This Day In Music: November 6
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November 6, 2022 ~ Ali Mahammed, commonly known as Oromo, world music singer, guitarist, songwriter Ali Birra, passed away in Adama, Ethiopia ~ Regarded as the most popular Oromo icon, an ethnic group mostly native to the Oromia region. Other than in his native Oromo language Birra also sang in Amharic, Harari and Somali. Actively recording since the early 1970s. Well known songs include Hin Yaadin, Asabalee, Ammalelee, and Gamachu ~ Mahammed was born in 1950
November 6, 2022 ~ Singer, keyboardist Don Lewis passed away ~ Best known for creating an instrument called the LEO, short for Live Electronic Orchestra, which integrated multiple instruments under a single controller and predated the MIDI controller by ten years. As a musician has collaborated with artists such as Quincy Jones, Sérgio Mendes, and Michael Jackson. Opened for the Beach Boys on their 1974 tour ~ Lewis was born in 1941
November 6, 2022 ~ Gloria Rodriguez, commonly known as rapper Hurricane G, passed away ~ Best known for Somebody Else of her 1997 All Woman debut album. First female member of the Hit Squad. Has also guested on recordings by Keith Murray, Redman, Xzibit, Delinquent Habits, and others ~ Rodriguez was born ca.1970
November 6, 2021 ~ Keyboardist, bassist Andy Barker passed away ~ Member of 808 State, notably present on the 1988 Quadrastate EP. Would go on to record a small number of songs under the monikers Atlas and Benaco ~ Barker was born in 1968
November 6, 2021 ~ Terence Wilson, commonly known as rapper, toaster, singer, drummer Astro, passed away ~ Member of UB40 from 1979 through 2013, present on the band's best-known including the Billboard Hot 100 No.1 hits Red Red Wine and Can't Help Falling In Love. His nickname comes from his childhood, wearing a pair of Dr Martens boots of a model named “Astronaut” ~ Wilson was born in 1957
November 6, 2021 ~ R&B, soul, disco singer Evette Benton passed away ~ Perhaps best remembered as co-lead vocalist on Games People Play, a Thom Bell-produced Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit for the Spinners in 1975 ~ Benton was born ca.1953
November 6, 2020 ~ Folk singer, songwriter Jim Radford passed away in Lewisham, UK ~ Best known for The Shores Of Normandy. Radford drew from personal experience as he participated in the Allied invasion of Normandy in 1944 ~ Radford was born in 1928
November 6, 2020 ~ Dayvon Daquan Bennett, commonly known as rapper King Von, passed away in Atlanta, Georgia, USA ~ Best known for Crazy Story, his 2019 breakout single. Has collaborated with Lil' Durk, Sada Baby, Fivio Foreign, and others ~ Bennett was born in 1994
November 6, 2018 ~ Cellist, keyboardist Hugh McDowell, full name Hugh Alexander McDowell, passed away ~ Best known as a member of the Electric Light Orchestra and ELO Part II. Has also worked with Wizzard ~ McDowell was born in 1953
November 6, 2016 ~ Virtuoso pianist, conductor, composer Zoltan Kocsis passed away ~ Worked with the Berlin Philharmonic, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, the Staatskapelle Dresden, and others ~ Kocsis was born in 1952
November 6, 2014 ~ Singer, flutist Maggie Boyle passed away ~ Worked with John Renbourn, Ship Of Fools, Grace Note, Steve Tilston, Incantation, the Sergeant Early Band, Ralph McTell, Jez Lowe, Pete Coe, Paul Downes, Jon Boden, Peter Bellamy, Bert Jansch, John McCormick, John Drury, Gordon Tyrrall, Mike Deavin, Pauline Cato, Damien Barber, Mick Ryan, and others ~ Boyle was born in 1956
November 6, 2013 ~ Rockabilly singer, guitarist Clyde Stacy, full name Haskell XClyde Stacy, passed away in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA ~ Credited as a founder of the “Tulsa sound” and known for a handful of 1950s singles, notably So Young released in 1957. Stacy has opened for artists such as Elvis Presley and Patsy Cline, eventually mostly retiring from music by the mid-1970s ~ Stacy was born in 1936
