California ~ Written by Young earlier the same year when he was unable to sing because of an operation on his vocal cords, Young records Like A Hurricane in his home studio at his Woodside ranch. It would be two more years before the recording was released, as a single paired with Hold Back The Tears on the flip side, and included on the 1977 album American Stars 'n Bars. The song would become a concert favorite, played on nearly every tour Young has done since its release. It would also be covered numerous times, notably by Roxy Music, Jay Farrar, and Heather Nova
November 29, 1974 ~ Classical flutist James Strauss born in Recife, Brazil ~ Drew critical comparison to Lang Lang and Jascha Heifetz. Known for reconstructing Pyotr Tchaikovsky's legendary lost Flute Concerto, now catalogued as a posthumous Tchaikovsky composition. Has worked with numerous renowned symphony and chamber orchestras
November 29, 1971 ~ CCM, Christian rock singer, guitarist, songwriter David Crowder, full name David Wallace Crowder, born in Texarkana, Texas, USA ~ Frontman and eponym of the David Crowder Band through 2012, recording as a solo artist since. Has regularly reached the higher echelons of the Christian charts since the mid-2000s. Known for songs such as Open Skies, Everything Glorious, How He Loves, I Am, All My Hope featuring Tauren Wells, Good God Almighty
November 29, 1969 ~ Jazz saxophonist, clarinetist Fredrik Ljungkvist, full name Hakan Fredrik Ljungkvist, born in Kristinehamn, Sweden ~ Leader and sideman. Son of saxophonist Hakan Ljungkvist. Married to jazz singer Lina Nyberg, with whom he also worked. Also worked with Christian Falk, Atomic, the Territory Band, Bobo Stenson, Mats Eilertsen, Firehouse, Marilyn Crispell, Wadada Leo Smith, and others
November 29, 1969 ~ Guitarist, songwriter Lars Håvard Haugen born in Norway ~ Best known as lead guitarist of the Hellbillies. Influenced by Steve Morse, Dixie Dregs, Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Jerry Donahue, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Served as producer for the likes of BigBang, Jonas Fjeld, and Ole Paus
November 29, 1968 ~ Pop singer Jonathan Knight born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA ~ Oldest member of boy band New Kids On The Block, which also included his brother Jordan Knight, known for a string of late 1980s, early 1990s Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits including You Got It (The Right Stuff), I'll Be Loving You Forever, Hangin' Tough, and Step By Step. The band disbanded in 1994 and have sold reportedly over 80 million records to date
November 29, 1968 ~ Trance producer Matt Darey, full name Matthew Jonathan Darey, born in Leicester, UK ~ Early on in his solo career went by the moniker Lost Tribe, notably known for his 1997 The Distant Voices and the 1999 Gamemaster UK top 40 hit. Has been working under his real name since the mid-2000s, releasing his full-length Decade solo debut album in 2004
November 29, 1968 ~ Alternative rock, grunge, post-grunge singer, keyboardist, drummer, songwriter Mike DiMeo born in Long Island, New York, USA ~ Once asked by Ritchie Blackmore to join Deep Purple but aside from some demo recordings with Roger Glover the collaboration never materialized. Best known as member of Riot from 1992 through 2006, leaving the band to join the Masterplan. Has also worked with the Lizards, Midas Fate, Johnny Winter, Phenomena, Ilium, Brand New, and others
November 29, 1967 ~ Singer Bob Dylan records I'll Be Your Baby Tonight ~ Self-penned, produced by Bob Johnston. First included on the 1967 John Wesley Harding album. The song features Nashville session musicians Pete Drake on steel guitar, Charlie McCoy on bass, and Kenny Buttrey on drums. The song would be covered by over a 100 artists including José Feliciano, Linda Ronstadt, the Hollies, Rita Coolidge, Ray Price, and Kris Kristofferson
