This Day In Music: May 19
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May 19, 2022 ~ Soul, R&B, funk, jazz, gospel keyboardist, singer Bernard Wright passed away ~ Worked with Tom Browne at age 16. Sessioned with Doug E Fresh, Cameo, Bobby Brown, Pieces Of A Dream, Charles Earland, Marcus Miller, Miles Davis, and others. As a solo artist recorded half a dozen albums, starting with 'Nard released in 1981. Often sampled by the likes of Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Skee Lo, LL Cool J, and others. Known for songs such as Just Chillin' Out, Haboglabotribin', Funky Beat and Who Do You Love, the latter reaching top 10 on the Billboard R&B charts. Starting in the 1990s Wright would focus mostly on gospel ~ Wright was born in 1963
May 19, 2021 ~ Folk singer, guitarist, songwriter Alix Dobkin, full name Alix Cecil Dobkin, passed away in Woodstock, New York, USA ~ Emerged from the Greenwich Village coffeehouse scene. Actively recording since the early 1970s. Best known for her Lavender Jane Loves Women, released in 1973 ~ Dobkin was born in 1940
May 19, 2021 ~ Country, folk, pop singer, songwriter Johnny Ashcroft, full name [artist-john-lewis-piano-ashcroft], passed away in Sydney, Australia ~ Married to country singer Gay Kayler, with whom he has also collaborated. Primarily a country and folk singer, songwriter, yet has also recorded pop, skiffle, jazz and even disco at time using the moniker the Baron. Known best for songs such as Little Boy Lost, Playground In My Mind, Big River, The Girl Behind The Bar and Bailing Up The Mail ~ Ashcroft was born in 1927
May 19, 2020 ~ Singer Todd Tilghman wins NBC's The Voice ~ Tilghman wins the 18th season of NBC's talent show The Voice, runner-up would be singer, songwriter Toneisha Harris
May 19, 2019 ~ Pianist, composer Alfred Janson passed away ~ Norwegian jazz and classical composer known for works such as November for piano, the ballet Mot Solen and Sonnet Number 76 for choir and solo voice. Janson's work may sometimes be politically themed and he is one of the few Norwegian composers who has has a demonstration held against a performance of one of his works, Interlude For Orchestra Og Accordeon which was written as a salute to Arne Treholt, a convicted Russian spy ~ Janson was born in 1937
May 19, 2019 ~ Singer Laine Hardy wins American Idol ~ Singer Laine Hardy wins the 17th season of talen show American Idol aired on ABC. Runner-up would be singer Alejandro Aranda
May 19, 2016 ~ Bluegrass singer, guitarist James King, full name James King, passed away in Salem, Virginia, USA ~ Dubbed “the Bluegrass Storyteller” by Tom T Hall for his ability to infuse his story songs with emotion and authenticity. First gained attention working with the Stanley Brothers, appearing on the albums Stanley Brothers Classics and Reunion With George Shuffler. Recorded about a dozen albums as a solo artist, starting with It's A Cold Cold World released in 1989 ~ King was born in 1958
May 19, 2016 ~ Hardcore punk guitarist John Berry passed away in Danvers, Massachusetts, USA ~ Co-founded the Beastie Boys with Adam Yauch and Kate Schellenbach. Came up with the band's name. Left in 1982 before the band would secure commercial success, replaced by Adam Horovitz ~ Berry was born in 1963
May 19, 2015 ~ Singer Sawyer Fredericks wins NBC's The Voice ~ Fredericks wins the 8th season of NBC's talent show The Voice, runner-up would be singer Meghan Linsey
May 19, 2015 ~ Saifullah Zaman, commonly known as DJ, producer the State Of Bengal, passed away in UK ~ Closely associated with the UK and Asian Underground movement. Resident DJ at Anokha Club, London in the mid-1990s. Internationally best known for remixing Björk's Hunter. Released his debut album, Visual Audio, in 1998 ~ Zaman was born in 1965
May 19, 2011 ~ Kathleen O'Rourke, commonly known as singer Kathy Kirby, passed away in London, UK ~ Known for early 1960s UK hits such as Dance On, the Doris Day cover Secret Love, Let Me Go Lover, and You're The One. Represented UK at the 1965 Eurovision Songfestival with I Belong, reaching 2nd place right after France Gall's Poupee De Cire (Poupee De Son). Worked with Bert Ambrose, Nat Allen, the Denny Boyce Band, and others ~ O'Rourke was born in 1938