November 6, 2011 ~ Pianist, composer Gordon Beck passed away in Ely, UK ~ Worked with Don Byas, was in Gyroscope with Tubby Hayes and Jeff Clyne, played with Tony Oxley, Helen Merrill, Phil Woods, played as house pianist at the famous Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, played funk with George Gruntz's six-keyboard outfit the Piano Conclavo, free jazz with drummer John Stevens, was briefly a member of Nucleus, and also played with Allan Holdsworth, Henri Texier, Didier Lockwood, and others ~ Beck was born in 1936
November 6, 2007 ~ Henry William Thompson, commonly known as guitarist, singer, songwriter Hank Thompson passed away in Keller, Texas, USA ~ Smooth baritone vocals backed by the Brazos Valley Boys, a hybrid of fiddles, electric guitars, steel guitars. Had his first hit in 1952 with The Wild Side Of Life. It contained the memorable line “I didn't know God made honky tonk angels”, solliciting the JD Miller-penned It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels. Also known for songs such as Whoa Sailor, Waiting In The Lobby Of Your Heart, Rub-a-dub-dub, Wake Up Irene, and others ~ Thompson was born in 1925
November 6, 2006 ~ Actor, singer, songwriter Miguel Aceves Mejía passed away in Mexico City, Mexico ~ Enjoyed popularity during the golden age of Mexican film. Dubbed “the God of Ranchera” starred in over 60 films and recorded over 1,500 songs. Known for songs such as El Pastor, Se Me Hizo Fácil, Yo Tenia Un Chorro De Voz, Vaya Con Dios, La Malagueña Salerosa, Cuatro Caminos, El Pescado Nadador, and Oh Gran Dios ~ Mejía was born in 1915
November 6, 2004 ~ Peter A Ceragioli, commonly known as jazz pianist, acccordionist Pete Jolly, passed away in Pasadena, California, USA ~ Worked with Howard Robert, Shorty Rogers, Jan Lundgren, Buddy DeFranco, Art Pepper, Red Norvo, Ray Conniff, Herb Alpert, Ralph Peña, Chuck Berghofer, Larry Bunker, Milt Holland, Elmer Bernstein, Kenny Burrell, Buddy Collette, Joni James, JJ Johnson, Quincy Jones, Johnny Mandel, Gerry Mulligan, Jack Nitzsche, Tom Waits, and others ~ Ceragioli was born in 1932
November 6, 2001 ~ Opera director, vocal coach, stage manager John Simon White passed away in Sarasota, Florida, USA ~ Best known as managing director of the New York City Opera from 1970 to 1980 ~ White was born in 1910
November 6, 1999 ~ Blues-rock, hard rock, rock bassist Anthony Jones passed away ~ Member of Humble Pie, present on the early 1980s elbums On To Victory and Go For The Throat ~ Jones was born in 1952
November 6, 1998 ~ R&B, funk, soul singer, guitarist Don Julian, full name Donald Ray Julian, passed away ~ Fronted Meadowlarks, considered the first integrated doo-wop group, known for their 1964 single The Jerk. Julian also wrote and performed the score to the 1973 blaxploitation film Savage and recorded several solo albums ~ Julian was born in 1937
November 6, 1997 ~ Kevin Paul Godfrey, commonly known as post-punk, indie rock, alternative rock singer, percussionist, guitarist, bassist, songwriter Epic Soundtracks, passed away in London, UK ~ Brother of Nikki Sudden, his bandmate in post-punk outfit Swell Maps. Member of Crime & the City Solution and These Immortal Souls. Would focus on his solo career from the early 1990s onwards, especially acclaimed for the 1992 Rise Above album ~ Godfrey was born in 1959
November 6, 1993 ~ DJ, producer Torsten Fenslau passed away in Messel, Germany ~ Best known as a member of Eurodance, pop act Culture Beat ~ Fenslau was born in 1964
November 6, 1989 ~ Richard Dorian Goodman, commonly known as producer Dickie Goodman, passed away in North Carolina, USA ~ Half of producer, songwriter duo Buchanan & Goodman with Bill Buchanan. Known for novelty records. One of the first to use the “break-ins” and mash-ups, an early precursor to sampling as evidenced on the 1956 single The Flying Saucer (Back To Earth) ~ Goodman was born in 1934