November 29, 1963 ~ Alternative rock guitarist Greg Lisher born in San Francisco, California, USA ~ Co-founding member, lead guitarist of Camper Van Beethoven and its indie progressive rock spin-off Monks of Doom. Has also recorded as a solo artist, starting with Handed Down The Wire released in 2001, and guested on recordings by Jonathan Segel, the Electric Chairmen, the Filthy Thievin' Bastards, and others
November 29, 1963 ~ Art rock, dream pop, post-rock singer, songwriter Tim Bowness born in Latchford, UK ~ Best known as member of No-Man, formed in 1987 with Porcupine Tree-frontman Steven Wilson. Has also recorded as a solo artist, starting with his My Hotel Year debut album released in 2004, and guested on recordings by Peter Chilvers, Plenty, Richard Barbieri, Nosound, Judy Dyble, Geoff Downes, and others
November 29, 1963 ~ R&B, neo-soul, jazz singer, songwriter Will Downing, full name Wilfred Downing, born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Married to Unlimited Touch singer Audrey Wheeler. Worked with Jennifer Holliday, Kool & the Gang, Gerald Albright, Billy Ocean, Regina Belle, Rachelle Ferrell, Mica Paris, Chanté Moore, and others
November 29, 1962 ~ Anders Allhage, commonly known as heavy metal guitarist Andy LaRocque, born in Gothenburg, Sweden ~ Best known as member of King Diamond since 1985. Has also worked with Death, IllWill, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir, and Yyrkoon. Served as producer for artists such as Sacramentum, Falconer, Evergrey, Ancient, and Dragonland
November 29, 1962 ~ Singer, songwriter Noel Burke born in Belfast, Northern Ireland ~ Member of Saint Vitus Dance, known for their 1987 Love Me Love My Dogma album. Best known as lead singer of Echo & the Bunnymen from 1989 through 1993, replacing original singer Ian McCulloch after the release of the band's eponymous 1987 Echo & the Bunnymen album. The sole album featuring Burke, 1990's Reverbation, would be poorly received by critics, did not chart and the band would be dropped by their label. McCulloch would rejoin a reformed incarnation of the band in 1996
November 29, 1962 ~ Robert Laurence Albert Simpson, commonly known as guitarist Ronny Jordan, born in London, UK ~ Spearheaded 1990s acid jazz movement. Came to prominence after being featured on Guru's Jazzmatazz (Volume 1) released in 1993. Best known for his 1992 rendition of So What, a cover of the old Miles Davis tune ~ Jordan passed away in 2014
November 29, 1961 ~ Session guitarist Duke Levine born in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA ~ Has worked with Shawn Colvin, Peter Wolf, Lucy Kaplanski, Bill Morrisey, Jonatha Brooke, John Gorka, David Maxwell, Jeanie Stahl, Ellis Paul, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Slaid Cleaves, the J Geils Band, and others
November 29, 1959 ~ Christian rock, alternative rock drummer, percussionist, songwriter Steve Hindalong born ~ Member of the Choir. Member of the Lost Dogs. Also released solo work and has collaborated with Mark Heard, Terry Scott Taylor, Riki Michele, Adam Again, the Prayer Chain, Poor Old Lu, the Common Children, All Star United, Michael Knott, and others
November 29, 1957 ~ Rock, jazz fusion guitarist Jennifer Batten born in New York, New York, USA ~ Session and solo musician. Backed Michael Jackson on three world tours from 1987 through 1997 as well as on Jackson's 1993 Super Bowl performance. Toured and recorded with Jeff Beck. Had her solo debut album, 1992's Above Below & Beyond, produced by Michael Sembello. Has also worked with Natalie Cole, Sara Hickman, Miguel Mateos, Dave Rodgers, Domino, the Rainbow Girls, Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff, Carl Anderson, Carmine Appice, Dave Martone, Black Sand, and otheres