May 19, 2010 ~ Ennis L Lowery, commonly known as blues singer, guitarist Larry Dale, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ As a solo artist known for songs such as Let The Doorbell Ring, Big Muddy and Drinking Wine (Spo-dee O-dee). Influenced the Rolling Stones' Brian Jones. Worked with Paul Williams, Big Red McHouston, Mickey Baker, Champion Jack Dupree, Bob Gaddy, and others ~ Dale was born in 1923
May 19, 2007 ~ Label executive, producer, songwriter Frank Guida passed away in Norfolk, Virginia, USA ~ Best known for discovering Gary US Bonds, known for New Orleans and Quarter To Three, both produced by Guida. Helped establish “the Norfolk Sound”. Also worked with Leroy Toombs, Jimmy Soul (If You Wanna Be Happy), Tommy Facenda (High School USA), Lenis Guess, Pamala Stanley, and others ~ Guida was born in 1921
May 19, 2006 ~ Jazz trumpeter Charles Turner, full name Charles Henry Turner, passed away ~ Best known for his association with Frank Sinatra. Also worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Jimmy Dorsey, Ralph Flanagan, Harry James, Charlie Spivak, Count Basie, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Ava Gardner, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Wayne Newton, Andy Williams, Robert Goulet, Red Skelton, John Denver, Vic Damone, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gormé, and others ~ Turner was born in 1936
May 19, 2006 ~ Frederick Garrity, commonly known as singer Freddie Garrity, passed away in Bangor, UK ~ Fronted Freddie & the Dreamers, known for a string of mid-1960s hits including If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody, I'm Telling You Now and You Were Made For Me ~ Garrity was born in 1936
May 19, 2004 ~ Arnold Dwight Moore, commonly known as blues, gospel singer, songwriter, pastor Gatemouth Moore, passed away in Yazoo City, Mississippi, USA ~ Worked with Bennie Moten, Tommy Douglas, Walter Barnes, Ida Cox, Ma Rainey, Bertha Hill, and others. As a songwriter had his songs recorded by Louis Jordan, Lonnie Johnson, Johnny Otis, Rufus Thomas, Jimmy Witherspoon, and by BB King who once called Moore “one of the greatest blues singers ever” ~ Moore was born in 1913
May 19, 2002 ~ The 33rd edition of Pinkpop takes place in Landgraaf, the Netherlands ~ Day 2 of 3. A sunny weekend, this year's edition would draw a crowd of in total some 63,000 visitors. Included on today's, Sunday the 19th's bill would be Lamb, Faithless, Racoon, Di-rect, Alien Ant Farm, Def P & Beatbusters, the Dropkick Murphys, An Pierlé, Super Furry Animals, E-Life, and Zero 7
May 19, 2001 ~ Jazz singer Susannah McCorkle passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Worked with John Chilton, Keith Ingham, Dick Sudhalter, Emily Remler, Bucky Pizzarelli, Dave Frishberg, and others ~ McCorkle was born in 1946
May 19, 1999 ~ Jonathan Joseph Candido, commonly known as singer, bassist, voice actor Candy Candido, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA ~ Best known for his weekly repetition of the line “I'm feeling mighty low”, spoken in a low voice on the Jimmy Durante radio show. It has since become a national catchphrase ~ Candido was born in 1913
May 19, 1998 ~ Jazz pianist, singer Dorothy Donegan born in Chicago, Illinois, USA ~ Leader and sidewoman. Best known for her work as stride and boogie-woogie pianist. Also played bebop, swing, classical. Protegé of Art Tatum. In 1943 became the first African-American woman to play the Orchestra Hall, Chicago, performing works by Sergei Rachmaninoff as well as jazz. Actively recording since the mid-1940s yet did not gain a large audience until the 1980s ~ Donegan was born in 1922
May 19, 1997 ~ Blues singer, guitarist Asie Payton, full name Asie Reed Payton, passed away ~ Made a living as a farmer and recorded one album, Worried, near the end of his life. It would be released posthumously in 1998 to critical acclaim ~ Payton was born in 1937