November 6, 1988 ~ Singer Conchita Wurst born in Gmunden, Austria ~ Best known for winning the 2014 Eurovision Songfestival representing Austria with the song Rise Like A Phoenix written by Charlie Mason, Joey Patulka, Ali Zuckowski and Julian Maas
November 6, 1986 ~ Jazz pianist Eddie Thompson, full name Edgar Charles Thompson, passed away in London, UK ~ Worked with Victor Feldman, Tony Crombie, Vic Ash, Freddy Randall, Tommy Whittle, Len Skeat, Martin Drew, Roger Kellaway, and others ~ Thompson was born in 1925
November 6, 1986 ~ Pianist Lili Kraus passed away in Asheville, North Carolina, USA ~ Studied with Zoltan Kodaly and Béla Bartók. Earned critical international acclaim in the 1930s through her chamber music performances, often collaborating with violinist Szymon Goldberg. Regarded as a specialist in the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven ~ Kraus was born in 1903
November 6, 1981 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Graham Colton born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA ~ First gained attention in the early 2000s playing the bars and coffee houses in the Dallas area, quickly becoming a local favorite, scoring national tours as support act for Better Than Ezra and the Counting Crows, and releasing the 2002 indie eponymous Graham Colton album. Would release his major-label Brendan O'Brien-produced Drive debut in 2004 and has recorded to a growing and devoted fanbase since
November 6, 1980 ~ Jazz singer Lena Nymark born in Ålesund, Norway ~ Worked with Andreas Uivo, Ellen Andrea Wang, Martin Langlie, Dinosaur, Terje Isungset, Hanne Hukkelberg, Robert Post, the Silucian Town, Florenius, the Sula Art Ensemble, the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, and others
November 6, 1978 ~ Michael Woodrow Jackson, commonly known as rapper, producer Oh No, born in Oxnard, California, USA ~ Half of hip-hop duo Gangrene along with the Alchemist. Also worked with Kali Wild, the Juggaknots, De La Soul, Murs, Wildchild, Dudley Perkins, Aloe Blacc, Wise Inteligent, Vast Aire, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Quelle Chris, Dilated Peoples, and others
November 6, 1970 ~ Drummer Matt Johnson born in Houston, Texas, USA ~ Best known for his association with singer Jeff Buckley, including on the album Grace. Co-wrote Buckley's Dream Brother. Has also recorded as a solo artist, starting with 2009 Cagefighter, and collaborated with the likes of Starflyer '59, Duncan Sheik, Elysian Fields, Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Gabriel Kahane, Dean Wareham, Britta Phillips, Beth Orton, and others
November 6, 1967 ~ Singer, guitarist, songwriter Bob Dylan records All Along The Watchtower ~ Self-penned. Produced by Bob Johnston. Included on the 1967 John Wesley Harding album. Covered by numerous artists, yet most closely associated with Jimi Hendrix who covered the track for his Electric Ladyland album. Dylan's live performances have been influenced by the Hendrix-version to the point that some have called them covers of a cover
November 6, 1966 ~ Keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, percussionist, singer Brad Laner born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Founder and frontman of noise pop, shoegaze outfit Medicine, known best for their cameo appearance in the 1994 film The Crow performing Time Baby II. The soundtrack album would feature another version of the song, the Cocteau Twins-singer Elizabeth Fraser providing guest vocals. Previously Laner had worked with acts such as Debt of Nature, the Steaming Coils and perhaps most notably post-punk outfit Savage Republic. Laner has also recorded as a solo artist and collaborated with a host of acts including Earth Dies Burning, Electric Company, Lusk, North Valley Subconscious Orchestra, Internal Tulips, and others