November 29, 1956 ~ Punk rock singer Chris Bailey, full name Christopher James Mannix Bailey, born in Nanyuki, Colony of Kenya ~ Co-founder, lead singer, sole constant member of pivotal Australian punk rock group the Saints, known best for their 1977 I'm Stranded hit single. Bailey has also recorded as a solo artist, starting with the album Casablanca released in 1983 ~ Bailey passed away in 2022
November 29, 1955 ~ Jazz drummer Adam Nussbaum born in New York, New York, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Dave Liebman, John Scofield, Eliane Elias, Randy Brecker, Gary Burton, Toots Thielemans, Michael Brecker, Carla Bley, John Abercrombie, George Cables, Ted Curson, Gil Evans, Hal Galper, Lee Konitz, Rick Margitza, Sigurd Ulveseth, and Miroslav Vitous
November 29, 1954 ~ Ollie Johnson, commonly known as Dixieland jazz pianist, clarinetist, drummer Dink Johnson, passed away in Portland, Oregon, USA ~ Younger brother of double bassist William Manuel Johnson. Influenced by Jelly Roll Morton. Member of the Original Creole Band. Wrote The Krooked Blues, recorded by King Oliver ~ Johnson was born in 1892
November 29, 1954 ~ George Edward Wade, commonly known as music hall comedian, singer, actor George Robey, passed away in Saltdean, UK ~ One of the most popular music hall performers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Perhaps best known for starring in the 1916 revue The Bing Boys Are Here, notably duetting with Violet Loraine on the song If You Were The Only Girl (In The World) ~ Wade was born in 1869
November 29, 1951 ~ Roger Troutman, sometimes known simply as singer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist Roger, born in Hamilton, Ohio, USA ~ Fronted Zapp, which also included his brother Larry Troutman, known for 1980s funk, R&B hits such as More Bounce To The Ounce, Dance Floor, I Can Make You Dance and Computer Love. Troutman was shot and killed by his brother Larry in an apparent murder-suicide. The band would disband after the death of the two brothers ~ Troutman passed away in 1999
November 29, 1950 ~ Wendy Steiner, commonly known as rock, pop, country singer, guitarist, pianist, songwriter Wendy Waldman, born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Daughter of composer Fred Steiner and violinist Shirley Steiner. First recorded as member of turn of the 1970s band Bryndle, which also included Karla Bonoff. Released her Love Has Got Me solo debut album in 1973, earning critical acclaim. The same year Maria Muldaur would record two of her songs, Vaudeville Man and Mad Mad Me, on the eponymous Maria Muldaur album. Waldman recorded consistently throughout the remainder of the decade as well as establish herself as an in-demand songwriter. Artists who recorded songs written or co-written by Waldman include Judy Collins, Barbi Benton, Twiggy, Randy Meisner, Kim Carnes, Albert Hammond, Patti Austin (The Way I Feel), Crystal Gayle, Johnny Van Zant, Helen Reddy, Kenny Rogers, Vanessa Williams (Save The Best For Last), Reba McEntire, Don Johnson (Heartbeat), Bette Midler, Highway 101, Cher, Sonny Landreth, and others
November 29, 1949 ~ Rock, pop singer, keyboardist, producer, songwriter Brian Cadd, full name Brian George Cadd, born in Perth, Australia ~ Staple of Australian rock with a career spanning five decades starting in the 1960s. Member of bands such as the Groop, Axiom, the Bootleg Family Band. Active as a solo artist since the early 1970s. Internationally perhaps best known as a latter-day touring member of country-rock outfit the Flying Burrito Brothers from 1991 through 1993 before returning to Australia. Has produced acts such as Robin Jolley, Ronnie Burns, Broderick Smith, Tina Arena, Glenn Shorrock. Composed for film. Songs written or co-written by Cadd have been recorded by Masters Apprentices, Gene Pitney, the Pointer Sisters (Love Is Like A Rolling Stone), Glen Campbell, Dobie Gray, Cilla Black, the Little River Band, John Farnham, Wayne Newton, Charlie Daniels Band (Still Hurting Me), Bonnie Tyler, Joe Cocker, Ringo Starr.