May 19, 1997 ~ The 28th edition of Pinkpop takes place in Landgraaf, the Netherlands ~ Day 3 of 3. Mostly sunny and warm, this year's edition would draw a crowd of in total 49,200 visitors. Included on today's, Saturday the 17th's bill would be Fountains Of Wayne, Silverchair, the Gathering, Kula Shaker, de Osdorp Posse, Live, Beck, Nada Surf, Eels, Supergrass, Tracy Bonham, the Counting Crows, dEUS, Bush, Cake, Skik, and Atari Teenage Riot
May 19, 1991 ~ Songwiter, lyricist Mario Panzeri passed away in Milan, Italy ~ Internationally best known for co-writing Gigliola Cinquetti's Non Ho L'Eta, which won Italy the Eurovision Songfestival in 1964 ~ Panzeri was born in 1911
May 19, 1986 ~ Saxophonist Jimmy Lyons passed away ~ Leader and sideman. Influenced by Charlie Parker. Best known for his association with Cecil Taylor being the only constant member of the Cecil Taylor Unit from the mid-1960s until his death in 1986. Has also worked with Karen Borca, Paul Murphy, Raphe Malik, William Parker, Lester Bowie, Andrew Cyrille, Eddie Gale, the Jazz Composers Orchestra, Joel Futteman, and others ~ Lyons was born in 1933
May 19, 1986 ~ The 17th edition of Pinkpop takes place in Geleen, the Netherlands ~ A warm summer day, some 50,000 visitors show up for this edition's bil which includes the Cure, the Cult, the Waterboys, Cock Robin, the Fine Young Cannibals, Blue Murder, Claw Boys Claw, Howard Hughes & the Western Approaches, the Blow Monkeys, and Gé Reinders
May 19, 1982 ~ Junte Uiterwijk, commonly known as Nederhop, hip-hop rapper Sticky Steez, born in Zwolle ~ Formed the Nederhop trio Opgezwolle with Dippy Delic and Phreako Rico, active from 1998 through 2007 and best known for songs such as Vloeistof and Eigen Wereld. Has previously worked with Rudeteenz, which also included a then-unknown Typhoon
May 19, 1980 ~ Singer Brenda Lee and the Oak Ridge Boys record Broken Trust at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, USA ~ Written by Jimbeau Hinson. Produced by Ron Chancey. Released the following September, paired with Right Behind The Rain on the B-side, it would reach top 10 of the American country charts, top 20 in Canada
May 19, 1978 ~ Bandleader Teddy Hill passed away in Cleveland, Ohio, USA ~ Bandleader, drummer, clarinetist, saxophonist. Best known as manager of the Harlem jazz club Minton's Playhouse from 1940 through 1969, which would serve as a pivotal hub in the developement of bebop ~ Hill was born in 1909
May 19, 1977 ~ Pop singer, guitarist, songwriter Wouter Hamel born in The Hague, the Netherlands ~ Released his debut album, Hamel, in 2007 to critical acclaim. Has played North Sea Jazz Festival and toured internationally. Especially popular in Japan starting with the single Breezy
May 19, 1975 ~ Guitarist, singer Geir Zahl born in Bryne, Norway ~ Best known as guitarist and co-lead singer of the Kaizers Orchestra, which he co-founded with Janove Ottesen. Has also worked with his own band Zahl, Uncle Deadly, Skambankt, and others
May 19, 1975 ~ The 6th edition of Pinkpop takes place in Geleen, the Netherlands ~ Chilly but dry, some 32,000 visitors show up for this edition's bill which includes Jack Bruce, Nazareth, Kevin Coyne, Red White & Blue, Sailor, and Alan Stivell
May 19, 1972 ~ Pop singer Jenny Berggren, full name Jenny Cecilia Berggren, born in Gothenburg, Sweden ~ Rose to fame as co-lead singer of eurodance, dance-pop act Ace Of Base, which also included her sister Linn Bergren. Wrote or co-wrote several of the band's songs including Ravine, Wave Wet Sand and Experience Pearl. Released her full-length My tory debut album in 2010, which spawned the Swedish top 20 hit Here I Am
May 19, 1972 ~ José Alberto Iglesias, commonly known as rock singer, guitarist, songwriter Tanguito, passed away in Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ Leading Buenos Aires underground countercultural figure by the late 1960s. Helped birth Argentine rock. Reportedly co-wrote Los Gatos' La Balsa hit. Struggled with amphetamine addiction and the law, received electroshock therapy and was declared legally insane and imprisoned by early 1972 before escaping and losing his life under the San Martin train. His sole sole album, Tango, would be released posthumously and is regarded as one of the most important albums in Argentine rock ~ Iglesias was born in 1945