November 6, 1966 ~ Singer, video artist, installation artist Elizabeth Price born in Bradford, UK ~ Co-founded indie pop outfit Talulah Gosh, present on the singles Beatnik Boy and Steaming Train before departing in 1986 to form Carousel with Gregory Webster
November 6, 1966 ~ Rock, hard rock, blues rock, power pop guitarist, songwriter Paul Gilbert, full name Paul Brandon Gilbert, born in Carbondale, Illinois, USA ~ Influenced by Todd Rundgren, Cheap Trick, the Beatles. Co-founding member of Racer X. Co-founding member of Mr Big, best known for the Billboard Hot 100 charttopper To Be With You of their 1991 Lean Into It sophomore album. Well over a dozen albums as a solo artist, starting with King Of Clubs released in 1998. Has also worked with Black Sheep, Darrell Mansfield, Jeff Berlin, Joey Tafolla, Carmine Appice, Pat Torpey, Neal Morse, and others
November 6, 1966 ~ Robert Clifford Brown, commonly known as blues singer, washboard player Washboard Sam, passed away in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Rumored to be the half-brother of Big Bill Broonzy, with whom he has also collaborated. Has also worked with Sleepy John Estes, Hammie Nixon, Memphis Slim, Tampa Red, Bukka White, Willie Lacey, Jazz Gillum. and others. Ventured out on his own by the mid-1930s, recording some 160 tracks through the 1940s becoming one of the most popular Chicago musicians. Well known recordings include Diggin' my Potatoes, Morning Dove Blues, Jumpin' Rooster and bucket's Got A Hole In It ~ Brown was born ca.1910
November 6, 1965 ~ Pianist, singer, songwriter, producer, music publisher Clarence Williams passed away in Queens, New York, USA ~ Worked with Billy Kersands, AJ Piron, Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Bessie Smith, Virginia Liston, Irene Scruggs, Katrine Henderson, the Red Onion Jazz Band, King Oliver, and others ~ Williams was born ca.1893
November 6, 1965 ~ Composer Edgard Varèse, full name Edgard Victor Achille Charles Varèse, passed away ~ Dubbed by some as “the Father of Electronic Music” with a relatively small catalogue yet recognised as a major influence by major late 20th century composers including Milton Babbitt, Olivier Messiaen, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Pierre Boulez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Iannis Xenakis, Frank Zappa, John Zorn, and others. Varese founded the International Composers Guild in 1921 and Pan-American Association Of Composers in 1926 ~ Varèse was born in 1883
November 6, 1964 ~ Rock, punk rock singer Greg Graffin, full name Gregory Walter Graffin, born in Rancine, Wisconsin, USA ~ Co-founding and sole constant member of Bad Religion. Debuted as a solo artist with the album American Lesion in 1997
November 6, 1964 ~ Harry Sisk, commonly known as bluegrass singer, guitarist Junior Sisk, born in Arlington, Virginia, USA ~ Influenced by the Stanley Brothers. First gained attention in the early 1990s writing A Game I Can't Win, My Heart Belongs To You and Tears Are Blinding Me, all recorded by the Lonesome River Band. Best known for co-founding Rambler's Choice in the late 1990s. Has also worked with Wyatt Rice, Santa Cruz, Joe Mullins, Mac Wiseman, and others
November 6, 1961 ~ Rock, hard rock guitarist Craig Goldy born in San Diego, California, USA ~ Best known as member of Dio and of Giuffria, including on the band's biggest hit Call To The Heart. Co-write Lady Luck of David Lee Roth's 1991 A Little Ain't Enough album. Has recorded as a solo artist, starting with Insufficient Therapy released in 1993, and collaborated with acts such as Rough Cutt, Budgie, Mark Huff, Uli Jon Roth, Vinnie Moore, Ressurection Kings, Dream Child, and others