November 29, 1947 ~ Singer Clare Torry born in Marylebone, UK ~ Perhaps best known for the writing and performing the wordless vocals in Pink Floyd's Great Gig In The Sky of their 1973 The Dark Side Of The Moon. Covered Dolly Parton's Love Is Like A Butterfly used as opening theme for the BBC-series Butterflies which ran from 1978 to 1983. Session singer for artists such as Kevin Ayers, Olivia Newton-John, the Alan Parsons Project, Shriekback, Procol Harum, Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher, Cerrone, Meat Loaf (duetting on Nowhere Fast), Johnny Mercer, the Doctors Of Madness, Culture Club, Tangerine Dream, and others
November 29, 1947 ~ Guitarist, mandolinist, bassist, keyboardist, singer Ronnie Montrose born in Denver, Colorado, USA ~ Regarded as one of the most influential guitarists in early hard rock. Frontman, eponym of Montrose from 1973 through 1977, the band's eponymous Montrose debut album often cited as America's answer to Led Zeppelin. Subsequently led Gamma from 1979 through 1983. In-demand session musician, worked with the likes of Van Morrison, Herbie Hancock, Beaver & Krause, Boz Scaggs, Edgar Winter, Gary Wright, Dan Hartman, the Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, Lauren Wood, Earth Quake, the Neville Brothers, Marc Bonilla, Sammy Hagar,and others ~ Montrose passed away in 2012
November 29, 1946 ~ Folk, nueva trovo singer, songwriter Silvio Rodriguez, full name Silvio Rodriguez Dominguez, born in San Antonio De Los Banos, Cuba ~ Regarded as leader of the nueva trova movement. Well over 20 albums to his name since the 1960s. Widely acknowlged as one of Cuba's, arguably one of Latin America's greatest folk artists and certainly one of its most intellectual. Known for compositions such as Ojalá, Playa Girón, Sueño Con Serpientes, La Maza, Canción Del Elegido, A Donde Van, Noche Sin Fin Y Mar, many of which have become staples of Latin American music. Has notably collaborated with Afrocuba, Roy Brown, Pablo Milanés, and with Luis Eduardo Aute
November 29, 1945 ~ Trumpeter Randy Brecker born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Brother of saxophonist Michael Brecker with whom he regularly collaborated including under the moniker the Brecker Brothers. In-demand sideman in jazz, pop, rock, R&B. First gained serious attention working with Blood Sweat & Tears on the band's 1967 Child Is Father To The Man debut album. Formed Dreams, known for the early 1970s albums Dreams and Imagine My Surprise. Worked with Horace Silver, Art Blakey, Bloomfield Kooper & Stills, John Abercrombie, Jaco Pastorius, Parliament, Chroma, the CTI All-Stars, the GRP All-Star Big Band, David Sanborn, George Benson, Hal Galper, Spyro Gyra, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen (Born To Run), Patti Austin, Chaka Khan, Ringo Starr, Carly Simon, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Donald Fagen (The Nightfly), Grover Washington Jr, Paul Simon, and numerous others
November 29, 1944 ~ Keyboardist, organist, singer, songwriter Felix Cavaliere born in Pelham, New York, USA ~ Member of Joey Dee & the Starliters, known for their hit The Peppermint Twist (Part 1). Member of the Young Rascals. Has also worked with the Stereos, Treasure, Don Was, Ringo Starr, Little Steven, and others
November 29, 1944 ~ John Charles Edward Alder, commonly known as drummer, singer, songwriter Twink, born in Colchester, UK ~ Central figure in UK's psychedelic movement. Actively recording since the mid-1960s. Started in the R%amp;B outfit the Fairies. Member of the In-Crowd, who later changed their name to Tomorrow, alongside guitarist Steve Howe of later Yes-fame, singer Keith West and bassist John Junior Wood. Member of the Pretty Things from 1968, replacing Skip Alan, through 1969 and present on some tracks on the SF Sorrow. Co-founded the Pink Fairies, co-founded Fallen Angels with Steve Marriott. Member of Rings, noted for recording I Wanna Be Free which is considered one of the first punk rock singles