May 19, 1971 ~ Producer, songwriter Peter Boström, also known under the moniker Bassflow, born ~ Internationally best known for co-writing Loreen's Euphoria with Thomas Gustafsson, the 2012 Eurovision Songfestival winner for Denmark. The same year another entry co-written by Boström, Norway's Tooji with Stay, also made the final but would end in last place with only 7 points. Other artists who recorded his songs include Bosson, Basic Element, Petrus, E-Type, Ola Svensson, Martin Stenmarck, Carola, Charlotte Perrelli, Lovestoned, Marie Serneholt, Alcazar, Eric Saade, Danny Saucedo, Camilla Brinck, Daze, and others
May 19, 1969 ~ Tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, full name Coleman Randolph Hawkins, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Leader and sideman. The first to tailor his method of improvisation to the saxophone rathern than imitate the techniques of the clarinet. Major influence on players such as Chu Berry, Charlie Barnet, Tex Beneke, Ben Webster, Vido Musso, Herschel Evans, Buddy Tate, Don Byas, and others. Worked with Kenny Burrell, Benny Carter, Buck Clayton, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Tiny Grimes, Fletcher Henderson, Abbey Lincoln, Shelly Manne, Thelonious Monk, Django Reinhardt, Max Roach, Ben Webster, Randy Weston, and others ~ hawkins was born in 1904
May 19, 1968 ~ Bassist, film, TV director Jesse Peretz born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA ~ Founding member of alternative rock band the Lemonheads, leaving shortly before the release of their 1992 breakthrough It's A Shame About Ray album. After his amical departure Peretz would go on to direct for TV and film as well as music videos, including several for his former band and artists such as Jack Black, Nada Surf and the Breeders. Won a Grammy Award directing the Learn To Fly music video for the Foo Fighters
May 19, 1968 ~ Jazz bassist Kyle Eastwood born in Los Angeles, California, USA ~ Son of actor, director Clint Eastwood. Session bassist since the early 1990s. Released his full-length From There To Here solo debut album in 1998
May 19, 1967 ~ Alessia Quilni, commonly known as eurodance, dance-pop, house singer Alexia, born in La Spezia, Italy ~ Sang backing vocals for Ice MC, notably on the hit Think About The Way. As a solo artist known for a number of Italian top 10 hits, with 1997's Uh La La La also reaching top 10 in several other countries
May 19, 1967 ~ Bebop, hard bop pianist Elmo Hope, full name St Elmo Sylvester Hope, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Somewhat overlooked pianist due to the subtlety of his playing, strongly influenced by classical music and techniques, in an era focused primarily focused on virtuosity. Influence on contemporaries Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk, both of whom he also collaborated with. Best known for his 1956 Informal Jazz album featuring Donald Byrd, John Coltrane, Hank Mobley, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones ~ Hope was born in 1923
May 19, 1967 ~ Guitarist Michael Lee Firkins born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA ~ Draws from bluegrass, country, blues, jazz, rock. Noted for his high-speed fingerpicking. Influenced by Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, Danny Gatton. Debuted in 1990 with the eponymous Michael Lee Firkins album and has recorded to a devoted fanbase since
May 19, 1962 ~ Martin James Boorer, commonly known as rockabilly, pop, rock guitarist, producer Boz Boorer, born in Edgware, UK ~ Worked with the Polecats, the Shillelagh Sisters, John's Children, the Happy Martyr, Morrissey, Adam Ant, Kirsty Maccoll, Edwyn Collins, and others
May 19, 1962 ~ Guitarist Iain Harvie, full name Iain Wallace Harvie born in Glasgow, UK ~ Besides bassist Justin Currie the only other Del Amitri member present since the band's inception in 1982