November 6, 1961 ~ Pop singer, songwriter Florent Pagny born in Chalon-sur-Saône, France ~ First gained attention as an actor for film and TV. Well over a dozen albums to his name as a singer, starting with Merci released in 1990. Known best for songs such as N'Importe Quoi, Savoir Aimer and Ma Liberté De Penser, all of which would top the charts in his native France
November 6, 1961 ~ Richard James Reginald Steven Smith, commonly known as singer, songwriter Ricky Wilde, born ~ Brother of singer Kim Wilde, son of singer, actor Marty Wilde. Mentored by producer Jonathan King, who aimed to launch Wilde in the early 1970s as a teen idol and the UK's answer to Donny Osmond. Perhaps best known for his 1972 debut single I Am An Astronaut, notably covered by Snow Patrol in 2006
November 6, 1959 ~ Pop, pop rock producer, songwriter Tore Johansson born ~ Best known for producing five out of six of the Cardigans' albums, the 2003 Long Before Daylight album being the sole exception. Has also worked with Franz Ferdinand, A-ha, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Anouk, OK Go, Saint Etienne, Suede, and others
November 6, 1958 ~ Singer Connie Francis records My Happiness at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California ~ Written by Betty Peterson Blasco and Borney Bergantine. Produced by Morton Craft and Jesse Kaye. Previously a hit for Jon & Sondra Steele, the Pied Pipers and for Ella Fitzgerald. One of Francis' favorite songs as a child, Francis version would be released as a single b/w Never Before it would reach No.2 on the pop charts, trailing behind the Platters' Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
November 6, 1957 ~ Singer, actress Siobhán McCarthy, full name Siobhán Mary Ann McCarthy, born in Dublin, Ireland ~ Known for starring in a number of West End musical productions including Evita and Chess, and for being a member of the band Wall Street Crash from 1980 through 1983
November 6, 1950 ~ Rock bassist Chris Glen, full name Christopher John Glen, born in Paisley, UK ~ Best known as member of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band from 1972 through 1978 and for various stints with the Michael Schenker Group starting in 1980. Has also worked with GMT, Ian Gillan, Café Jacques, and others
November 6, 1950 ~ Keyboardist, producer, songwriter Keith Hale born in Hull, UK ~ Worked with Toyah, Hawkwind, Ginger Baker, Comus, Blood Donor, Space Cadets, Mind Your Head, and others
November 6, 1950 ~ Contemporary Christian singer Kenny Marks, full name Kenneth Michael Marks, born in Detroit, Michigan, USA ~ First gained attention in Billy Graham's Afterglow Concert Series in the early 1980s. Debuted as a solo singer with the Follow Him in 1982 and has recorded steadily since ~ Marks passed away in 2018
November 6, 1949 ~ Trumpeter, pianist, composer Arturo Sandoval born in Artemisa, Cuba ~ Influenced by Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, the latter at some point becoming a collaborator and mentor of Sandoval's. Has also worked with Paquito d'Rivera, Tito Puente, Chico O'Farrill, GRP All-Star Band, Zane Musa, Dave Siegel, Teymour Phel, Johnny Friday, Armando Ance, Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Pittsburgh Symphony, Gloria Estefan, Dave Grusin, Ed Calle, Dave Valentin, Regina Belle, Frank Sinatra, James Moody, Irakere, Candy Dulfer, Beenie Man, Tony Bennett, Dr John, Kurt Elling, and others
November 6, 1949 ~ Benjamin Joe Houston, commonly known as Chicago blues guitarist, singer Boston Blackie, born in Panola, Alabama, USA ~ Known for his raw, hard-edged style. Influenced by Magic Sam, Otis Rush, Elmore James, Little Milton, Bobby Blue Bland. Worked with Sweetman & the Sugar Boys, Johnny B Moore, Lee Shot Williams, Freddie King, Kansas City Red, Hubert Sumlin, Homesick James, Jimmy Dawkins, Little Walter, Eddie Shaw. Shot and killed by blues singer Tail Dragger Jones in a heated dispute over payment, Jones claimed self-defense but would be convicted for second-degree murder and served 17 months in prison ~ Houston passed away in 1993