November 29, 1943 ~ Barbara Ann Martin, commonly known as country, country pop singer, guitarist, songwriter Bobbi Martin born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Known for songs such as Don't Forget I Still Love You, I Can't Stop Thinking Of You, For The Love Of Him, and Something Tells Me (Something's Gonna Happen Tonight) ~ Martin passed away in 2000
November 29, 1943 ~ Bandoneon player, composer Juan José Mosalini born in Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ Tango nuevo. Influenced avant-garde tango. Largely self-taught. Playing professionaly since his teens. Formed Tiempo Argentino. Formed Canyengues. Has also collaborated with José Basso, Leopoldo Federico, Osvaldo Pugliese, Susana Rinaldi, Edmundo Rivero, Horacio Salgán, Daniel Binelli, and others. In 1999 founded the first bandoneon course in France, his adopted homeland since the mid-1970s, at the Gennevilliers Conservatory of Music ~ Mosalini passed away in 2022
November 29, 1941 ~ Myrna Joy Miller, commonly known as country singer Jody Miller born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA ~ Paved the way for future crossover female singers such as Linda Ronstadt, Anne Murray and Olivia Newton-John. Debuted in 1963 with the album Wednesday's Child Is Full Of Woe. Known for songs such as He Walks Like A Man, The Queen Of The House, The Home Of The Brave, There's A Party Goin' On, Good News, When The New Wears Off Our Love, and others ~ Miller passed away in 2022
November 29, 1940 ~ Jazz, jazz fusion drummer Billy Hart born in Washington DC, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Buck Hill, Shirley Horn, the Montgomery Brothers, Jimmy Smith, Wes Montgomery, McCoy Tyner, Wayne Shorter, Eddie Harris, Pharoah Sanders, Marian McPartland, Miles Davis, Catalyst, Herbie Hancock, Azar Lawrence, Bennie Maupin, the Mary Lou Williams Collective, Pat Martino, Stan Getz, Quest, the Cookers, Lee Konitz, John Scofield, Terumasa Hino, the Jazztet, Paul Bley, Sonny Fortune, Joe Lovano, Grover Washington Jr, and Contact
November 29, 1940 ~ Charles Frank Mangione, commonly known as trumpeter, hornist Chuck Mangione born in Rochester, New York, USA ~ Some 30 albums as a leader. Best known for Feels So Good, a Billboard top 10 hit in 1977. Wrote the theme of the feature film Cannonball Run. Has worked with Art Blakey's the Jazz Messengers, the National Gallery, Gerry Niewood, Chris Vadala, Grant Geissman, Joe Romano, Steve Gadd, Sal Nistico, and others
November 29, 1940 ~ Singer, guitarist Denny Doherty, full name Dennis Gerrard Sephen Doherty, born in Halifax, Canada ~ Founding member of the Mamas & the Papas, known for 1960s hits such as California Dreamin', Monday Monday, Creeque Alley, and others ~ Doherty passed away in 2007
November 29, 1939 ~ Jazz saxophonist, composer Claudio Fasoli born in Venice, Italy ~ Worked with Aldo Romano, Bill Elgart, Bobo Stenson, Henri Texler, Jean-François Jenny-Clark, Kenny Wheeler, Lee Konitz, Manfred Schoof, Mick Goodrick, Palle Danielsson, Tony Oxley, the Manusardi Quartet, Perigeo, the Gaslini Quintet, and others
November 29, 1939 ~ Music author, historian Joel Whitburn, full name Joel Carver Whitburn, born in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA ~ Obsessed with music since his teens. As an author and researcher has worked on an estimated 200 reference books, 50 of which through the Records Research company founded by him cataloguing data from popular music charts. His books, in particular the flagship series Top Pop Singles, are in-demand especially with radio DJ's and music fans. Whitburn is also known for building one of the world's largest record collections, which includes nearly every 78rpm, 45rpm single, album and CD ever to reach the Billboard charts ~ Whitburn passed awy in 2022