May 19, 1961 ~ Producer, pianist, composer, arranger Allen Farnham born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA ~ Worked with Drew Gress, Jamey Haddad, Susannah McCorkle, Tom Harrell, Joe Lovano, Dick Oatts, Rufus Reid, Mel Tormé, Masahiro Yoshida, Roseanna Vitro, Mark Sherman, John Fedchock, and others
May 19, 1954 ~ Composer Charles Ives, full name Charles Edward Ives, passed away in New York, New York, USA ~ One of the first American composers to gain international admiration. Among the first to experiment with techniques such as polytonality, polyrhythm, tone clusters and aleatory elements ~ Ives was born in 1874
May 19, 1954 ~ Hard rock, heavy metal drummer Phil Rudd, full name Philip Hugh Norman Rudd, born in Melbourne, Australia ~ Member of AC/DC, remaining with the band from 1975 through 1983 and rejoining in 1994
May 19, 1954 ~ John Webb McMurry, commonly known as rock & roll singer, guitarist, actor Webb Wilder, born in Hattlesburg, Mississippi, USA ~ Fuses rock & roll with the Ventures-surf and Duane Eddy-twang. The character “Webb Wilder” was first created for a 1981 short comedy film about a private investigator who fell out of the 1950s and happened to also be a musician. The name stuck and McMurry has been recording consistently since the 1980s
May 19, 1953 ~ Country singers Ferlin Husky and Jean Shepard record A Dear John Letter at Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood, California ~ Written by Billy Barton, Fuzzy Owen and Lewis Talley. Recorded as a duet with Shepard singing and Husky speaking his part. Released the following July it would reach No.1 on the Billboard Country charts, making Shepard, then 19, the youngest female to top the country charts. She would hold the record for nearly two decades, until a 14 year old Tanya Tucker broke the record with What's Your Mother's Name
May 19, 1953 ~ Blues, blues-rock singer, guitarist, songwriter Jimmy Thackery born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Longtime and co-founding member of blues, roots rock band the Nighthawks, leaving the band in 1986 to focus on his solo career. Over two dozen albums to his name, starting with 1985's Sideways In Paradise with frequent collaborator John Mooney. Has also worked with Tom Principato, David Raitt, Tab Benoit, Cate Brothers, and others
May 19, 1951 ~ Music journalist, author Colin Irwin, full name Colin Lester Irwin, born in Chertsey, UK ~ Best known as journalist and editor for Melody Maker from the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s. Would go on to work as a music critic for the Guardian, Mojo, the Daily Telegraph, the Independent, and other publications. Has authored a number of books, including biographies of the Dire Straits, ABBA, and Leonard Cohen ~ Irwin passed away in 2022
May 19, 1951 ~ Jeffrey Ross Hyman, commonly known as punk rock singer Joey Ramone, born in Forest Hills, New York, USA ~ Became a countercultural icon as frontman of 1970s punk rock band the Ramones, known for songs such as Blitzkrieg Bop, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, Rockaway Beach and perhaps their best-known Rock 'n Roll High School ~ Hyman passed away in 2001
May 19, 1951 ~ Jazz, pop singer Patti Page records Mister & Mississippi ~ Written by Irving Gordon. Popularized by Page, whose version would peak at No.8 on the Billboards pop chart in 1951. Also recorded by Rex Allen, Eddy Arnold, Johnny Bond, Dennis Day, Johnny Desmond, and by Tennessee Ernie Ford. The popularity of the song would later prompt Gordon to write Delaware, containing even more puns on state names
May 19, 1950 ~ TV personality, actor, singer Ron Brandsteder, full name Ronald Brandsteder, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands ~ Best known as a game show host and frequent comic partner of André van Duin. As a singer best known for duetting with Bonnie St Claire on the 1976 Dutch top 10 hit Dokter Bernard and for duetting with former Luv'-singer José Hoebee on the 1984 Leonard Cohen-cover So Long Marianne