November 6, 1949 ~ Aurora Block, commonly known as guitarist, singer, songwriter Rory Block, born in New York, New York, USA ~ Influenced by classic blues artists such as Mississippi John Hurt, Reverend Gary Davis, Son House. Acclaimed for a number of 1980s, 1990s albums, notably 1981's High-heeled Blues, 1991's Mama's Blues and 1992's Ain't I A Woman
November 6, 1948 ~ Singer, pianist Chi Coltrane born in Racine, Wisconsin, USA ~ Debuted in 1970 with the eponymous Chi Coltrane album. Its lead single, Thunder & Lightning would reach the Billboard top 20. Appreciated more in Europe, where she also lived and performed extensively, than in her native America
November 6, 1948 ~ Singer, guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter Glenn Frey, full name Glenn Lewis Frey, born in Detroit, Michigan, USA ~ Formed the duo Longbranch Pennywhistle with JD Souther, known for their sole eponymous 1969 Longbranch Pennywhistle album. Would rise to fame as co-founding member, co-lead singer of the Eagles. Co-wrote a vast amount of the band's material with co-leader Don Henley. Sang lead on songs such as Take It Easy, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Tequila Sunrise, Already Gone, Lyin' Eyes, New Kid In Town and Heartache Tonight. After the band disbanded in 1980 ventured out on his own, releasing his No Fun Aloud solo debut album in 1982. As a solo artist known for Billboard Hot 100 top 20 hits such as The One You Love, The Heat Is On and You Belong To The City ~ Frey passed away in 2016
November 6, 1948 ~ John Rushton Morey, commonly known as acid rock, hard rock bassist Rushton Moreve, born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Early member of Steppenwolf. Present on the band's first two albums, Steppenwolf and its followup The Second both released in 1968. Co-wrote Magic Carpet Ride, one of the band's best-known ~ Moreve passed away in 1981
November 6, 1947 ~ Rock guitarist, songwriter, producer George Young, full name George Redburn Young, born in Bridgeton, UK ~ Founding member of the Easybeats, known for the 1967 hit Friday On My Mind. Founding member of Flash & the Pan, known for the 1976 hit Hey St Peter. As a producer and songwriter regularly collaborated with Harry Vanda, working with acts such as the Malcolm Hook Roll Band, John Paul Young (Love Is In The Air), Rose Tattoo and notably producing a vast amount of AC/DC's early work, the band including Young's brothers Angus Young and Malcolm Young ~ Young passed away in 2017
November 6, 1947 ~ Country singer Hank Williams records I'm A Long Gone Daddy at Castle Studio, Nashville, Tennessee ~ Written by Williams. Produced by Fred Rose. Released as a single the following February paired with Blues Come Around on the flipside. Recorded during the same session: I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind and Rootie Tootie
November 6, 1946 ~ Singer Sally Field, full name Sally Margaret Field, born in Pasadena, California, USA ~ Best known as an actress. Has released a handful of singles including Felicidad which graced the bottom end of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1967
November 6, 1945 ~ Birge Longquist Hansen, commonly known as singer, songwriter Jodie Birge, born ~ Best known for songs such as Rigtige Venner and Tre Hvide Duer ~ Hansen passed away in 2004
November 6, 1941 ~ Rock, country, blues, tejano singer, guitarist, mandolinist, dobroist, keyboardist,percussionist, songwriter Doug Sahm, full name Douglas Wayne Sahm, born in San Antonio, Texas, USA ~ Leading figure in Tex-mex music. Fronted the critically acclaimed Sir Douglas Quintet, known for the 1965 Billboard Hot 100 top 20 hit She's About A Mover. The band would open for the Beatles and the Beach Boys. Sahm would record throughout the 1970s to mixed reviews and commercial disappointment yet remain popular in the Texas scene. Co-founded the Texas Tornados in the late 1980s with Augie Meyers, Freddy Fender and Flaco Jiménez ~ Sahm passed away in 1999