November 29, 1936 ~ Jazz, blues, R&B saxophonist Nat Perrilliat, full name Nathaniel Perrilliat, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ~ Active since the early 1950s. Worked with Professor Longhair, Smiley Lewis, Shirley & Lee, Ellis Marsalis Jr, Alvin Batiste, Nat Adderley, Allen Toussaint, Fats Domino, Barbara George, Clarence Frogman Henry, Junior Parker, Joe Tex, and others ~ Perrilliat passed away in 1971
November 29, 1934 ~ Operatic bass Günter Wewel born in Arnsberg, Germany ~ Most closely associated with the Oper Dortmund, serving with the company for the majority of his career. Has also guested with a wide array of renowned orchestras including the Bavarian State Opera, the Hamburg State Opera, the Cologne Opera, and the Budapest National Opera. Also well-known as a TV host, presenting the ARD musical entertainment show Kein Schöner Land from 1989 through 2007 ~ Wewel passed away in 2023
November 29, 1934 ~ Saxophonist, clarinetist, flutist Tony Coe, full name Anthony George Coe, born in Canterbury, UK ~ Versatile, adventurous, flexible. Counted among England's top jazzmen. Over two dozen albums to his name as leader or co-leader, especially acclaimed for the albums Some Other Spring, Nutty and Les Sources Bleues. Well known for his associations with Humphrey Lyttelton, Johnny Dankworth, Derek Bailey, and the United Jazz+Rock Ensemble. Has also collaborated with Al Grey, Bob Brookmeyer, Franz Koglmann, Nucleus, Clark Terry, Peter Brötzmann, Loudon Wainwright III, Steve Beresford, and Norma Winstone ~ Coe passed away in 2023
November 29, 1933 ~ Guitarist, bandleader John Mayall born in Macclesfield, UK ~ Founder, main force behind John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers. Mentor to many. Has worked with Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor, Mark Almond, Harvey Mandel, John McVie, Jack Bruce, Aynsley Dunbar, Mick Fleetwood, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Walter Trout, Coco Montoya, and others
November 29, 1932 ~ The Broadway musical The Gay Divorce featuring the Cole Porter classic Night And Day premieres in New York, New York ~ Dwight Taylor's musical premieres on Broadway, to critical and commercial success. It would be made into a film musical two years later, retitled The Gay Divorcee. The stage version included many songs by Porter which were left out of the film, replaced by new songs. The song Night And Day, premiered by Fred Astaire in the original stage production, was kept in the film and would become a classic, covered by over an estimated 1,000 artists. Astaire also starred in the film musical, his second of ten pairings with Ginger Rogers after Flying Down To Rio released in 1933
November 29, 1932 ~ Guitarist Ed Bickert born in Hochfeld, Canada ~ Started as studio musician and sideman for Ron Collier, Moe Koffman, Phil Nimmons. Has toured with Ruby Braff, Frank Rosolino, Milt Jackson, Oscar Peterson, Buddy Tate, Peter Appleyard. Also recorded with Ernestine Anderson, Benny Carter, Rosemary Clooney, Lorne Lofsky, Dave McKenna, Ken Peplowski, and with Neil Swainsn. Bickert worked extensively with Canadian bandleader Rob McConnell on various projects from 1969's the Boss Brass through to 1998's Big Band Christmas. In the 1970s, at the end of Desmond's life, Bickert also worked with Paul Desmond, starting on 1974's Pure Desmond, which brought him to an international audience. The association with Desmond resulted in several live concerts as a “Canadian” quartet featuring Bickert, Desmond, bassist Don Thompson and drummer Jerry Fuller, some of which were released on LP ~ Bickert passed away in 2019
November 29, 1917 ~ Country, western swing, folk, gospel singer, songwriter Merle Travis, full name Merle Robert Travis, was born in Rosewood, Kentucky, USA ~ Known for songs such as Divorce Me COD, So Round So Firm So Fully Packed, Sixteen Tons, Re-enlistment Blues, I Am a Pilgrim, Dark As A Dungeon, and others ~ Travis passed away in 1983