May 19, 1949 ~ Joseph Michael Hill, commonly known as blues-rock, rock bassist, guitarist, singer Dusty Hill, born in Dallas, Texas, USA ~ Brother of guitarist Rocky Hill, his bandmate in American Blues. Would rise to fame as member of ZZ Top, known for songs such as La Grange, Tush, Arrested For Driving While Blind, Cheap Sunglasses, Gimme All Your Lovin', Legs, Rough Boy, Velcro Fly, and others ~ Hill passed away in 2021
May 19, 1948 ~ Model, singer, actress Grace Jones, full name Grace Beverly Jones, born in Spanish Town, Jamaica ~ Influenced artists such as Annie Lennox, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Roisin Murphy, Nile Rodgers. Emerged from the late 1970s New York disco scene, darling of the Studio 54 crowd as wel as of leading fashion houses. Would move to a new wave style by the early 1980s drawing from reggae, funk, post-punk, club, dance and pop. Best known for a international hits including La Vie En Rose, Pull Up To The Bumper, I've Seen That Face Before and Slave To The Rhythm
May 19, 1948 ~ Trevor Gordon Grunnill, commonly known as soft rock, baroque pop singer, guitarist, songwriter Trevor Gordon, born in Blackpool, UK ~ Formed the late 1960s duo the Marbles with Graham Bonnet, scoring a UK top 10 hit with Only One Woman penned by the Bee Gees-siblings Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb ~ Grunnill passed away in 2013
May 19, 1947 ~ Classical concert pianist David Helfgott born in Melbourne, Australia ~ Classical, concert and recital pianist whose life, struggling with mental illness, inspired the Academy Award-winning film Shine released in 1996
May 19, 1947 ~ Saxophonist, flautist Gregory Herbert born ~ Active since the early-1960s. Played with Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, Harold Danko, Thad Jones, Mel Lewis, Chuck Israels, Blood Sweat & Tears, Chet Baker, Johnny Coles, and others ~ Herbert passed away in 1978
May 19, 1947 ~ Rock bassist Steve Currie born in Grimsby, UK ~ Best known as member of T.Rex, joining in 1970 and remaining through 1976. Present on all the band's best-known including Hot Love, Bang-a-gong (Get It On), Telegram Sam and Metal Guru ~ Currie passed away in 1981
May 19, 1946 ~ Producer Trevor Veitch born in Vancouver, Canada ~ First gained attention as co-founding member of 1960s outfit 3's A Crowd, helpful in introducing jazz and eastern music influences in folk rock. Assisted on several early Rush albums, notably the band's 1970 eponymous Rush debut and 1972's Merrimack County albums playing guitar, mandocello and mandolin. Worked with Laura Branigan, Donna Summer, Toni Basil, Patty Brard, and others during the 1980s
May 19, 1940 ~ Milton Sims Newbury Jr, commonly known as country, folk singer, songwriter Mickey Newbury born in Houston, Texas, USA ~ Revered by peers. Acclaimed for a number of late 1960s, early 1970s albums especially 1972's Frisco Mabel Joy which included An American Trilogy, a song later popularized by Elvis Presley ~ Newbury passed away in 2002
May 19, 1939 ~ Composer, keyboardist Richard Teitelbaum, full name Richard Lowe Teitelbaum, born ~ Pioneered brain-wave music. Known for his live electronic performances. Draws from worlds music using a variety of instruments. Co-founding member of Musica Elettronica Viva alongside Alvin Curran and Frederic Rzewski. Has also worked with Anthony Braxton, Andrew Cyrille, Leroy Jenkins, Steve Lacy, Alvin Lucier, and others ~ Teitelbaum passed away in 2020
May 19, 1939 ~ Cornelius Fortune, commonly known as saxophonist Sonny Fortune, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Elvin Jones, Mongo Santamaria, Leon Thomas, McCoy Tyner, Miles Davis, Nat Adderley, Roy Brooks, Buddy Rich, George Benson, Rabih Abou Khalil, Roy Ayers, Oliver Nelson, Gary Bartz, Rashied Ali, Pharoah Sanders, Kenny Barron, Dizzy Gillespie, Alphonse Mouzon, Melvin Sparks, Leon Spencer, Mal Waldron, and others ~ Fortune passed away in 2018