November 6, 1941 ~ Singer, songwriter Guy Clark born in Monahans, Texas, USA ~ Singer, songwriter with over 20 albums to his name. Helped define Americana. Highly admired by peers. Known for songs such as LA Freeway, Waiting For A Train, and Homegrown Tomatoes. Had his songs recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker, Jimmy Buffett, Lyle Lovett, Ricky Skaggs, Steve Wariner, Rodney Crowell, Steve Earle, Bobby Bare, Ricky Skaggs (Heartbroke), John Conlee, Asleep At The Wheel, Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, and by Willie Nelson. ~ Clark passed away in 2016
November 6, 1940 ~ Singer Laila Dalseth born in Bergen, Norway ~ Married to saxophonist Totti Bergh, with whom she also worked. Has also worked with Kjell Karlsen, Egil Kapstad, Helge Hurum, Per Borthen, Red Mitchell, Al Cohn, Milt Hinton, Philip Catherine, and others
November 6, 1938 ~ Singer Jim Pike born ~ Member of the Lettermen from 1959 through 1974, present on songs such as When I Fall In Love, Come Back Silly Girl, Theme From A Summerplace, Goin' Out Of My Head and Hurt So Bad ~ Pike passed away in 2019
November 6, 1938 ~ James Marcus Smith, commonly known as singer PJ Proby, born in Houston, Texas, USA ~ Portrayed Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison in musical theater productions. Also known for a number of early 1960s singles including Try To Forget Her, The Other Side Of Town, So Do I, Hold Me, Together, Maria, and others
November 6, 1937 ~ Producer, singer Eugene Pitt, full name Eugene Sampson Pitt, born in Brooklyn, New York, USA ~ Founding member of doo-wop group the Jive Five, known for songs such as My True Story, Never Never and What Time Is It ~ Pitt passed away in 2018
November 6, 1937 ~ Jazz tenor saxophonist Gordon Brisker born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ohio, USA ~ Played with Al Belletto, Bill Berry, Woody Herman, Louie Bellson, Gerry Mulligan, Herb Pomeroy, Anita O'Day, Bobby Shew, and others ~ Brisker passed away in 2004
November 6, 1932 ~ Country singer, guitarist Stonewall Jackson born in Tabor City, North Carolina, USA ~ Popular 1950s honky-tonk, country singer. Broke through in 1958 with Life To Go, penned by George Jones. Also known for songs such as Waterloo, Why I'm Walkin', A Wound Time Can't Erase, Leona, BJ The DJ, Don't Be Angry and Stamp Out Loneliness, all of which reached top 10 Billboard Country ~ Jackson passed away in 2021
November 6, 1929 ~ Francois Boland, commonly known as jazz composer, pianist Francy Boland, born in Namur, Belgium ~ Worked with Bobby Jaspar, Chet Baker, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Clarke, Kurt Edelhagen, Sarah Vaughan, Sahib Shihab, and others ~ Boland passed away in 2005
November 6, 1927 ~ Blues slide guitarist, singer Joe Carter, full name Joseph J Carter, born in Midland, Georgia, USA ~ Worked with Otis Smothers, Lester Davenport, Magic Slim, the Ice Cream Men, Kansas City Red, and others. Active since the 1950s. Would not record until 1976, releasing the album Mean & Evil Blues, preferring the live circuit ~ Carter passed away in 2001
November 6, 1925 ~ Operatic tenor singer Gerald English born ~ Premiered works by Igor Stravinsky, Hans Werner Henze, Benjamin Britten, Michael Tippett, Andrew Ford, and others. Worked with Ernest Ansermet, Ralph Vaughan Williams, John Barbirolli, Thomas Beecham, the Royal Opera, La Scala, the Deller Consort, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and others ~ English passed away in 2019
November 6, 1924 ~ Dixieland trumpeter Dick Cathcart, full name Charles Richard Cathcart, born in Michigan City, Indiana, USA ~ Best known for his association with Lawrence Welk for most of the 1960s. Also worked with Bob Crosby, Ben Pollack, Ray Noble. Married to Peggy Lennon, one of the Lennon Sisters ~ Cathcart passed away in 1993