November 29, 1915 ~ Jazz pianist, songwriter Billy Strayhorn, full name William Thomas Strayhorn, born in Dayton, Ohio, USA ~ Closely associated with Duke Ellington. Wrote or co-wrote songs such as Take The A-Train, Chelsea Bridge, A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing and Lush Life ~ Strayhorn passed away in 1967
November 29, 1914 ~ Jazz bassist Coleridge Goode, full name George Coleridge Emerson Goode, born in Kingston, Jamaica ~ Best known for his association with saxophonist Joe Harriott. Also worked with Johnny Claes, Eric Winstone, Lauderic Caton, Dick Katz, Ray Ellington, Django Reinhardt, Stéphane Grappelli, Tito Burns, Chris McGregor, Dudu Pukwana, Ronnie Beer, Laurie Allan, Gwigwi Mrwebi, Laurie Morgan, Michael Garrick, and others ~ Goode passed away in 2015
November 29, 1911 ~ Walter Maurice Kaufman, commonly known as conductor, composer, songwriter Walter Kent, born in New York, New York, USA ~ Perhaps best remembered for penning The White Cliffs Of Dover with Nat Burton, first recorded by Bunny Berigan in 1941 and popularized by Vera Lynn in Europe where it became one of the best known World War II songs, and for penning I'll Be Home For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams), first recorded by Bing Crosby and covered by over a 1,000 artists. Other songs written or co-written by Kent have been recorded by Orville Knapp, Eddy Duchin, Jimmy Dorsey (Isle Of Pines), Glenn Miller (When The Roses Bloom Again), Count Basie, and Frankie Laine (I'm Gonna Live Till I Die) ~ Kaufman passed away in 1994
November 29, 1902 ~ Jazz drummer, bandleader Danny Alvin born in New York, New York, USA ~ Father of guitarist Teddy Walters. Recorded occasionally as a leader, noted for his 1958 Club Basin Street album. Started in the late 1910s, backing Sophie Tucker at her Reisenwebers's, New York, residency. Relocated to Chicago in the 1920s, where he would go on to back artists such as Sidney Bechet, George Brunies, Wild Bill Davison, Art Hodes, and Mezz Mezzrow ~ Alvin passed away in 1958
November 29, 1894 ~ Lucille Nelson, commonly known as singer Lucille Hegamin, born in Macon, Georgia, USA ~ Married to pianist, composer Bill Hegamin, with whom she also worked. In 1920 became the second African-American blues singer to record, after Mamie Smith. Known for songs such as Arkansas Blues, Easy Going Mamma (Don't Play Hard To Get With Me), and Jazz Me Blues. Worked with the Leonard Harper Minstrel Stock Company, Tony Jackson, Jelly Roll Morton, the Blue Syncapotors, Jimmy Wade, Clarence Williams, Willie The Lion Smith, and others ~ Nelson passed away in 1970
November 29, 1841 ~ Concert hall singer Joe Wilson born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK ~ Wrote and sang in the Geordie dialect of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, his native speech. Best known for the songs Keep Yor Feet Still Geordie Hinny and Sally Wheatley, the latter revived during the late 20th century by acts such as Alex Glasgow and the Dubliners ~ Wilson passed away in 1875
November 29, 1797 ~ Composer Gaetano Donizetti, full name Domenica Gaetano Maria Donizetti, born in Bergamo, Lombardy ~ Along with Gioachino Rossini and Vincenzo Bellini a leading composer of the bel canto era. Wrote close to 70 operas, his best-known perhaps being 1832's L'Elisir D'Amore, 1837's Roberto Devereux and 1843's Don Pasquale ~ Donizetti passed away in 1848
November 29, 1643 ~ Composer, choirmaster, priest Claudio Monteverdi, full name Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi, passed away ~ Composed both secular and sacred music. Considered a pioneer pivotal to the development of opera. Served as a bridge between the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Best known for religious works such as Vespro Della Beata Vergine and the opera L'Orfeo, the latter still widely performed to this day ~ Monteverdi was born ca.1567