May 19, 1938 ~ Jerry Marvin Stembridge, commonly known as Nashville-based guitarist, producer Chip Young, born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA ~ Session guitarist turned producer. Appeared on recordings by Neon Philharmonic, Eddy Arnold, Bobby Bare, JJ Cale, Guy Clark, Skeeter Davis, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Kris Kristofferson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Louvin, Charlie McCoy, Ronnie Milsap, Willie Nelson, the Oak Ridge Boys, Dolly Parton (Jolene), Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Charley Pride, Leon Russell, Earl Scruggs, Nancy Sinatra, Tanya Tucker, Tony Joe White, Reba McEntire, Moe Bandy, and others. As a producer worked with Billy Swan, Mickey Newbury (I Came To Hear The Music), Joe Ely (Honky Tonk Masquerade), Gene Summer, Michael Martin Murphey, and others ~ Young passed away in 2014
May 19, 1935 ~ Bassist Cecil McBee born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA ~ Recorded a limited number of albums as a leader yet an in-demand sideman on hundreds of albums. First gained attention in the late 1950s backing Dinah Washington. Would go on to work with a host of jazz and R&B artists including Miles Davis, Sam Rivers, Jackie McLean, Wayne Shorter, Pharoah Sanders, Charles Lloyd, Yusef Lateef, Keith Jarrett, Freddie Hubbard, Woody Shaw, the Leaders, Alice Coltrane, Chico Freeman, Lonnie Liston Smith, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, the Cookers, the Falkner-Evans Trio, 360 Degree Music Experience, and others
May 19, 1934 ~ Trumpeter Bobby Bryant born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA ~ Leader and sideman. Perhaps best known for his solo in Nat King Cole's L-O-V-E. Has worked with Vic Damone, Charles Mingus, Oliver Nelson, Gerald Wilson, the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, and others ~ Bryant passed away in 1998
May 19, 1934 ~ Singer Mary Lou Shepherd born ~ Member of vocal quartet the Shepherd Sisters, alongside sister Gayle Shepherd, Martha Shepherd and Judith Shepherd, best known for their 1957 Billboard Hot 100 top 20 hit Alone (Why Must I Be Alone)
May 19, 1933 ~ Classical, film composer Antón García Abril born in Teruel, Spain ~ Composed chamber music, orchestral and vocal works. Also a prolific film composer with films such as Texas Adios, Awkward Hands and the Blind Dead series of films to his credit ~ Abril passed away in 2021
May 19, 1931 ~ Alma Angela Cohen, commonly known as pop, traditional pop singer Alma Cogan, born ~ Cohen passed away in 1966
May 19, 1929 ~ Alfredo Jose da Silva, commonly known as pianist Johnny Alf born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ~ Dubbed the “Father of the Bossa Nova” ~ Da Silva passed away in 2010
May 19, 1927 ~ Pianist, composer, theater director, theater producer Einar Schanke born in Oslo, Norway ~ Known for writing, staging, producing comedies and revues such as Med Vinger På, Ferske Jes, En Dåre Kan Spørre and musicals such as the Fantastics and The Little Shop Of Horrors ~ Schanke passed away in 1992
May 19, 1919 ~ John Altwerger, commonly known as jazz tenor saxophonist, clarinetist, bandleader Georgie Auld born in Toronto, Canada ~ Auld led several successful big bands. Most noted for his work with Bunny Berigan, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Erroll Garner, Dizzy Gillespie, Al Porcino, Billy Eckstine, Tiny Kahn, Frank Rosolino, and others ~ Altwerger passed away in 1990
May 19, 1902 ~ Jazz, blues singer Monette Moore born in Gainesville, Texas, USA ~ Worked with Tommy Ladnier, Jimmy O'Bryant, Jimmy Blythe, Bob Fuller, Rex Stewart, Bubber Miley, Elmer Snowden, Lucky Millinder, Fats Waller, Zinky Cohn, Sidney Bechet, Sammy Price, and others ~ Moore passed away in 1962
May 19, 1894 ~ Trumpeter Henry Busse born in Magdeburg, Germany ~ Leader and sideman. Worked with Busse's Buzzards, Bing Crosby, and perhaps most notably Paul Whiteman co-wroting the latter's hits Hot Lips and Wang Wang Blues. Busse would prove to be a major influence on Al Hirt and Herb Alpert ~ Busse passed away in 1955
May 19, 1892 ~ Bassist, tubist, trumpeter Pops Foster born in McCall, Louisiana, USA ~ Worked with Jack Carey, Kid Ory, AJ Piron, King Oliver, Charlie Creath, Dewey Jackson, Luis Russell, Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Art Hodes, Hot Lips Page, Jimmy Archey, Earl Hines, and others ~ Foster passed away in 1969