November 6, 1923 ~ Jazz, big band trombonist Don Lusher born in Cambridgeshire, UK ~ Worked with Joe Daniels, Lou Preager, Maurice Winnick, the Squadronaires, Jack Parnell, Ted Heath, Frank Sinatra, Kenny Ball, Acker Bilk, John Chilton, Johnny Dankworth, Humphrey Lyttelton, George Melly, and others ~ Lusher passed away in 2006
November 6, 1916 ~ Bandleader, composer, arranger Ray Conniff, full name Joseph Raymond Conniff, born in Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA ~ Formed and led Ray Conniff Singers best known for their 1966 hit Somewhere My Love. Also worked with Rosemary Clooney, Marty Robbins (hanging tree), Frankie Laine, Johnny Mathis (Chances Are), Guy Mitchell, Johnnie Ray (Just Walking In The Rain), Tony Bennett, Eileen Rodgers, Don Cherry, Billy Butterfield, and others ~ Conniff passed away in 2002
November 6, 1912 ~ William Little, commonly known as jazz trumpeter, bandleader King Kolax born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA ~ Active from the 1930s onwards. Played with Billy Eckstine, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Sonny Parker, JT Brown, Joe Williams, Danny Overbra, Mabel Scott, Rudy Greene, Earl Pugh, Brooks & Brown, Clyde Williams, Harvey Ellington, Wilbur White, the Chanteurs, Jerry Butler, McKinley Mitchell, Otis Rush, the Vondells, and others ~ Little passed away in 1991
November 6, 1908 ~ Country bassist Ernie Newton, full name Ernest F Newton, born in Hartford, Connecticut, USA ~ Orphaned at age 5. Started working in minstrel shows and radio orchestras in his teens. Closely associated with Fred Waring, Les Paul and Red Foley early on in his career. Would go on to become an in-demand session musician appearing on numerous classic country tracks including I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry and Lost Highway (Hank Williams), Making Believe (Kitty Wells), There Stands The Glass (Webb Pierce), i Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (the Davis Sisters), Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Bill Monroe), and Man Of Constant Sorrow (the Stanley Brothers) ~ Newton passed away in 1976
November 6, 1893 ~ Composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, full name Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, passed away in St Petersburg, Russia ~ Important figure in the Romantic era. First internationally acclaimed Russian composer ~ Tchaikovsky was born in 1840
November 6, 1886 ~ Songwriter, lyricist Gus Kahn, full name Gustave Gerson Kahn, born in Koblenz, Germany ~ Songwriting partner of Richard Whiting, Walter Donaldson, Ira Gershwin, Ted Fio Rito, George Gershwin, Nacio Herb Brown, and others. Songs co-written by Kahn include Who Wants Love (Billie Holiday), Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Ozzie Nelson, Dinah Shore, Patti Page, the Mamas & the Papas), Love Me Or Leave Me (Ruth Etting, Perry Como, Peggy Lee, Nina Simone), I'll See You In My Dreams (Isham Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Pat Boone, the Platters), It Had To Be You (the Ambassadors, Betty Hutton, Eddy Arnold, Ray Charles), and others ~ Kahn passed away in 1941
November 6, 1883 ~ Richard Cecil McPherson, commonly known as songwriter Cecil Mack born in Norfolk, Virginia, USA ~ Wrote, co-wrote songs such as Charleston (Elisabeth Welch, Louis Prima, Jean Goldkette), He's A Cousin Of Mine (Maria Cahill, Clarice Vance, Sam Cooke), Old Fashioned Love (Adelaide Hall, Bob Wills, Lena Horne), and You're In The Right Church But The Wrong Pew (Bert Williams) ~ McPherson passed away in 1944
November 6, 1854 ~ Composer, conductor John Philip Sousa born in Washington DC, USA ~ Late Romantic era composer best known for his military marches including The Stars And Stripes Forever, Semper Fidelis, The Liberty Bell, and The Washington Post ~ Sousa passed away in 1932